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Epilogue: Why Fools Fall In Love

Lawrence is discharged after a few weeks. He still walks on crutches, and Adam's apartment building isn't very modified for disabled people, so it's not without nervousness that he turns the key and opens the door for him.

Even though he knows that it's not Lawrence having trouble getting up the stairs that he's worried about. What's beneath it is something completely different.

Lawrence looks around in the apartment. Adam waits for some kind of reaction, like an outraged cry and a leap towards the door, or at least some smart sarcasm, but Lawrence's face stays neutral, he spins around to his best effort on his one good foot, until he turns to Adam again.

"It's beautiful," he says plainly.

Adam grins embarrassedly.

"Now you're exaggerating a little," he says and fidgets with the doorknob.

Lawrence shakes his head, but then shrugs thoughtfully, and Adam cracks up.

"Okay, it's a shithole," Lawrence admits and looks around again. "But living here… With you. That's going to be beautiful."

Adam smiles inwardly, and in a way, there's something very sad about his smile. Maybe it's the fact that he still hasn't closed the door.

"'Beautiful' is a strong word," he says and rakes a hand through his hair. "It's not going to be beautiful. I'm going to be scared shitless, pissed off at myself for letting me fall and take it out on you… You're going to have to be the bigger, tolerant guy and wait out my tantrums, and I'm going to get pissed at that, too. It's not going to be beautiful."

Lawrence shrugs.

"I can handle that."



God, his hands are shaking.

Terrified. Adam is terrified. Probably more afraid than he's been in his entire life, and that's a lot.

But for the first time, he can feel like the fear is good. Since as the commitophobe that he is, he knows that the more fear, the bigger is the love.

Right now, he's so afraid that he probably won't be able to live without Lawrence. That the walls closing in in a claustrophobic way, the bubble of fear he's trapped in now, just might become his home.

Lawrence probably sees what he's thinking, as usual, and nods to the door next to him.

"Are you going to close the door?"

It doesn't hurt to look at him anymore. So after way too long, Adam closes the door and lets Lawrence into his life again.

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