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Previously on Supernatural-"Thanks" Sam yawned closing his eyes once more as the rocking motion soothed him to sleep.

"Sam? Sammy, wake up, buddy" Dean called as he gently shook his little brother's shoulder. "Come on kiddo, nap time's over."

"Five mowe minutes" Sam moaned swatting at Dean's hand.

"No can do, Sam" Dean chuckled. He pulled the blanket off his sibling tossing it over the back of the couch. "Wake up little brother. It's time for lunch."

Groaning Sam blinked open his eyes and stared at Dean miserably. "It's wunchtime! Bobby pwomised he wouldn't wet me sweep wong!" He hollered as he sat up.

"Relax squirt, you've only been asleep an hour and a half." Dean informed his brother. Scooping the toddler into his arms he walked the short distance to the kitchen and deposited Sam in his booster seat. He plopped down in the closest chair and looked his little brother over. "How are you feeling? You stomach still hurting?"

"A wittle" Sam admitted honestly.

"Well, I've got something that'll make you feel better." Bobby announced as he shuffled over to the table carrying a steaming glass dish. After setting it on the table, he threw the pot holders onto the counter and picked up Sam's plate. He spooned a generous portion onto the small plate and laid it in front of the little boy. "Dig in, Sam" he instructed as he snatched up his own plate and started loading it up.

"oo made tassewole" Sam whispered gazing up at Bobby with wide, wet eyes.

"Course I did. Had to make something your little self could eat." Bobby replied with a smile. "Now eat up so you can get to fishing. Your brother promised me a fish dinner tonight."

"Thanks Bobby" Sam softly said giving the older man a dimpled grin.

"Can we please eat now before you two make me lose my appetite?" Dean good naturedly grumbled.

"Aww Dean, oo feewing weft out?" Sam asked with a mischievous grin. "I wove oo, too big brother."

"Oh God kill me now" a red faced Dean groaned as Sam and Bobby burst out laughing. Never one to resist Sammy's infectious laughter Dean soon found himself chuckling right along with them. Situation temporarily forgotten the three hunters laughed and joked their way through the rest of lunch.

After lunch was over and the table cleared, Dean went into the storage room by the kitchen and grabbed a fishing pole. Searching for a stick or something Sam could use he was surprised to find two child sized poles tucked into one corner of the room. He smiled as he gazed down at the Scooby Doo poles their dad had bought them a lifetime ago. Snatching up the faded blue rod that belonged to Sam Dean hurried out of the room. He loaded the poles and tackle box onto the back of the golf cart and slid into the seat beside his little brother. "Ready for some fishing, half pint?" he asked.

"You bet!" Sam enthusiastically replied. Hopping onto his big brother's lap the little boy grabbed the steering wheel and motioned for Dean to hit the gas. He carefully steered around the various items that were scattered across the backyard whooping as his sibling stomped on the petal causing the cart to barrel through the open field. All too soon they're journey ended and the cart came to a rolling stop by the pond. Sighing Sam slid off Dean's lap and jumped out of the golf cart. Following his brother to the back of the vehicle he held out his arms to help smiling as his old Scooby Doo fishing pole was placed in his outstretched hands. Carrying his prize to the edge of the bank Sam waited for Dean to attach the bait and then expertly cast his line into the water.

Late afternoon found both boys lazily sitting by the bank with an almost full bucket of fish between them. Glancing down at his watch Dean frowned wishing the afternoon didn't have to end. "Time to go, Sammy." He called as he reeled in his line.

"Awweady?" Sam whined. "But we just…he stopped as something tugged his rod hard. "I got one, Dean!" he shouted as he stood and started trying to reel the fish in. "I got a big one!"

Seeing his brother struggling to hold onto his pole Dean dropped his rod and jumped to his feet just as the fish yanked one last time pulling the fishing rod and Sammy into the pond with a huge splash! Racing to the edge of the pond Dean stared at his soaking wet sibling standing on the muddy bank for a moment before doubling over with laughter. "That was the funniest thing ever, Sammy!" he chuckled. "Man, I wish I'd had a camcorder! We could've won a million dollars with that video!"

