Hey guys! I have some major news!

I've been really caught up into my current Twilight fanfic, Twilight: Reversed Roles and I'm really in a drought with my Envious, Fop? story right now, so I'm going to put Envious, Fop on hold for now, until of course, I get ideas or I get stuck in a Twilight drought :)

Now, don't you fret and don't you frown because, to keep you guys happy and busy, I'm having a [and the spectators hold their breaths] contest!
Yay! Because my contests are super duper awesome that way! And here's the contest:

This idea originated from a review on one of my Envious? stories. I'm too lazy to actually look for it, but I remember thinking, "Oh my God, that's genius!" Your job is to create a picture (color is preferred but black/white is cool too) of any of the new characters that weren't Phoenix Wright original ones, but people introduced in the Envious? series. You can enter in any of the following categories:

The Fräulein Category features any of the female characters in the current Envious? series (Kianna Ziemlich, Jenni Ziemlich, Rumiko Rose, Diarami, Viana)

The Herr Category features any of the male characters in the current Envious? series (Adonis Thanatos/Dane Jerus, Ervin Ziemlich, Natal Ingrid, Hassan Ziemlich [take a wild guess btw :P])

You can enter once for each category, and are rated compared to other (if any) competitors. You don't have to be a master drawer (and I know that; I S-U-C-K at drawing! my circles are squares and my squares are circles!) as long as you try your hardest :D You also will get major props and bonus points if you manage to somehow tie in another character listed above! NO STICK FIGURES though! And, if you have a character in mind that you want to draw but is not listed, please PM me before you begin!
To enter, you can ether send me a link via PM to your picture if its like online or at Deviant Art, or you can attempt to email it to me at my email(s) (.uk OR code_) By the way, please don't start spamming me! The .UK address is actually one of my willing friends, because my current AOL account is sucky.

To help you out, I have character physical descriptions below:

Kianna Ziemlich- German; long [or shoulder length] wavy mahogany hair with brown tints [or burgundy highlights]; indigo eyes; cream colored skin; is said to be "impossibly perfect"
Jenni Ziemlich- British; shoulder length brown hair with light blonde highlights; brown eyes; fair skinned; is said to be "pleasant" and "pretty"
Rumiko Rose- American; slightly long raven black hair with "brilliant" copper highlights; brown eyes; naturally tan; darkly painted fingernails; wears bangles; is said to be "the most interesting" and "exciting"
Diarami- Irish; waist length red hair; pale green eyes; is said to be "slightly rounder" than the other females (for those of you who don't remember, she's the drummer in Kianna's band)
Viana- British; dirty blonde hair with a single streak of white through the side bangs; black eyes; is said to have her hair "pushed away from her face by a magnetic clip"
Adonis Thanatos/Dane Jerus- British; curly dark brown hair; gray blue eyes; pale; is said to be "gorgeous" and "a model for a magazine with a smile and figure like that"
Ervin Ziemlich- German/European; has his mother's mahogany hair; has his father's sky blue eyes; is said to be "smart for a little boy" and "sucks his thumb"
Natal Ingrid- European/American (?); dark haired; green eyes; is said to be often dressed in fashionable clothing and "tight jeans"
Hassan Ziemlich- European; sky blue eyes; is said to be a "powerful man who sold real estate all over Europe" and very wealthy

Prizes are much better than my other contest prizes... ;) Actually, they're kind a similar...

First Place- Your name somewhere in the upcoming Envious, Fop? chapters* and the Read Ahead which is completely optional if you don't want it (with this, you get three of the upcoming chapters of Envious, Fop before everyone else! that's right! you're basically like my unofficial Beta Reader who gets to read a day ahead of everybody!)
*this is very important, if you didn't know. in fact, Rumiko and Jenni were originally nameless but names were chosen by contest winners. now look where they are in the stories today!

Second Place- Your name somewhere in the upcoming Envious, Fop? chapters and the Read Ahead option (but you only get one chapter, not three)

Anything below that gets major kudo points :D

Love you guys and I can't wait to see what you guys draw! :P


PS Please don't comment on this just to say I'm breaking the Fanfic rules (like when I set up the contest in the last story). I'm highly aware of this, and if the story is taken down, I'll just repost it without the "big rule breaker" :)