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Chapter 2

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, she sprung up and began throwing clothes in a bag, muttering to herself about how this would look and that she was defiantly not packing that.

"Alice, what are you doing?" I was trying to dodge the various assortments of clothes that were being thrown around the room.

"I'm packing, if you're gonna do this, it has to be soon, tonight is best." She ran out of the room, and I heard her footsteps descending the stairs.

"Why tonight? I'm not even sure I want to do this… Alice! Could you stop for a second?" I was attempting to chase her around the house and was consequently constantly yelling after her as she moved gracefully around.

She immediately stopped and turned around, and I crashed into her, knocking us both over, so that now I was lying on top of her small body. I was looking directly into her beautiful honey eyes and her cold hands were wrapped around my waist. Everything stopped and I felt my heart start to beat a million miles per hour. My breath caught and all I could do was to keep looking into her stunning eyes. Her cool, sweet breath tickled my face and made me blush bright red.

"Bella?" The question hung in the air, shattering the calm that had settled around us.

I quickly sprung up, muttering apologies and offering my hand out to her.

"We have to leave right now because your wedding is in two days and Edward will be here in about 12 hours to bring you back to our house." She answered my question like nothing had happened and there had been no moment. But then again, I reminded myself, why would it matter, her clumsy friend had fallen down once again it just happened to be on top of her.

"Oh right… yea, I forgot." And it was true, I had forgotten about why I was chasing her, about what we were talking about before, about the wedding. The realization hit me, if I didn't leave right now with Alice, I would have to marry Edward.

She looked at me confusedly for a moment until I blurted out "yea, lets go, I'll grab my stuff, do you have your car? Should I bring mine? Where will we go? Do you want to run? What should I bring? When can we leave?" She laughed at all of my obviously not well thought out questions.

"I have my car, no you really shouldn't bring yours, and I've already packed for you." She immediately turned on her heel and motioned for me to follow. We went into the driveway, and there was her yellow Porsche filled with suitcases.

"But how?"

"Hello, I see the future, and at any rate, I was already planning on an extended vacation after you left on your honeymoon." At the word honeymoon, her voice took on a slightly pained quality, but it was gone as soon as it had come.

"Alice, how long have you been planning this?"

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