"It's not funny!" Sammy shouted as he fought to get out of the knee deep mud. "Stop waughing and help me!"

"Okay, okay, don't *snicker* get your underoos in a knot." Dean laughed. Wiping his eyes he walked over and pulled the little boy out of the mud. He gently put Sam on the ground beside him. "Looks like you hooked a kidfisher, Sammy." He teased.

"Oo mean a tingfisher" Sam corrected shaking his head sending water flying everywhere.

"Not this time" Dean replied chuckling as his brother's bitch face made an appearance.

"Oo know this means waw" Sammy warned glaring at his older brother.

"Bring it on mini me" Dean challenged. The roar of an approaching engine put an end to their arguing as both boys turned towards the source of the sound. Spotting the black vehicle the brothers exchanged identical "what the f" looks before turning back to stare at Bobby. "Dude, I thought you said you didn't buy a four wheeler." Dean accused as he checked out the older man's shiny new ride.

"No, I said I didn't buy you two a four wheeler. I never said anything about not getting one for myself." Bobby corrected smirking at the two boys. Glancing down at the littlest Winchester he frowned. "Isn't it a little cold to be swimming, Sam?" he asked.

Hearing snickering he glared at Dean before looking back at Bobby. "A huge fish pulled me in." he sheepishly admitted.

"Man, I can't leave you boys alone for a second." Bobby huffed shaking his head. Glancing over at Dean he sighed. "Get your brother back to the house and into some dry clothes before he catches cold." He instructed. "I'll get started on the fish."

"Will do" Dean replied helping his tiny brother into the golf cart. He put all the equipment and the bucket of fish into the back of the cart and then climbed into the driver's seat and took off for the house. Parking beside the back porch steps Dean picked up his soggy brother and holding him at arms' length carried him into the house. He dropped Sam off at the bathroom with instructions to strip, turned on the taps in the bathtub, and then raced upstairs to find the little boy something dry to wear. After grabbing a shirt, pants, and underoos, Dean hurried back down the stairs and into the bathroom. Turning off the faucet in the tub he checked the temperature of the water and then gazed down at his shivering little brother. "In you go, Sammy" he said as he picked the boy up and sat him in the tub. "I'll just step outside. Holler when you're ready to get out."

"Dean, will oo stay wif me?" Sam quietly asked.

"Sure kiddo" Dean replied. He took a step back and sat down on the puke green rug.

Bobby expertly cut and de-boned the fish as he listened to the laughter and splashing coming from the bathroom. He couldn't believe in a few hours time they were going to lose Sam. Pushing that thought to the back of his mind the old hunter concentrated on carving up the only fish left. Tossing the bones and head into the bucket he picked up the plate full of fish and started for the back door stopping as a loud SPLASH! came from the back followed by cursing and running feet. Dropping the plate he dashed into the living room just as a giggling Sam ran into the room. Hearing his big brother's heavy footsteps and angry voice the little boy hurried behind Bobby to hide. "What'd you do, Sam?" Bobby asked glancing down at the delighted toddler.

"Sammy! I'm gonna kill you!" Dean shouted as he stomped into the living room gaze locking on his younger sibling. "Get over here right now brat!"

Bobby took one look at the soaking wet eldest Winchester and put a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing out loud. "Uhh, Dean? Aren't you supposed to take your clothes off before you shower?" he questioned covering his chuckles with a cough.

"I wasn't taking a shower! I leaned over the tub to let the water out and the little shit pushed me in!" Dean yelled pointing an accusing finger at Sam.

"Well, go dry off. You're getting water all over my floor." Bobby ordered.

"But" Dean argued.

"No buts, git!" Bobby barked snickering as Dean stomped down the hall muttering about prank wars and baby brothers. Once the bathroom door slammed the old man turned to look at the toddler behind him. "Good one Sammy" Bobby praised giving the boy a high five. "Come on you can help me get the fish started while that brother of yours cools off." Taking the youngster by the hand the uncle led the way out of the house.

