Hey, it's Laurana Linore! My friend wanted me to put this story up on fanfiction, so thanks Gina! This story is rated T for blood and stuffs, and it's a Cloud x Aerith fanfic so Cloud x Tifa fans who hate Aerith, please don't read, or if you do, don't get mad at me.

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There was once a place called Radiant Garden. It was a beautiful successful world. The Garden was lead by a man named Ansem the Wise. He was a great and powerful leader, and he always cared about his people. Ansem was a scientist, and he was always interested in the hearts of the living. One day, he discovered something no one else had before. He discovered these creatures that were created from beings that lost their hearts. He called these small black creatures "Heartless" for they had no hearts. Ansem continued to experiment on these heartless, until one day, there was an accident. Heartless flooded the streets of Radiant Garden and stole the hearts of the citizens. And for each heart they stole, another heartless was created. Soon, the heart of the world it self, was swallowed. The survivors were scattered among the worlds as the Garden was destroyed ten years ago.

But, that was then, and this is now....


Aerith was sitting on a rock in the water ways of Traverse Town. She was watching Leon train as she often did. Aerith smiled as memories of Garden flooded her mind. They were all one big family back then. Aerith, Yuffie, Rinoa, Irvine, Sephiroth, Selphie, Cid, Leon, Zell, Tifa, and Cloud all grew up together and treated each other like family. But only Aerith, Leon, Yuffie and Cid were able to reunite with each other.

Aerith's smile soon faded as the memories of her friend's separation, appeared in her thoughts. Although she missed all of her friends, one of them did stick out in her mind. Aerith unclasped the necklace she was wearing and looked at it as she often did when she thought about him. The necklace was made from a gold chain, and hanging from the chain was a silver "C". She sighed deeply as she gazed at the pendent.

"What's up?" asked Leon when he noticed her sigh. He sat next to her waiting for an answer.

"Huh, what?" Aerith asked, taken off guard by the attention.

"You sighed, that usually means something's bothering you. So, what's wrong?" After the destruction of their world, Leon started to treat Aerith like a little sister and would usually worry about her wellbeing.

"It's nothing." She assured him as she put her necklace back on.

"You were thinking about him again, weren't you?"

Aerith blinked for a moment then averted her gaze to the floor. "Not just him, all of them."

"Don't worry about them. They all have strong hearts. I'm sure they all made it out of Garden. Especially, Cloud. –"

"Who're we talkin' 'bout," asked a brown haired kid. His name was Sora, and he had a way of getting into other peoples business and some how helping in the end. While some thanked him for it, others thought he was just annoying. "Some guy named, Cloud?"

"Yes actually, he's a friend of ours. Do you know him?" Leon asked sarcastically.

"Yeah actually, I do!"