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Twilight Equestrian

It's War


Alice's POV

I was mad! No, hears a better word to describe my current emotion and that word is furious! It all started this morning when I had planned on driving to Seattle for a little alone time and most importantly shopping time! But of course that wasn't going to happen anymore! I muttered under my breath as I walked toward the house as I tried to figure out which of my retarded family members did this to me! I know it was one of them! One of them slit my tires! I had my suspects and I was definitely going to interrogate them. My main suspects were Emmett and Jasper they both looked guilty this morning and were both looking bored too. This sounded just like Emmett stupid, idiotic, and immature Emmett, but Jasper intelligent, sweet, and the love of my life, would he really do this to me, I wasn't sure, but it was his funeral if he did do this. Stranger things had happened in this house and nobody keeps me from the mall!

I stalked into the house clanging my heels on the hard-wood floor. I didn't care if Esme yelled at me I had my own problems and I wanted those two tire slitting idiotic children to know I was coming for them. I walked up the stairs and when I was about to reach the top I heard a click and looked up to see about forty balloons coming down on me and me brand new clothes!

The popped covering me, my clothes, and Esme's stairs. I screamed and then sniffed. I realized it wasn't water I was carpeted in. It was the one thing I hated most in the world. The most foul substance on the planet. Something humans craved, but vampires detested and ran away as quickly as possible. I was covered from head to toe in chocolate! Chocolate; anything but chocolate! Oh, Dear God why did it have to me chocolate? I was going to kill those boys! I was going to shred them and burn the pieces! No I was going to do much force than that I was going to get revenge. Sweet incredible and amazing revenge. I was going to pull the best prank ever on them. IT WAS WAR! Full out war and I was bringing out the guns. Good confederate Jasper is going to enjoy that very much! They were going to regret everything. They are going to regret destroying my car, ruining my clothes beyond repair, and most of all stopping my shopping trip! They were going to regret the day they decided to play a prank on me, Alice Cullen!

I could tell they were close. I could still beat them up then get my revenge, right? I walked slowly amplifying every step I took toward them in there hiding place in the attic. How convenient, the attic with only one way to escape the window, which Emmett was much too large and well gigantic to fit through. The house shook with Emmett's laughter as they heard my slow and noisy approach.

I reached the top of the stairs to the attic door and I slowly opened it. As I did this a bucket fell down on my head. No, not more chocolate! But I was wrong it wasn't chocolate. It was almost as bad. It was sprinkles. Emmett then ran over and sprayed something light on head. I couldn't even grab him. I just stood there my mouth about to hit the ground. I took my hand and took the light substance on my finger and put it up to my nose. Great, it was whipped cream. They had covered me with first chocolate, then sprinkles, and now whip cream. Where was the cherry on top? That was probably in my room or something!

"Hope you have a happy sundae Alice, you didn't have any plans did you? Oh yeah shopping right looks like you can't go," Emmett teased and I lounged at the two of them, but I missed as Jasper jumped out the window and Emmett burst right through the attic wall. Yep, I was right he was too big for the window and the wall too!

They better run! They were messing with the wrong shopaholic vampire! I would get revenge and the perfect plan was already forming on my head!

"I'M DECLARING WAR!" I yelled after them.

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