Chapter 1

Summary: Starts right after Spectacular! Ends. Pure Nikko and Courtney.

(AIM conversation between Nikko and Courtney)

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: hey Nikko!

bandboy120: hey Courtney

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: what are you doing?

bandboy120: nothing important you?

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: me neither. Do you want to do something?

bandboy120: yeah. You wanna come over?

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: Sure! When?

bandboy120: Whenever you want's good.

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: Is now okay?

bandboy120: more than

sPeCtAcUlArJaZzHaNdS: See ya in a few then

bandboy120: okay.

It was a few days after the national performance of Spectacular and graduation was coming up soon… two weeks to be exact. Nikko had started dating Courtney right after they kissed, but Royce kept coming around trying to win Courtney back, because TaDa's lead female singer dumped him. But Nikko always made sure that he was with Courtney.

And Courtney was different than all those other girls he used to date… like Aimee. He actually liked Courtney… a lot. Aimee and those other girls were just someone to be with. But Nikko wanted Courtney. He really liked her. The only reason he wanted Aimee was because she was hot and he might've gotten something of her. But he was ashamed to admit that he was like that in the past. He was never going to treat Courtney like he did the rest of the girls. He changed, and Courtney was the first girl he actually liked… a lot. He promised himself he would never hurt her… she didn't deserve it.

So now Courtney was on her way over. Oh god. Courtney was on her way over! Nikko was in his jeans without a T-shirt on. His hair was all messed up and he looked like someone who just woke up from a nightmare.

"Shoot!" Nikko whispered, ran to his bathroom, and tried to fix his hair. Soon enough, his hair was parted and gelled (people, you know it can't be naturally hot like that!). Then he ran back into his room, trying to find a t-shirt to wear.

A familiar voice laughed. Nikko turned around to see his girlfriend, Courtney, leaning against his door frame and smiling at him. Joking, she said, "You don't have to get all dressed up for me." And laughed again, walking into his room.

"Sorry… I didn't realize that you were on your way until… well… now." He smiled. The grin on her face didn't fade as she walked toward him. Soon she was right in front of him, looking up in his eyes. She reached up on her toes and kissed him, put her hand on his face, and then pulled away. It was nice, but too quick for him. He loved it when she kissed him like that though.

"Where's Stavros?" she asked.

"He's at work." Nikko responded, intertwining their fingers together. It was such a perfect moment. Courtney and Nikko completely alone, finally able to be alone together; they barely ever got time together, because both of their lives were so busy. Both with their music. But this beautiful moment together was interrupted, just as he started to kiss her.

Courtney's cell phone started ringing, and she sighed in disappointment. She looked up at him with her smile gone. He could see sadness in her eyes. To be truthful, Nikko was sad too. It was so perfect until now. But he knew she felt worse, she hadn't been completely happy in a long time.

"Who is it?" he asked quietly, nodding, referring to the phone.

She shrugged, but pulled her phone from her jean pocket. Then she looked away without answering it. Then he knew who it was. Nikko took the phone from her.

"Hello?" Nikko asked into the phone.

"Why are you answering Courtney's phone?" asked Royce said rudely.

"I'm her boyfriend… you know, someone who treats her right, someone who doesn't ditch her for someone 'better'." He responded with an equal tone.

"You really want me to make you sing soprano, don't you band boy?"

"Okay, dude, you really gotta get better comebacks when you're trashing people." And with that, Nikko hung up.

Nikko put the phone back into Courtney's pocket and took her hands again, this time comforting, not romantically. She gave a small smile, and said, "Thank you." Nikko nodded.

He tried to change the subject. "So! What do you wanna do?" He asked. Courtney was relieved at his changing of the subject. She smiled and ran to his radio, turning on a popular station. She started to dance away at a very upbeat song. He laughed and walked toward her.

"Is there ever a time when you don't want to dance?" She smiled and shook her head, grabbing his hands and pulling him to dance with her. He didn't object, knowing that he loved dancing too, especially with her.

They danced and sang to the song all around his room. Then it was over, and there came a commercial break. They stood in the center of his room, smiling and laughing with each other. They calmed down a bit, and a new song came on. It was slow and romantic with a rhythmic tune to it. Courtney grinned and said, "Oh gosh… I love this song."

Nikko smiled, as if given the perfect opportunity. He put his hands on her waist and started to dance again. This time, there wouldn't be a phone call, he was sure of it. He tilted his head down and kissed her again. Both had completely forgotten that he still didn't have a shirt on.