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Always Comes Back to Haunt Us

Dragonlots aka Dana Bell

Chapter 6

Dawn bathed Geneva in an orange pink glow. The senator turned away from the window and again reviewed the report he'd intercepted from the Excalibur. They'd found Atlantis and they'd found the sleeper chambers.

His hand trembled slightly as he held the hardcopy in his hand. His secret, along with several others, was in danger of being exposed. A part of him wished he could keep this to himself, but he knew for all their sakes, he had to share what had been found.

He slipped the document into an official pouch and tucked it under his arm. Leaving his office, he only stopped briefly to tell his assistant he'd be gone all morning and to cancel all his appointments.

Outside he walked in the building's shadow until he reached the tube that would carry him deep into the heart of the city. He knew they'd all be waiting for him in the pre agreed place.

He just hoped a kill order wasn't given.

All the equipment in the control room had been recovered with plastic John noted, even though he vaguely remembered McKay mentioned that had been done. But it wasn't the still preserved ancient technology that drew his eyes. It was the wild black and red shimmering at them through the balcony windows.

"McKay?" John asked.

"If we're in space, it isn't anything we're familiar with." The scientist pulled off one cover and got out his laptop. Rodney had gotten it from a storage container in the medical area. The faint screen light lit up McKay's round face.

Dr. Keller wandered to the windows. Lightly her hand rested on the glass and John hoped it wouldn't break.

"Think I'll check around for any intruders," Ronon said.

"I'll go with you." Sheppard needed to DO something. Standing around waiting for McKay to find the needed data might take awhile.

"You're just going to leave us here?" Rodney sounded concerned.

"You'll be fine. If some monster shows up," he grinned, "hide."

"Easy for you to say," the scientist grumbled.

Dr. Keller left her spot at the window and came to stand beside McKay. "I'll protect you."

He shot the doctor a smile.

John and Ronan left the pair and patrolled the nearby hallways. Ronan knelt down and pointed to faint footprints. "We've had company. Recently."

"Question is," he looked around, "are they still here?"

Delenn sat on the balcony bench and looked over her beautiful crystal city. Morning was her favorite time of day. The light touched the sky with pinks, purples and golds. The buildings briefly sparkled in rainbow color before returning to normal.

A ranger approached and waited to be recognized. Slowly she got to her feet, smoothing her blue skirt and cast on last longing look before settling into the routine of her day.


"Forgive the intrusion, but you have a call from Earth."

"Thank you." No doubt the Earth president had some sort of request for aid she would not be able to grant due to the quarantine. She'd heard many pleas from the planet in the past few days. The humans were becoming desperate and the plague kept killing as it tried to figure out what would work best.

In her sparse office, she sat at her stone desk and answered. "This is Delenn."

"Hello, Delenn."

She had expected it to be the president, so the voice and dark screen surprised her. Still, she knew which senator she was speaking with. "What do you want? I can not give your people transport off the planet."

"I'm not asking." An unspoken 'this time' hovered in the air. "A report has come to my attention. The crew of the Excalibur has found something Clark was trying to keep hidden."

It seemed they were always uncovering hidden agendas of the now dead Earth president. She doubted this one was of any consequence. "I have much to do today."

"I'm sure you do, but I have a question. What do you think will happen when it's discovered Clark tried to hide the city of Atlantis?"

Atlantis? She frowned. What little she knew it was about a sunken mythical city. "You can not be serious."

"I am." There was a brief pause. "I've just been authorized to tell you what I know."

The struts were finally at their maximum width. Lockley just hoped that whatever Gideon was bringing to Babylon Five would fit. Thinking of the handsome captain brought a smile to her lips.

She liked Matthew Gideon even if she thought they'd moved too fast. Still, he'd been willing to slow down and wait to see how things developed, or didn't, between them.

"Captain?" one of the techs addressed her.


"We have a request from the IPX ship Asimov to come through the gate and dock for a few days."

"For what reason?" Her instincts screamed.

"They say R&R."

"Right." She didn't believe that for a moment. "Give them permission but I want the captain of that ship to meet with me within an hour after they dock."

"Yes, Captain."

Impatiently she tapped her foot. Whatever Gideon was bringing through had already attracted the interest of IPX and who knew how many alien governments. Lochley knew she could have a full scale political incident brewing.

It was time to talk to President Sheridan.

"I've got every lab and scientist ready to go, twenty four/seven once the Excalibur says they have something," Garibaldi answered Sheridan.

"Good. We might not get much warning and who knows if the Drak might attack trying to stop them."

"They have been too quiet." Michael got up and helped himself to a cup of coffee. "Have the Rangers heard anything from the Centauri?"

"No." John steepled his fingers and tapped them together a few times. "I hate that fact that one of our greatest allies is probably working for our enemies."

"I'd like to know why Lando did it." The executive sat back down. "It just doesn't seem in character."

Sheridan shook his head. "No idea, Micheal. I wish I knew as well."

Lyta opened her eyes and stared at the dark ceiling. She could hear G'Kar's steady breathing in the other compartment. Slowly she sat up vaguely aware of what had awakened her. It whispered at her and she knew someone had it that shouldn't.

It wasn't Vorlon technology. Rather, it had belonged to an older people, who had once seeded the galaxy. Yet, she'd been programmed to find it. And find it she would.

Because sometimes, it lied.