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Standing in front of the mirror in my long white dress, it suddenly felt real for the first time. I sighed, not really knowing why my mood was quickly dropping.

"And that's just about… done!" My pixie like maid of honor slash best friend slash personal stylist exclaimed as she pinned a few more sequins onto my already sparkling dress.

"Alice, can you just get this stupid dress off of me, I'm already sick of the damn thing." I wasn't exactly sure where the biting words were coming from. It had always been my dream to be with Edward forever, if marrying him was part of the requirements then I was just fine with that.

The usually exuberant vampire looked momentarily worried at my exclamation then a hurt look crossed over her petite features. "Do you not like the dress???" she asked clearly saddened and worried.

"Its not the dress… I'm just having a momentarily freak out." She moved quickly and got the dress off of me before I had any more time to continue my freaking out.

"Bella, why are you suddenly freaking out? Are you getting cold feet?" Alice turned to look me in the eyes, her icy hands on my shoulders, and a concerned look in her eyes.

"No, yes, I don't know" I was suddenly very frustrated with myself and my lack of knowledge to what was going on with me.

"What's wrong honey?" Alice wrapped her small but strong body around me, comforting me more than I expected. I buried my face in her hair, smelling her soft subtle scent. I moved my arms so that they were around her waist, suddenly realizing that we fit perfectly together, almost as though we were jigsaw pieces, almost as though we were meant to fit like this.

"Alice, don't get me wrong, I love Edward and everything but…" I couldn't bring myself to finish the sentence.

"But what?" She pulled me so that I was looking into her stunning butterscotch eyes. "Bella, you know you can tell me anything, now what's wrong?"

"Idon'tthinkIwanttomarryedward." I stuttered it out, just now realizing the cause of my apprehension.

"Sorry Hun, I couldn't' understand you, can ya repeat that?"

"I can't marry Edward, I don't love him." I didn't stutter this time, I knew what I needed to say, "I don't think that I ever loved him, it was just infatuation, and I know that this is a little bit late and everything but I think that I've known this for a while and I just can't stand doing this anymore."

I couldn't believe I had just said that, all the doubts that I had felt over the last month, the last year, ever since I had moved to Forks spilled out. And Alice, the brother of the man… ahm… vampire that I thought I had loved, listened, and never once interrupted.

"Alice, I can't stay here, in Forks I mean, I can't do that to him." I knew that, I had known that since I opened my mouth.

"I know, and I want to come with you."

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