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A black veil had fallen upon the small town of Forks, Washington. Not a single star show in the darkened sky. Shadows danced among the elder trees that surrounded a small meadow, eager to envelope the anger that radiated from the figure directly in the middle of the small circle. Long robes hung around his ankles, a wooden wand placed between his thumb and forefinger. Red eyes scanned the dark wood, narrowing into slits, resembling that of a snake. The shadows scattered as a twig was snapped beneath a heavy footstep, revealing a beautiful women beneath the brush. Her clothes were fresh, eyes the same color as the dark sky. Her face had been locked in a hostile grimace.

"Greetings, Victoria."

The voice was cold, dark, shattering the silence that had surrounded the two beings.


The name left the woman's lips with an angry twist, her eyebrows knitting together in frustration. The man raised his chin defiantly, pride overcoming his thoughts.

"You dare speak the Dark Lord's name?"

The wand was raised, placing itself directly at the center of the young women's chest.

"I'm a vampire," the woman scoffed. "I've been through Hell and back once. I'm not afraid to do it again."

A cruel sound erupted from the man's throat, resembling an icy cackle. "Foolish vampire. Crucio!"

A jet of red light erupted from the tip of the Dark Lord's wand, traveling to the center of the woman's chest. She shrieked in pain, a sound that could make a window shatter. Though, after a moment, her lips closed as she fell to her knees, the pain becoming stronger. In a quick moment, Voldemort lowered his wand. Victoria stood, the grimace prominent upon her quivering lips.

"Do you still dare, Vampire?" Voldemort's voice was chilled, and Victoria's shoulders pulled up into a shrug. Victoria remaining silent, Voldemort continued. "Have you thought about my offer?"


"Stop toying!" Voldmort cried, though his voice was above a simple whisper. "What's your final answer?"

Victoria felt her eyes roll, lacing her arms across her chest in a sign of pride. One competitor against another.

"It sounds interesting and all, but what's in it for me?"

Voldemort chuckled, the sound low in his chest.

"Power. Glory. Revenge. All you have to do is unite your army with mine."

Victoria contemplated a moment.

"Hmm… Newborns and Death Eaters? I'm in… Under one condition."

Voldemort raised his wand in a threatening gesture. "What more could you want, you greedy vampire? Your army of Newborns is strong. My Death Eaters are powerful. Together, we shall be unstoppable."

Victoria ignored the wizard's rant. "I'm not the only vampire that lives in this town. There are others. But, they've been a nuisance to me for too long. Their human girl needs to die. If you help me, I'll help you defeat that Potter boy."

"That can be arranged."

For a single moment, neither of the two spoke. Voldemort lifted his wand once more, causing Victoria to bare her fangs, uttering a harsh hiss.

"Hold out your arm, imbecile."

Cautiously, the red-head lifted the sleeve upon her arm, exposing perfect, pale skin beneath the cloth. Her eyes became narrow as she gazed at Voldemort's wand, the tip pressing into the soft flesh of her forearm.


The word left his lip, a whisper colder then the icy air that surrounded the pair. Victoria's red irises widened in fear as a long, black creature slithered from the tip of Voldemort's wand, burrowing into Victoria's vulnerable flesh. A sharp hiss escaped her lips as the mark of a skull and a snake became prominent.

"If the mark begins to burn, you are to return to my location immediately. Understood?"


"You shall address me as "Lord" at all times. You shall never speak my name."

"Yes, my lord."

"Excellent. I expect you to meet me here tomorrow evening. We have much to discuss."

A nod tugged at Victoria's chin. She cautiously stepped away from the hot wand, turning upon her heel, and racing into the brush. With a single glance back, a gasp escaped her lips at the sight stamped into the night sky.

A snake slithered into the mouth of an empty skull.

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