"Agent C, have you seen this monstrosity?" A ruffled Guys in White Agent stalked into the room, blazing teal eyes concealed by pure black sunglasses.

"Yes, it is quite a monstrosity. Think we should dissect him?" Agent C pondered, grinning at his partner in the chair next to him. The man shook his head and continued with the work on his computer, his fingers clacking away at the keys. A faint howl of laughter erupted from somewhere in the metal room big as ten football fields. Agent S, the one who had stormed into the room, dismissed it as a newbie agent who was trying to suck up to them by laughing at their bad jokes.

"No me, you moron! Look at this!" He wriggled a worn magazine that looked as if it had endured many hand-wringings in front of the agent's face. Agent C scowled and snatched it away.

"Hot Stuff Magazine?" He lifted a brow.

"Just. Read. It."

"Hmm...how to find your perfect bra size-Ooh! My horoscope says I'm attractive and flirty this month!"

Agent S ripped the glossy book from Agent C's smooth hands. Agent C howled with laughter, disturbing a sleeping employee from his cat nap. Suddenly the book was thrust into his face, smothering his chuckles.

"Are you mad-" He stopped as the magazine fell in his lap, and there lay his greatest enemy and the worst of all ghosts - Danny Phantom.

"What the hell?!" He spat out as he read the introduction, then began on the interview Hot Stuff had printed. As he began the love secrtion of the interview, a pen blocked his way, pointing him to the ghost's answers.

"A weakness." It was the gravelly voice of his boss. His eyes roamed the ghosts words. 'That's just it. We're close. But not close enough.'.

So, the brat was in love. Who'da thought?

"Well, what do you want us to do about it?" He lifted his eyes to his bearded boss, who just smiled, a glint in his fishy eye.


"Kryptonite," Their boss began melodramatically. "Can make a huge difference in the matter of catching a superhero. Or villain," He added, with a piercing glare to the Kiss Up who raised his hand. He glanced around the room. It was oval and gave the impression of solitude, though everything they said was being written down. There was a long, oak table with less than comfortable chairs, but the huge video screen made up for the lack of comfort. The man smiled to himself in appreciaction. Just like he'd always planned it.

Oh, shoot, the newbie was talking.

"But Mr. Zero, kryptonite was tested ghosts. It doesn't work on them." Mr. Zero, aka the boss, swiped a hand over his face, resisting the urge to groan.

"Not real kryptonite, uh…" His mind groped for the new kid's name.

"Fred," Newbie supplied.

"right. I mean, something that weakens him. Love does that. This article proves he loves someone."

"Doesn't love make you stronger?" About five seasoned agents groaned in annoyance at Fred's fanciful question.

"Not when it's used against you," The boss said firmly, ending the conversation. "Now, who is this girl? That's the question we need to answer." He continued.

"Target P stated that this female assists him." One of the evidence analyzers pointed out. Mr. Zero blinked. He often did not speak to the analyzers because he couldn't understand a word they said.

"Once more?" He questioned.

"Phantom said this girl helped him." The analyzer said easily, pulling his glasses off and fingering them thoughtfully. "If she indeed does help him, that means she accompanies him in his ghostly activities, such as battling his kind."

"So…we should follow him while he fights, and find the girl he's talking about?"

"Precisely." The analyzer nodded.

Why can't they just say that? Mr. Zero thought irritably, hating to feel stupid, especially in front of his agents.

He strolled up to the front of the room, seeming to be deep in thought. Finally, he was in the front, his back to his employee's. No one spoke. Seconds seemed like minutes and so on, until he finally turned to face them, his face showing his age. He leaned over the smooth oak table and planted his palms on top, steadying himself firmly.

"Okay," He began, and the agents began to breathe again. "Here's the plan."


Sam pushed aside the bushes that blocked her path. They scraped at her fingertips and palms, but she didn't feel them. She was running over to where Danny, my boyfriend, she thought with a big smile, was fighting the Box Ghost. Ectoplasmic blasts were flying as well as glowing, floating boxes. She was ready and eager to suck the obsessive spirit into her already ghost-filled canteen when Danny beat him.

Brown eyes narrowed in concentration, and hands with clean fingernails pushed aside the brush that blocked his view. A girl came out of the forest from the right, and she was the perfect type for a ghost to fall in love with-dark, Goth, and brave.

"Now," Agent C muttered into his headset.

Sam's eyes glittered with pride as Danny toyed with the Box Ghost instead of beating him in ten seconds. He was so good with his powers, she bet he could beat 10 of his future self's and not break a sweat. And he's all mine, she thought happily. Suddenly, she felt a strong pressure on both her arms. She was about to snarl in annoyance at the Box Ghost who felt a need to attack her, but realized it wasn't him when her arms and legs were held together by men, not ties or ropes, ectoplasmic or otherwise. A hand covered her mouth just when she was about to scream. She attempted to lick it, but was met with the barrier of a pure white glove. She snarled and wildly struggled to free herself, to no avail. They dragged her into the near black forest, as she kicked and twisted violently, muffedly screaming.

