*AN – Crazy for love is about Edward and Bella – it all really began when Edward left Bella in new moon, Edward didn't come back, but Victoria did, Victoria bit Bella and she became a vampire, she tried to find the Cullen's but to no avail, she basically curled up into a ball and allowed her mind to die – after 100 years without him she doesn't even know who she is anymore, she is completely mad. The Cullen's return to Forks finding a Bella who doesn't even know her own name – but she's so different, they don't even know it's her...

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Edwards recap of the past 100yrs later.

"Goodbye Bella," As I spoke the intense agony was ripping through my body, so much that it physically hurt.

"Wait," her arms stretched out to bring me back, her alluring smell pulling me towards her, but I would not go, I would take the pain as long as I could save her from my monster. I grasped her wrists just to touch her some more, pushing them to her sides, I almost gave in to the stabbing knives which seemed to be cutting through my superhuman skin and plunging right into my dead, cold heart. I kissed her quickly on the forehead, trying to slow everything down in my mind, the last time I would touch the love of my existence.

"Take care of yourself," I spoke the words gently, and I had to find an excuse for my caring, her face was the picture of desperation and destitution, I wanted to hold her so badly my arms ached for it, but I had to do this, for her own good.

But she had closed her eyes, and it was the only way I could leave my beau, I took off, my heart being torn from my body and left with her.

She would get over me; I couldn't say the same for myself though.

After trying but failing miserably to keep myself doing something and tracking Victoria, I used to curl up in a ball in the corner of some places and sob dry sobs. During the time before my family found me I began to lose my thoughts, all of my memories with Bella were so strong in my vampire mind that when they came to my mind all I could do was writhe in the agony I was in without her, Carlisle finally caught up with me when I was in Texas, slithering whether to be selfish and go back to her, beg her to take me back, or just go get myself "killed". Carlisle persuaded me to come back with him and after 50 years I was still having the moments where I curled and cried but they were becoming a little further apart, the pain I felt in my very soul – if I have one – never got any more bearable, but I tried to block it out by focusing on my family, when I had been separated 75 years I realised that she was probably dead and attempted several methods of vampire suicide, but none worked, my family were the only thread which was holding me onto my existence, the sorrow which I have now been immersed in for 100 years only increased when I found that we were now moving back to Forks, the last place left. The whole family had asked my permission to go back, and I had accepted for the reason I do not have, I just felt the pull towards the place of my most certainly dead Bella.

The love of my existence is now gone, everything I have is now gone.

100 yrs ago – after Edward was gone 8 months and Bella was getting close to Jacob – Victoria finding her. – BPOV

I opened my bedroom door to just find myself face to face a fiery haired, red eyed monster sitting on the edge of my bed, an evil grin filling her face and her fingers tapping her chin – she pushed out her hand, curling a finger at me.

Instant fear gripped my body as I saw her pull out a knife. I was stuck to the spot with no one to save me, I called out for him in my head, but he never came, Edward never came.

"Well little bitty Bella, I have two choices for you, both which will eventually kill your absent boyfriend. One) Torture & Death Two) Immortality & Pain, which will it be? She asked, juggling the knife.

And you can guess what I chose.

She only just stopped in time, allowing the fire to wrap itself around m, burning my insides and making me wish suicide was an option, the thought of finding Edward kept me going through everything, his face I would never allow to disappear from my memories whether it hurt or not, so I pulled it out of my fuzzy human memories during my transformation and when I woke up I found my feelings for the missing angel were only strengthened.

I opened my eyes to a horrid smelling Jacob, he had brung me just inside the Cullen's borders so the pack couldn't hurt me, but he immediately rejected my efforts to touch him, he cringed away from me like I was a monster, like it was my fault. He instructed me to leave Forks for good immediately and left me, with not one backwards glance, if my cold unbeating heart was not already broken to pieces he would have ripped it in two, I let him go knowing I could not control myself around him much longer

After days of just plain hunting, I decided I needed to find Edward, and now I had the "tools" to do it with, without Edward I was slowly becoming a darkened mind, everything inside me was going "off" – I needed him, he was my only chance of true survival of the mind.

But I never found him, after years and years of searching I returned to the woods of Forks, finding a small garden shed type home to inhabit on the Cullen's old grounds and slowly losing my thoughts, everything was beginning to feel numb. After 75 years without him, only about once a day could I find myself able to unlock memories of who I was and who I existed for, after 100 yrs, I had blocked out everything. I didn't know who I was, who I am, where I am, who I loved, why I'm in this state. All of these questions would all stay unanswered, because my mind wasn't working enough to answer. Time without him had broken me, in more ways than one; my mind and my heart were now in pieces.

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