Sam stared at his big brother for the tenth time that evening. All through supper he'd waited for Dean to prank him back but so far there had been no retaliation. "Guess Dean's not going pay me back since I'm in this baby body." Sam thought as he watched Dean get up and dump his plate in the sink. Smiling at finally winning a prank war the youngster shoved the last bit of fish into his mouth washing it down with a slurp of juice. Leaning back in his seat Sam closed his eyes relishing the feel of victory. He was so relaxed that he didn't hear the threat coming up behind him until it was too late. "Dean!" he squawked as his brother plucked him out of his chair and slung him over his shoulder. "What are you doing?"

Dean marched into the living room and over to the couch. Taking a seat he lifted his little brother off his shoulder and deposited him face down across his knee.

"Dean! What do you think you're doing?!" Sam hollered as he struggled to get off his brother's lap.

"Think that's kind of obvious, Sammy boy." Dean growled holding the toddler firmly in place.

"What? Dean, you can't spank me!" Sam protested doubling his efforts to get free. "It was just a prank, you know a joke."

"I'm not laughing Sam" Dean fired back. "What you did was bad and you know what happens to bad little boys. Or you should. Dad had you in this position often enough growing up."

"But, but" Sam sputtered.

"No more talking Sam. It's time for your punishment." Dean angrily replied as he raised his hand.

Sam braced himself for the swats he knew were coming. Closing his eyes tight he waited for the first blow. He squealed as Dean's hand found the ticklish spot on his side. "Dean, Dean stop it!" he giggled. Wiggling in his brother's hold the littlest Winchester tried as hard as he could to avoid the sibling's tickling hands but it was no use. Finding himself flipped over he pushed at Dean's hands as they tickled his stomach. "Bobby! *giggle* Bobby, he-*giggle*-lp!" Sam shrieked laughing even harder.

Bobby walked into the room smiling at the sight of the very one sided tickle fight. Hearing his name through Sammy's giggles he decided to even the odds just a little. Hurrying over to the couch he nudged the coffee table out of the way and then jumped into the fray turning the tide immediately.

Dean jumped as Bobby started his attack. He rolled onto the floor as Sammy and Bobby double teamed him. The three men rolled and tussled on the ground laughing and giggling as they fought for the upper hand. Minutes later Dean's cry of "uncle" ended the tickle war making Sam and Bobby the victors. The three men rolled onto their backs and lay on the floor panting and wiping the tears from their faces. Getting his breathe back Dean propped up on his elbows and glanced down at his brother. Seeing Sam yawning and fisting his eyes sleepily the older brother sat up and pulled the little boy into his lap. "Looks like its somebody's bedtime." He said as he slowly stood up.

"I'm not *yawn* tired." Sam protested as his eyes closed only to pop back open.

"Come on kiddo, let's get you in bed." Dean whispered as he started for the stairs.

"Night Sam" Bobby called turning away so the boys wouldn't see the tears that were flowing down his cheeks.

"Night *yawn* Bobby" Sam quietly called back. He fought to keep his eyes open and himself awake as Dean carried him up the stairs and down the hall to their room. Knowing these were his last moments with his brother Sam wrapped his arms around Dean's neck refusing to let go when Dean tried to put him in bed. Relaxing his grip as his brother took a seat on the bed the young man dropped his head on his sibling's shoulder. "Dean, I'm scawed" he whispered.

"It's gonna be okay Sam" Dean soothed. "I promise. There's nothing to be scared of. It'll be like one long nap. Promise. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. You'll be back to your old self before you know it."

"Don't wet go" Sam pleaded as his eyes closed once more.

"I'll never let you go, buddy. Never" Dean swore as he tightened his grip on his brother. Hearing the boy's breathing even out in sleep Dean kissed his brother's forehead as the tears he'd been holding back for so long streamed down his face.