The drive to Stella's apartment was too long for their liking. The day had left them hungry to discover more of one another, and neither of them could wait to get out of the lab.

At the door to her apartment, she struggled to unlock it. Mac was behind her, with his arms around her, kissing every inch he could find of her neck.

Finally, he reached out and took the keys from her as she tilted her head to give him better access, sighing contentedly at his touch. He unlocked the door with ease and they were through the doorway.

Kicking it closed, he had her against it in a matter of seconds, kissing her senseless. His hands roamed her body, tangled in her hair. Hers were pulling him closer, fisting handfuls of his shirt.

He nudged one of his knees between her legs to get even closer to her. She could feel his erection again, already, against her belly, and she immediately began working at the tie that she'd been dying to take off of him all day. As she slid it off of his shoulders, he caught her wrists and held them up in the air with one hand as he removed her blouse in one smooth motion with the other hand.

She lowered her hands to him and undid each button of his dress shirt in record time, pushing it off of him after she pulled the shirttails out from under his belt. The undershirt was next and finally she felt his bare chest against her– her back pushed against the cool door of the apartment.

He unzipped the back of her skirt and it pooled at her feet. He let his eyes travel back up her long legs, over her black lacy panties, and over her breasts, covered in a matching black bra. He groaned audibly.

"God, you're beautiful," he whispered, and then kissed her again.

She smiled and let her hands travel down his chest. They stopped at his belt buckle. She started undoing it as he kissed her urgently. She took a second to let one hand rub his length through his pants once, then twice. And when his hips jerked into her hand, she finished undoing the belt, unbuttoning and unzipping. She pushed the pants down his legs and slipped a hand under the waistband of his boxer briefs, rubbing him again. When she heard another low groan, she knew it was time to take it into the bedroom.

She took Mac's hand and guided him through her apartment, into her bedroom in the back. As they walked she managed to push his boxer-briefs down his legs and he stepped out of them. Somehow, he unclasped her bra and that was shed too. By the time she fell back onto her bed, the only thing remaining was her panties. And those too were removed seconds later when Mac slowly slid them off of her.

He stood before her while she lay on the bed, trying to memorize his view. She got impatient, however and hooked a foot around his back, pulling her to him. He fell onto her, and they found themselves back in their frenzied kisses and caresses.

He traveled down her body and took a nipple into his mouth. She sighed as he took the other in his hands, kneading and rubbing as his mouth worked the other. And, to be fair, he thought, he switched. Giving the other one just as much attention with his mouth, he listened to her breathing and felt her chest rise and fall dramatically.

He planted kisses in the valley between her breasts while he rubbed them. And began traveling lower. He passed her belly, over her abdomen and stopped when his chin rested on her pubic bone. He looked up her torso, saw her face smiling back at him and took a mental picture. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

And then, he spread her legs with his hands. He rubbed her inner thighs up and down, getting closer to her core with each pass. Finally his fingers met one another at her center, and they brushed her lips, spreading them just a little. He felt how turned on she was and he felt his erection tighten more, too.

He used one finger to rub her slit up and down a few times, spreading the moisture there. Then he slipped two fingers into her and he watched her eyes widen in pleasure as he began moving them in her. In and out, slowly. He heard her whispered moans. Saw her bite her lip. He curled his fingers inside her and found her G-spot. Her hips jerked a little and she was louder.

"Oh, fuck! Yeah…." The whispered sound was making him crazy. Pleasuring her like this would never ever get old. And as if to prove his point, he sought her clit with his thumb, and began rubbing it in circles as he fingered her faster.

She cried out louder. "Fuck, Mac. Oh, fuck."

And then, because he couldn't get enough, he added his tongue to the mix, running it over what he could of her slit a few times, and then moving it to her clit, flicking it as quickly as he could. She held his head to her there, and he sucked on her, hard, flicking the bud over and over while he sucked.

"He felt her hips buck against his face and heard her screams. He took his fingers out of her, licked her opening a few times gently and then raised his head.

"Oh, you son of a bitch," she panted. "I was about to come… ohhhh."

Her hands traveled to her own breasts, where she rubbed and kneaded her nipples. Her eyes closed.

"I need you, Mac. Come on."

That was all he needed. She was obviously telling the truth; her body was arching from her own touch.

So he moved up her body, kissed her harder than ever and took over her work on her breasts with his own hands. Hers traveled to his cock, where they rubbed him up and down for a moment, and then guided him to her entrance.

He pushed in to her and she bit down on his shoulder. He stayed there for a moment, waiting for her to adjust. She lifted her mouth from shoulder and kissed him on the mouth, urging him on.

So he started moving his hips. Gently, he pulled himself out and then pushed back in, deeper this time. Hearing her moan, he did it again, faster, and then faster still. Soon, they had found a rhythm, and he was crashing into her, plunging as deeply as he could. She had lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist, which allowed him even further into her.

Her nails scratched over his back, traveled to his ass and squeezed, letting him know she wanted it harder.

"Yeah, Mac. Ohhhhh… fuck… fuck." The sounds she was making were going to be the death of him, he though. He rolled his eyes back as he heard his name over and over, followed by "Ohhhhhhh God" and "Ahhh! Mmmmm…" and "Fuck me…. Ohhhh."

Her cries became louder and more frequent as they kept going, her hips lifting to meet his each time he plunged back into her. When he reached down and rubbed her clit as he was fucking her, she came undone. Her muscles tightened, and he felt her juices release. He pumped hard several more times and he came too, hard.

They came down from their orgasms slowly. He kept rubbing her clit. She was kissing his neck. And then he rolled them onto their sides, facing one another. She wrapped one leg over his.

"God, Stel." He said to her, looking in her eyes. "That was amazing. You were amazing."

"Mmmm… you're not so bad yourself, Mac," she chuckled. He loved watching her smile. "I have an idea."

"What's that?" he asked.

"Let's do that forever."

"Fine with me," he whispered. He kissed her gently on the forehead, on her nose, her chin. She was smiling at him lovingly. When he went to kiss her eyelids, he saw a tear running down the side of her face.

"Stella," he said kissing the tear to stop it from going any further. "I love you. And forever sounds perfect."