Title: Discourse of Darkness
Rating: T (will probably go up in time)
Warnings: Blood, Light Gore

It was an innocent looking shop, a hole in the wall that could only be seen specifically if you were squinting out the car to look. The outside was a plain whitewash that seemed to be browning with age, and there were no windows. The sign was little more than a piece of cardboard hanging from a stray nail in the doorframe. "Jane's Roses" it read. How Vernon had been able to find this place was beyond her.

Her husband wasn't the most cautious driver, neither the most polite. So between speeding and cursing about 'the twits that can't see straight' it didn't seem possible to Petunia that the man was able to spot this little place. Though he did, and it warmed her heart a little to see her husband go through all this trouble for their anniversary.

Though, it was now nine o'clock and Vernon still had not been home since he had left for work. And the only communication she had had with him was the note. She had been cleaning the kitchen awaiting Vernon's arrival from work, only to find a small sticky note that looked to be hastily scribbled. 'Got Dudders. Gone to get you, you.'

She had smiled, remembering that line being said to her some seventeen years ago, back when her and Vernon were still dating. He had always brought her petunias from his mother's garden everyday, and said "Of course, what better flower could I have gifted to you but you?"

Though it did make her wonder what made him go to this particular shop, it looked like a prison. Not to mention it was in a seedier part of London. Where could he have found it? The only reason why she had been able to was because out of all the lists in the phone book registry, this was the only one circled.

She reached to knock on the door, but a draft blew and caused it to drift open, shivering slightly she stepped in.

Petunia wretched in her mouth, and scrunched her nose disdainfully. The room positively reeked. The smell was horrid, some cross between urine and copper with charred plaster. She reached a bony hand to wipe her eyes, which had started to tear. Blinking slightly, she saw that the room was in total chaos as though no one had lived here for ages. Wallpaper hung, as though they had been stripped from the walls in a fit of madness; and the remains that had stayed plastered looked as though brimstone had rained upon it and it was burned and tattered making it impossible to decipher what the original print was.

Pit Pat

Large chunks of mahogany littered the floor along with small splinters and the burnt remains of once exotic flowers. A desk laid smashed against the busted window, broken in two. It looked as though there had been a cage match to the death, this room the arena. Petunia coughed ruggedly, her hands trying desperately to cover her nose. The smell, if possible, seemed to be getting worse.

Petunia called. "Vernon?"

Pit Pat


Silence. She took an unconscious step back.

Petunia froze.

She padded her shoulder before slowly bringing it to her face. Her hand was stained crimson. Ice-cold dread washed over her, before she was compelled to look up. She gave a choked scream, before falling to her knees, her son's blood running down her face.

"I will make you pay."

Her eyes rolled up in a dead faint, while jade eyes watched from a far.

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