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Chapter Six: Love – Love Regroup

"Well what did you discover," Emma asks as I enter the backyard.

"That Nate and Allan were right, you," I ask as I sit down.

"Same," she says looking at me.

"He meant it, he saw the problem and understands that it was a lot to take in," I paraphrase.

"Ray's a little more complicated. I mean he meant it, but he thought you wanted it since you initiated it," Emma reflects.

"I meant to bring his mind to the here and now," I say.

"I know and I told him that. I explained to him that you always thought your life would be here and now everything is changing but the one thing that wasn't going to change was him," Emma says.

"Did he take it well," I ask knowing Ray could be stubborn and a hot head.

"As well as could be suspected, just the thought of you not being there made him even more mad. I think you need to calm him down before he does something stupid," Emma says.

"Yeah you might want to talk to Gerry before he starts doubting himself," I say standing up.

"Sounds like a plan," Emma says also standing. "Ray's at his usual punching bag."

"Gerry's running sprints in the driveway," I say as I walk towards the back door.

I walk up the stairs seeing that Sheryl must have gone to bed, so Allan and Travis decided to take the game inside. I am thankful for that, as I enter the beach house through the back door.

I walk through the back hallway and down the back basement stairs and sit on the landing above the last two steps. I immediately notice Ray punching the bag with extreme force.

I guess Nate or Colin tried talking to him, explaining to him that the move would be a good thing. A chance to see the world, explore new options, meet new people, was what her parents kept telling her.

"You cool enough to talk," I ask seeing him stopping his fast aggressive pace.

"Not really," Ray says as he continues to punch the bag.

"Want to at least tell who talked to you beside Emma after I left," I ask.

"Your brother was down here when I came down, Nate came down after Emma," he says punching harder.

"They spout to you the same things my parents have been telling me and Travis," I ask.

"To see the world, explore options, meet people, bullshit," Ray asks.

"Yup, what else did they say," I ask.

"They were going on about a co-ed swim team, no cheerleaders, a brilliant newspaper, not to mention the University writing programs," Ray says hitting the bag harder.

"Ray," I say knowing he is leaving something out. I stand up and walk over to him.

"They said that you could finally get your dreams and who am I to stand in the way of them," Ray says hitting the bag harder with every word spoken.

"Ray," I say placing my hand on his shoulder.

"The hardest thing is knowing that they are right," Ray says as his voice cracks and he stops hitting the bag. "I can be so chauvinistic when I am supposed to support you, and all this shit, but that isn't the times anymore."

"Ray Lee Budds, look at me," I say still with my hand on his shoulder.

Ray slowly turns around and looks at me.

I place my hands on his cheeks, before stating, "I love you, and nothing will change that. Alexandria will always be home because that is where my heart is with you. Yes you can be chauvinistic, but I see it as you always protecting me from danger. You never want to see harm come to me, so you put yourself between me and everything else. I love you for it, but Ray this is my chance to spread my wings, but I'll always be your girl. Once's Ray's girl, always Ray's girl is my motto."

"I love you too," he says before kissing me.