It's War

Chapter: Pranking The Parents

Emmett POV

Who thought my mind would ever be capable of a good idea? No this wasn't a good idea it was a great idea! I just needed the others to along with it. I needed their help particularly Jasper. That's why Rosalie, Jasper, and I now sat in the living room. Bella, Edward, and Alice we all out do more wedding planning, poor Bella, but this was another essential part of my plan.

"Okay Emmett, what do you want?" Jasper asked picking up on my emotions.

"I want to prank Carlisle and Esme," I explained.

"I don't know, Emm. They have to be the nicest vampires or people in the world why would you want to prank them?" Rosalie asked and I didn't have an answer.

"I don't think they would take it to seriously, Rose. I mean like you said they are the nicest people in the world, what could one little prank do?" Jasper said.

"Okay. Well this ought to be interesting, Emmett what exactly did you have in mind?" Rose asked me.

"Grab your keys we need to go shopping for one thing." I said laughing.

Rosalie POV

"You guys stay in the car all be right back with everything," Emmett said just as I was about to step out of he car. It wasn't worth arguing with him right now, I knew better, it would get me nowhere.

"I have the strangest feeling, that he's going to buy a bomb and blow up the world." Jasper said and we both laughed. I loved Emmett with all my heart, but he could be well…he could just be Emmett.

"What are we going to do when he goes too far?" I asked.

"I guess the only thing we can do is try to stop him. Knock some sense into him." Jasper said shrugging his shoulders.

I heard the approach of footsteps and looked out the window. Emmett was coming toward us a small bag in his hand and a huge smile plastered on his face.

"What did you get?" I asked when he slipped into the passenger seat to my BMW.

"Well, look in the bag." Jasper and I looked into the bag. It held only one item.

"Oh no," Jasper sighed.

"I think we can have some fun with this," I said realizing Emmett's plan.

Esme POV

"I'm going to get ready to go to the hospital," Carlisle said as we entered the house. We had been hunting for the weekend and now it was time to go back to our regular routine.

He proceeded up the stairs and I went over to the couch my laptop in hand. The house was quiet. Nobody was home. For some reason this troubled me. Being away for the weekend meant I didn't know what any of my adopted children had planned for this early summer afternoon. And that only meant one thing they were up to trouble.

I heard Carlisle coming down the stairs along with the sound of vampire approach outside. The steps were frantic and I turned to look at Carlisle with a stunned expression on my face.

I turned to the door it opened with a bang. Emmett and Rosalie were on each side of Jasper who was thrashing in their tight grip. I looked at his face, his eyes were a bright crimson red.

"Jasper," I gasped in shock. He had been doing so well lately.

"It's, it's…Bella. Edward and Alice went hunting and we were with her and she tripped and cut herself." Emmett stammered. I looked at each face in the room, nobody knew what to say.

I heard the sound of a car going as fast as possible and the slam of doors. Edward and Alice. There was another sound a heartbeat? Bella. If it was Bella, then Jasper…

"You three should be ashamed of yourselves!" Alice yelled coming into the house. "I saw you all here with red eyes so I drive all the way home from shopping only to realize as I'm driving up the drive way that u were only pranking poor Carlisle and Esme!"

"Is all that Alice said true?" Carlisle asked.

"Umm, yeah…maybe" Emmett said dropping his grip on Jasper.

"Well don't be surprised if we prank you back," I said.

"Your joining in on our little war?" Rosalie asked.

"No we are taking this war to a new level."

Authors Note!

Yeah finally! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't forgot about you! I went camping this weekend and have been really busy! I know this is one of my shorter chapters, but I just haven't wanted to write! I got a youtube account! Yeah me! My username is FlashyPony4Ever and I'm going to post it as my website on fanfic instead of twitter. So I said I would dedicate this to who ever came up with the idea well this chapter is dedicated to…lovinlife1112 thanks for the idea!