They pulled the less-than-enthusiastic girl into a secluded part of the forest, and a man with black hair and pale green eyes threw a metal box on the ground. There was a lapse in time where Sam was able to study her captors. They were all in a circle, staring at the box. There were about ten of them, a ring of pure white. Sam's purple eyes blazed in anger. The Guys in White?! What are they doing?! She was still struggling while the box did nothing, just sat on the ground. The man holding her restrained her, but seemed to not care for her. The men just stood there and stared holes in the box. Sam mentally cackled. Stupid agents.

The pale eyed man scowled and walked forward, the lush green grass bowing beneath his shiny black shoes. For utter lack of appreciation for said shoes, he kicked the small box. It began to shake and tremble, then finally began to transform. The tiny metal walls enlarged and interlocked bolts were spit out and screwed back in, a window slid smoothly in place. Sam gaped.

"Come on," The man who had his grip on her pushed her forward, toward the strage jet plane contraption. Now, Sam was a very modern girl, and with her parent's wealth she knew of lots of modern technology, but this just, plain and simply, freaked her out. Still, even with the fear gnawing in her gut, the unpleasant weight of the man's hand on her mouth, her arms bound behind her, she raised her head high, shoulders back. She would not give them the pleasure of her fear. Danny will find me. These chumps aren't smart enough to cage a dog, much less imprison a human being inescapably.


Danny played with the box ghost with an amused smirk on his face. He was having fun, but he was getting bored. Where's Sam? He wondered. Usually she would be here with the Thermos, waiting for the 'All good' signal. Danny shrugged and created a crystal box that had the ghost mesmerized, then when he got close, the ghost boy shot him with an ectoplasmic ray. Suddenly, the ice blue beam of the Fenton Thermos reached high into the sky and captured the annoying ghost in his cylinderical confinement. Danny swerved before the beam got too close, and that should have alerted him immediately that something was wrong. Sam was a great aim, and was always careful about where she sent the terrorizing beam, so she wouldn't hit him.

But, Danny was completely clueless, so he smiled and closed his eyes whimsically, his heart fluttering at the thought that he could kiss Sam whenever he wanted to, now. After that interview for Hot Stuff he'd been worried he'd let too much slip. Now, he wished he could do hundreds more interviews and tell Sam he loved her in each and every one. So, eyes still closed, (he had a perfect sense of direction), Danny flew down to the ground, enveloping a warm body in his arms. He took a deep breath of her scent and nearly choked on the smell of sweaty socks and beef jerkey. Tucker must have jokingly sprayed her with his Tucker by Tucker Foley cologne. It doesn't matter, Danny thought happily, then his hands were on her waist and his lips were puckered for hers.

Wait a second.

That was not a woman's waist.

Danny's eyes bolted open and was met with the sickening sight of Tucker's turquoise eyes glittering with amusement, an eyebrow cocked high above his glasses.

"Hello to you too, love bun."

"AH! God, TUCKER!" Danny sprung away, quicker than lightning, dusting himself off of man cooties. Tucker couldn't stop laughing. He clutched at his stomach and his knees buckled beneath him as he howled like a hyena. Tears came to his eyes and when he was finally done, he was hiccupping. He raised his eyes to Danny's, and snorted when he caught Danny blushing brick red.

"Hey, I thought you were Sam, alright?!" He yelled in self-defense, but Tucker was quiet, which made him more embarrassed. Tucker wiped his eyes with mirth and picked himself up off the ground. Suddenly, he and Danny were holding each other as they laughed and laughed, salty water running down their cheeks and bodies shaking from the force of their chuckles.

"Man, you scared the hell out of me!" Danny gasped, steadying himself on his knees.

"Dude, that was sick!" Tucker sat on the ground to get his breath back, laying back slightly with his hands behind him to keep him upright. "And what'd you say about Sam? I haven't seen her since yesterday. You see her this morning?"

Realization came with a jolt. Then came the dizzying nasea, the clawing fear, the eating guilt. I forgot about Sam! She isn't here! She was right behind me! She wasn't the one to capture the Box Ghost, Tucker was!

Tucker watched Danny's eyes become wider and wider, emotions swirling in the deep green depths. "What's wrong?" He cautiously asked. Danny's head snapped to face him, like he was just jerked into reality.

"Sam. She was just here." Danny's voice was blazing with emotion. Then he was off like a bullet, skin taut across his skull as the wind whipped it.