Something in Klavier's mind tried to say that it was all just a fantasy, a figment of his wild imagination. But this was real, real beyond his worst fears. And, as much as he struggled, he couldn't break the hold that this kidnapper had on his body and on his mind.

The female kidnapper was surprisingly strong, and the dark cloak and hood she wore made her loom behind him as she held him firmly down in the dirty trunk of the van. The gloved hand covering his mouth was bound to be covered in chloroform, and Klavier knew that he only had minutes, seconds maybe, to do something.

He opened his mouth to bite, but the kidnapper's accomplice clicked on a small television screen suspended from the roof of the car. Klavier's lips parted and his nostrils flared. Ema…

The chloroform entered his system before he had a chance to think, a chance to breathe clearly, and Klavier watched the kidnappers' faces blur just before it all went dark.

How had he gotten himself into this?