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Title: Trouble never tasted sweeter

Warnings: Yaoi, Smut, Inappropriate use of chocolate sauce(hehe), bondage(*drool*).

Rating: M

Characters/Pairings: AizenXGin

Summary: Gin has interrupted, time for a "sweet" lesson.

Author's Note: I wuv this pairing to death!!!!!!!!!!! NEED MORE AIZENXGIN! Just a little one-shot I tosfsed up:) Also this is dedicated to my reviewers and my best friends who are also yaoi fans^_^

Disclaimer: If I owned Bleach it would be yaoi and yuri. Its not. Therefore I do not own Bleach.

Gin wandered around the halls of Hueco Mundo. He grew tired of the lack of activity. There was nothing to do in this place! He determined it was white because it represented the amount of sanity Aizen must have to dare live in such a place. But he loved him so he didn't care if Aizen wanted to live inside a hollow, as long as they were together.

Gin noticed Tousen walking by and decided to harrass him abit,"'Ey! Tousen!"

The blind mind halted and without turning spoke,"Aizen-sama is up ahead. He is in a meeting so you better watch yourself."

"Then why anit ya with him?"

"I was dismissed."

Gin acted as though he was pondering before responding,"I see. Well then, carry on."

Tousen left without another word.

Gin mused at the formality his 'comrade' displayed. That guy never lightened up it seemed. Gin chuckled at the thought of Tousen joining his and Aizens 'games' sometime.

"That outta loosen the guy up abit." Gin knocked on the meeting room door before entering.

Aizen looked over and gave a disapproving look,"Ichimaru."

"Mah mah. Ya dun gotta be all scary ya know," Gin laughed lightly, making sure not to sound too mocking or Aizen would certainly 'punish' him. A shiver threatened to run through his body at the thought but he managed to suppress it.

"Dismissed,"Aizen waved to the Espada. They all got up and walked pass Gin, leaving the two former shinigami alone.

"Wha' was this meetin' for anyway,"Gin queried.

"Checking the training progression. However you interrupted before I finished with them,"Aizen smiled amused, noting Gin momentary shock.

"Sorry Aizen-sama. Didn' mean ta interrupt like that. I was just bored 's all."

Aizen motioned Gin to follow and stood, heading out the huge doors. Gin tilted his head, still smiling and followed.

"You are going to have to make it up to me you know,"Aizen playfully directed at Gin.

The shiver from earlier ran through his body,"Aw, Aizen-sama,"his tone a mock sad,"I made sure ta not sound mockin' though,"he pouted.

Aizen chuckled at Gins adorable childish pouting,"But you still interrupted,"Aizen pushed open his room door and allowed Gin to pass him.

Gin walked in the room as always, without a seconds hesitation. He waited for the door to shut before he turned to Aizen. Gin was stunned when he was suddenly on the bed looking up and his lover. Gin began to speak but was cut off by a warm mouth on his. Instinctively he opened his mouth and began to return the fiery kiss. Gin moaned lightly and gasped as a hand slid under his clothing.

"A-Aizen s-sama,"Gin moaned and wiggled around when the hand began to pinch and rub his perk nubs.

"Yes Gin?" Aizens other hand untied his loves sash and slid the top off agonizingly slow.

"Mmmm,"Gins eyes completely closed as his clothes were removed. Trying to ignore how irritating hard his erection had become.

Aizen took advantage of the moment and tied Gins hand to the sides of the bed with a silky fabric.

Gin opened his eyes and stared at the bounds,"Awwww, Aizen-samaaaaa, I wanna touch ya,"he frowned and pouted.

Aizen smirked and nibbled Gin's ear,"Thats not all I got in store for you." He pulled away and took out a ball gag.

Gin groaned,"Oh come on. I didn' do anything t' deserve this."

Aizen tied the ball gag and looked at his work. Gins eyes begged Aizen to not 'punish' him this time as he squirmed. When he took out a blindfold Gins eyes went wide and he shook his head, protest muffled through the gag.

"Are you afraid?" Aizen asked couriously. Gin stopped protesting and allowed the blind to be tied.

Gin heard Aizen get up and tried asking what he was doing but due to the obstruction in his mouth he couldn't.

Aizen looked over and smirked at the slight distress Gin showed from his tensing body. He knew Gin disliked being venerable when Aizen wasn't where he could fell his presence. He went to the fridge and got out a bottle of chocolate syrup then returned to Gin.

