Chapter 2

Both had completely forgotten that he still didn't have a shirt on. But once Nikko noticed this, he didn't care. He pulled her a little closer to him and deepened the kiss. She tightened her grip on his neck as well. Both of them slowly started inching towards the other side of his room, the side with the bed…

No, Nikko. Stop. Right. Now. Nikko thought to himself. He was so used to doing this to all the other girls… Courtney was not going to be one of them. He stopped moving his feet. Courtney had been moving with him, so when he stopped walking she kept inching. He pulled her closer to keep her from moving closer to the bed. He could feel her smile against his lips… then the door to the apartment opened. They broke apart.

Stavros walked through the door with a brown paper bag holding groceries in it. They could hear Stavros put the bags down on the counter and walk towards Nikko's room. The music was still on, and they still had their arms around each other. When Stavros walked through his doorway he jumped back a little, surprised that Courtney was there. And he saw Nikko without his shirt on… you could tell what Stavros was thinking… and he was wrong.

Courtney pulled her hands away from Nikko and he did the same. Stavros liked Courtney… even better than he like Aimee, and he was obviously angered.

"I… eh… I'm gonna go home." Courtney turned to Nikko, "I'll see you tomorrow…" she said as she grabbed her bag and walked out the door. "See you later, Stavros!" Leave it to Courtney to still be upbeat and pepped-up.

Once she was gone, Nikko had a black t-shirt on and headed for his bed. He laid on it and put his hands behind his head. Stavros stormed into Nikko's room and stood stiffly in front of the bed.

"You were just about to use this bed, weren't you?!" he half-yelled.

"No." Nikko said simply. He did not want to be in this conversation.

"Don't you dare lie to me! I thought you liked Courtney! She's a good girl, don't pressure her into-"

"LISTEN!" Nikko yelled. Stavros got silent, and Nikko calmed down a bit. "I'm not lying to you. I do like Courtney… a lot actually… more than I've ever liked anyone. And I promised myself that I'd changed. I promised that I wasn't going to do any of that with Courtney."

"That's not what it looked like from my point of view."

"Fine! You want to know the whole thing?! Fine!" Nikko's voice started to rise again. "I was talking to Courtney online, and she asked if I wanted to hang out. I told her to come over here so she did. And I looked like I did this morning… screwed up hair and just jeans on. I didn't realize that I looked like that until she was half way here. I got my hair in a decent condition, and then I was looking for a shirt when she got here. She turned on the music and we were dancing. And then you walked in and saw us kissing. That's it okay?" Nikko yelled as he got up and walked towards the radio on the other side of the room. He turned it off and turned to Stavros. "Why are you still in here?"

"I'll believe you tonight, Nikko. But, if any of that wasn't true, things are going to be a lot worse with you and me." He threatened.

"Then we have nothing to worry about now do we?" Nikko asked coolly.

And with that, Stavros quietly walked out of Nikko's room and closed the door behind him. Nikko whipped out his cell phone and dialed Courtney's number… he memorized it.

"Nikko?" she answered.

"I'm so sorry, Courtney… I could probably get you back in if you want…. You were barely here for a half hour…"

"No, Nikko, it's fine. I couldn't have stayed much longer anyways. And plus, I'm almost home."

"I'm so sorry." He repeated. He heard her laugh lightly. There was a short silence between them, but it was comfortable, not awkward. "Can I take you out tomorrow? We could see a movie or something… whatever you want to do…"

She laughed again. "Sure. Is seven okay?"

"I'll pick you up then."

She laughed. "You mean on foot? Ha. Nikko, you don't have a car."

He felt stupid. "Ha. Yeah, we'll go for a walk or… a movie… or something."

"Sure! A movie and a walk!"



"See you tomorrow." And with that they hung up.

Nikko put his cell phone in his pocket, and then the doorbell rang. He sighed and unlocked the door. Then, up came someone Nikko never wanted to see.

"Dude, what the heck? How do you know where I live?" Nikko said rudely.

"Where's Courtney? I thought I'd just have to come over and steal her." Royce asked walking past Nikko.

"Hey, get out. Nobody invited you in here. And Courtney's not even here- wait a minute! You followed her to my apartment didn't you? Really, show boy? Are you that obsessed?" Nikko teased. Why did somebody have to try to steal the only girl he really cared about? This never happened with the other ones…

Royce pushed Nikko so he stumbled back a little bit. Nikko pushed him back.

"Get out or I'll call the police." Stavros yelled as he came down the stairs. "Get out. Now"

Royce King gave Nikko a sad death stare and left. "What an idiot." Nikko mumbled under his breath, and proceeded into his room. Then he turned to Stavros, "Thanks." He nodded.

Meanwhile, Royce walked to Courtney's house, climbed up to her room, and knocked on the window.