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It was a tactless day with many grey looming clouds. Unfortunately for our heroes at hand there was much to do. Naruto, Shikamaru, Kiba, Choji, and Neji all headed through the forest looking for their lost comrade Sasuke. They fought battles against Orochimaru's sound ninja five. The Sasuke Retrieval Squad, were all wounded and battered, from their battles with the Sound Five. Only one of the five still stands. Naruto Uzamaki still stands, the last one of his team still able to fight. He is fighting Sasuke Uchiha to force him back to Konoha. Sasuke attempted to leave to gain more power from Orochimaru.

"SASUKE, YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" screamed Naruto. He felt betreayed, why would Sasuke want to go woth Orochimaru of all people. The same man that killed there previous Hokage. Naruto's chakra emitted a demonic aura. His demon chakra responded to his feelings. Feelings of love, jealousy and betrayal.

Sasuke, never having witnessed this power before, was shocked that Naruto was holding back all this time. He'd always looked down on Naruto, as if he was just a bothersome kid who only got in the way. Yet he knew Naruto had potential to become strong. But how strong…. Was completely unknown to Naruto. "This power, what are you?" Sasuke said quivering slightly in fear.

"I'M YOUR FRIEND!" screamed Naruto in tears meaning every single word he said.

Naruto charged at Sasuke. The fight soon showed Naruto's advantage, due to his demonic chakra. Punch after punch, Sasuke couldn't stand up to such a threat. Every move, every gut ranching blow to Sasuke was Naruto showing him tough brotherly love.

"I don't get it, my Sharingan can barely track his movement' Sasuke thought, knowing the end was near.
Sasuke was backed to a corner and there was not much he can do. He only had one option left.

"This power, I get it now, you're special.." Sasuke said throwing Naruto off guard.
"But there's one thing you failed to realize, I'M. MORE. SPECIAL. THAN. YOU!". Sasuke shouted surged with energy.
Suddenly, Sasuke's skin grayed, his hair grew longer and lost much of it's color. He sprouted wings that looked like large hands. A black mark spread across his nose. He looked at Naruto and chuckled darkly.

"So, you think your special, eh!" Naruto growled, "Well let's see how special you are, after I'm through with you!"

"There's no way I'm gonna lose!" Sasuke said, arrogant in his strength.

Naruto carved the ground with his demonic chakra claw and slammed Sasuke against a rocky wall. Sasuke blocked much of the damage using his large wing as a shield. He surged with strength, pushing Naruto back with the large wing. Naruto summoned a clone and readied a Rasengan, demonic chakra seeped into the glowing blue sphere, polluting it with energy. Sasuke, realizing what Naruto intended, pointed his arm to the ground and charged a Chidori, the black energy of the Cursed seal contaminating it.



The two energies collided and created a massive explosion that shook the whole area.

"Why can't we just go back to how things were?" Naruto thought.

"Things will never be as they were. I'll never achieve my goal if I stay stuck in this empty place" Sasuke thought.

The two friends both fell. Sasuke landed on a cliff, while Naruto landed downstream.

Kakashi and Pakkun found Sasuke on the floor.

"Okay, we've found Sasuke, but where's Naruto? Can you find him?" said Kakashi.

Pakkun took a deep sniff of the misty air attempting to track Naruto's scent. "Afraid not, the rain has washed away his scent," said Pakkun, "Hope the kid is still alive."


A long blond haired man wearing black hooded robe found the unconscious boy on the edge of a stream.

"I felt a strange unbalanced power around here, and this kid's energy matches it exactly. Perhaps I should try to use this child in my experiments. Yes … this truly peeks my curiosity."
The man walked up to the unconscious boy and attempted to wake him up. The boy's eyes started to open.

"Where am I? Who are you? For that matter, who am I?" said the boy. He had no memory, all he felt was complete emptiness.

"Hmm it seems he has amnesia, this could work in my favor."the scientist thought
"Greetings my name is Vexen".

"Vexen, that's an odd name".

"Perhaps, but it seems you were unconscious for quite a while. Do you remember anything?"
Vexen hoped the answer was no.

"No I don't remember anything, it's really weird, it's like my energy is saped".

"So, What will you do boy?"

"I am not entirely sure, " the young boy said, peering around in confusion, "this place doesn't seem fitting at all, and my body is all sore, I think I might die".

"If that's the case, then you should come with me boy, I refuse to let you just perish." Vexen proclaimed, a gleam in his eye, "My companions and I may be able to help you."

The young boy considered it for a moment, a smile creped across his face.

"Okay, I don't see much reason to stay here."

Vexen gave a rare smile."Then let us go forth."The two disappeared into the darkness