"My sweet foxy. The only treat I need." Aizen got back on the bed a sat between Gin's spread legs. He opened the top and slowly he pressed the chocolate bottle to Gins body. Gin shivered and moaned through the gag as a cool liquid slid down his body. Aizen smirked and leaned over, licking the substance off the nubs agonizly slow. Gin began to squirm as the sensations were increased by the bindings. Aizen licked a trail down, following the liquids trail until he got to Gins erect member. He felt Gin shiver as he licked a light trail up the shaft.

"Does my fox want to say something,"Aizen taunted.

A growl was his response, one that would have sound threatning if Gin had not been in the position he is.

Aizen chuckled and took the member in his mouth. Gins legs buckled and he forced himself still and try not to chocke his lover. Gin tossed his head as Aizens tounge licked the sensitive skin below. Aizen could swear he heard a muffled 'fuck' come from above.

Gin wiggled around when he felt he was coming. He screamed through the gag as his body spasmed and he came.

Aizen wiped the remenants from his mouth and kissed his foxs neck, moving up to nibble on his ear and whisper,"Are you okay?"

Gin gulped and nodded slightly unsure about this since he had never been blindfolded before and his eyes were the only sign he had to give his state.

Aizen put a little of the chocolate on Gins hole and sliding a finger in.

Gin moaned lightly, the sting very minor compared to the odd yet pleasurable feeling.

Aizen moved the finger gently and Gin moaned and carefully inserted another finger. Gin usually winced so since he couldn't see Gins expression he was as careful as possible and sissored as gently as possible and heard a muffled groan. He carefully added a third and Gins body jerked abit so he held them still until Gin relaxed again. He carefully sissored and streched him as much and carefully as possible before removing his fingers.

He rubbed a little of the chocolate on Gin's entrance and his member, shivering at the cold feeling. He looked at Gin's quivering body. His lovely fox was obviously worried. He couldn't blame him. He would be worried if he was tied up and unable to see causing the sensations to increase, including the upcoming pain.

Aizen gently began to push in and heard a muffled cry and felt Gin tense so stopped. Once his fox relaxed he continued to push in until he was fully inside.

Gin bit the down on the gag as hard as he could to muffle the scream of pain as some tears managed to escape the blind. The pain was increased greatly with his sight cut off. He tried to beg for it to be removed, twisting a little, only to cause pain spike through him at the movement. He let out a muffled scream and jerked abit, Aizen held him down to prevent him causing himself anymore harm.

Aizen felt Gins breathing steady and slowly began to thrust in and out, going deeper little by little. Gin groaned with pain hoping Aizen would hurry and find his pleasure point. Sure enough he felt overwhelming pleasure begin to take over once Aizen angled directly into his prostate. Gin screamed with pleasure as loud as he could through the gag, his body spasming lightly.

Gin moaned and tossed his head as the pleasure flooded him. It was too much to handle, the sensations too strong for his body.

Aizen noticed this and reached over to begin stroking Gins member.

After multipule attacks on his prostate along with the hand helping his erect member, he couldn't hold out any longer and came, arching his back and groaning.

After a few more thfrust into his beloved foxs tighting and spasming body he came too, letting a pleased groan escape his lips. He carefully pulled out and took off the gag so Gin could regain his breath easier.

"Are you ok my love?"

Gin nodded and gasped back some air,"C-can ya untie meh now?"

"Sure,"Aizen smirked and unlocked Gin's hands, sitting beside Gin.

Gin sat up and rubbed his wrist before removing the blindfold and tossing it aside,"That was too much."

Aizen pet Gins head and ran his fingers through his hair as Gin layed his head on Aizens shoulder, purring softly and smiling a gienuene smile.

"Puinshment remember. You sound like Grimmjow when Ulquiorra tells him to behave,"Aizen chuckled.

Gin growled but yawned making it sound less threatening,"Eh. Sleepy."

Aizen layed Gin down and covered him with the blanket,"Get some rest. I have to take a shower and go to another meeting soon."

Gin nodded,"I'll jus' stay here then. Dun wanna interrupt,"He said jokingly.

"Don't get in trouble now,"Aizen replied toyingly.

"What am I gonna do? Steal the whipped cream and make myself a human desert by the time ya get back,"Gin questioned suggestively before enevitably falling asleep.

Aizen smiled. His fox never ceased to amuse him. One of many things he loved about him. He got up and went to take a shower as Gin slept.

Perhaps he might just make that suggestion real later on.

'One can certainly image such a erotic scene', he thought, planning his next encounter with Gin... that just happened to involve whip cream.

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