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Aerith slowly opened her eyes. She was in a cream colored room with boxes and furniture stacked to the ceiling.

Slowly she recognized the place as Cid's home. She, Leon, Yuffie, and Cid often used it as head quarters.

Slowly Aerith sat up, she was in bandages and her body ached. Then, Aerith's hand bumped up against something. Aerith looked to her left.

Cloud was there, lying next to her, unconscious.

"Aerith!" screamed a hyper voice.

Aerith was then tackled by her good friend Yuffie.

You're awake!" she cheered happily.

"Yuffie! What happened?"

"I don't know. Leon just came through the door carrying the both of you. When I saw the blood I asked him the same question. He said that Sephiroth did that to you," Yuffie said. "Is it true? Is Sephiroth really dead?"

"I don't know.... the last thing I remember was Cloud against a wall.... Sephiroth was yelling, and then I don't know...." she said as she looked over at Cloud.

"Leon said you saved Cloud's life," Yuffie chimed.

The next morning, when Aerith woke up, something felt wrong. She looked to her side to find Cloud missing and instead, there was a note:


By the time you get this, I'll probably be gone, unless of course you're a light sleeper.... It seems that every time we're together, you always get hurt. And now with Sephiroth after me, the danger is even greater. I'm sure Leon will take will take care of you.... Aerith, I don't want to loose you again. At least this way, you'll be safe. Now, I'm off to find Sephiroth to put an end to this. Don't try to find me, there's only danger where I'm going.


P.S. I'll always love you.

Inside the note was a necklace. It was gold with a silver 'C'. Aerith dropped the note and ran to the door. When she opened it, Leon was there on the other side.

"It's no use.... He's already gone...." Leon said.

Aerith fell to her knees. Leon kneeled down by her and held her close. Aerith held onto the necklace tightly and began to cry. She sobbed there in his arms until her heart shattered.