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Title: Blood of life, Seed of love, Both trouble

Warnings: Yaoi, Smut, minor blood, spank, PWP, etc ... Just don't ask -_-

Rating: M

Characters/Pairings: AizenXGin

Summary: Gin wants to do the work for once...leading to steaming, well you know ;)

Disclaimer: If I owned Bleach it would be yaoi and yuri. Its not. Therefore I do not own Bleach.

Author's Note: Hm...I wrote this on paper and tried to be graphic as I typed it and some other bits of description fell into place and I added it while trying to keep it fit together.

I spent a great deal of time trying to make this a well descriptive chapter. I hope it proves satisfactory.

Gin thought over his plans over and over before even considering putting his plan in motion. Unfortunately he knew he was going to be unable to plan it thoroughly.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLala lala lala lalaxxxxxxxxxxxx

Gin set the bed for his plans, it was time he tried to manage something for his love who did so much for him.

Aizen noticed pained noises a couple times coming from Gin's room and finally peeked in to see Gin try to ease an object inside him only to yelp and pull it out and pull it out. The fox curled up, not noticing Aizen enter and lock his door until-


The fox jumped and face him,"Aizen-sama!" He turned a bright shade of red and pulled the sheets. Aizen gripped them so Gin couldn't hide himself, causing the blush to increase and cover his pale body fully.

"Don't you hide from me pet."

Gin visibly flinched. Aizen only ever referred to him as a pet when he was mad or irritated, Gin had done something bad in a non acceptable way, or if he wanted answers. That meant REAL punishment was involved. He feared it was Aizen was displeased so pushed himself away. Aizens stare turned into a serious glare.

"Listen...I wasn' doing nothin' bad, honest Aizen-sama."

Aizen pulled the boy on his lap and flipped the man on his belly, his ass raised. Gin whimpered loudly.

"I swear! Please don' punish me Ma-"Gin gulped, he only used the word when afraid and trying to gains Aizens forgiveness,"Master."

Aizen raised his hand and Gins eyes went wide as he squirmed, "No! Master don't!"

The hand came down with a whish and a slapping sound echoed the room.

Gin was frozen when he heard Aizen speak, "Ten."

"It's fer ya,"Gin blurted out.

Aizen allowed Gin to back away and waited for and explanation. Gin caught his breath in gasps and moved closer, slightly shaking.

"I dunno if I'm ready",he gulped,"But...Just dun go reprimandin' me,"Gin looked at the door cautiously.

"It's locked,"Aizen told him firmly.

Gin nodded and his trembling hands taking off his coat. Aizen undressed, sitting beside Gin. Gin quickly got out of his clothing and pushed Aizen down. Aizen propped his head up to watch Gin shakily lube his fingers and reached around to his entrance. Wincing he pushed them inside, fighting the desire to pull them out as he hissed. Aizen noted Gin scream in pain and pull them out after moving them a few moments and hitting a painful spot.

"Carefully love."

Gin nodded and used his hands to stay up and let out a choked sob. Aizen pulled Gin forward and wiped the tears, Gin calming himself to a shiver.

"I can do this,"he breathed, visibly shaken as he positioned his body over Aizen, he felt the erection on his hole and visibly flinched. Knowing if he went to slow he would retreat so he decided to go fast. But first...


Aizen continued looking over his face,"Yes Ichimaru?"

"Once I'm on please hold me down until I can move." Gin quickly took a breath and lowered himself, pushing himself on Aizens erection. A pair of strong hands held him firmly when he squirmed to get it out. Gin let a pained groan escape his lips and clenched the sheets.

His voice sounded gurgled with pain,"Urgh."

Aizen wiped the silent salty rivers running down Gins reddened face,"Why are you doing this anyway?"

Gin managed a weak pained smile,"Yer always doin' all the work,"he winced,"I wanted t' do somethin' for ya."

Aizens normally cold chocolate eyes softened into a warm gaze,"You don't have to try to please me Gin."

Gin gasped as the warm hands on his cold pale waist started to move him. He leaned forward, his grip fisting tightly in the sheets as he moved his body in sync with the slow movements as he adjusted. Gradually the twos pace increased as the discomfort faded to an awkward sensation. The blood acting as a lubricant, making a sickly squelching sound. He looked into Aizens eyes, his own clouded with lust and Aizen smiled knowing what Gin desired. He maneuvered Gins body as they moved, aiming for Gins prostate. Gin screamed with pleasure, his body twitching and his pace slowing, unable to keep rhythm as pleasure overtook his senses. Aizen flipped them over and began thrusting deep into his foxes satisfyingly tight passage.

"You've done enough now,"he whispered warmly into Gins ear,"Allow me to pleasure you my love,"he nibbled lightly at the ear, earning a moan from the arching fox.

Gin nodded as strings of delicious loud yet soft moans slipped past his shining pale lips. He felt indescribable pleasure course through his veins, making his body writher. The sound of flesh sliding and beating against flesh as the aroma of heated sex filled the atmosphere. Aizen felt Gins legs wrap tight around his fit waist,l encouraging depth. He obliged and practically drilled deeper and faster inside Gins tight warm velveted body.

"H-Harder,"the fox moaned as he arched, tossing his head,"hurt me a little."

Aizen increased his strength as Gin rapidly tossed his head, a treatable screaming torn from his throat.

"Do you need to cum?"

Gin nodded desperately.

"Hold on a little longer love."

Gin graoned,"Too much,"a cry slipped pass his lips as his body began spasming,"I can't hold it...Forgive me...Sosuke!!!"

Gins muscles tightened as his seed spurted over his chest as he stroked himself, needing the touch. Aizen reached over and stroked Gins member, feather light touches over the underside of his members sensitive skin. Aizen came inside the tight abused body. He pulled out slowly, a sticky mixture of blood and semen trailing. He kissed Gins pale lips as he stroked Gin faster. The fox moaned, bucking as he came again. Aizen pulled back to admire his work. Gins lips kiss swollen, limp member, and body covered in seed.

Gin yawned widely,"Can't move."

Aizen laughed lightly and left to get a warm rag. When he returned he cleaned up Gins sweaty body, noting Gin flinch when he cleaned his abused entrance. He tossed the rag and covered Gin, walking to the door. He unlocked the door and opened it, re-locking it so when he closed the door it would lock and no one could attack his sleeping fox.

"Good night,"he turned out the light and closed the door.

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