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Xemnas held Sora by the neck glaring intensely at the boy. Anger, hatred, rage and envy radiated from the lord of nothingness.

Riku immediately ran towards the lord, "Let go of my friend" he lunged at the superior with keyblade in hand.

"Guard" Xemnas simply said as he forced Riku back with a reflective shield made from nothingness. Percifist emerged from the ground to claw Xemnas. Xemnas threw Sora at the Guardian. Riku got back up to his feet followed by Sora.

Xemnas just flouted in place staring at the boys. "SO… it seems your hearts had led you to obliteration, be sure and remember that it was that same vessel in your chest that led you to oblivion". With all his enemies before him and Kingdom hearts within his grasp the superior knew he had nothing to lose.

Sora and Riku stared at the heart shaped moon resonating in the sky. The euphoric energy from the moon was so powerful that they felt great intensity where they stood.

Mickey came from behind and swung his Keyblade at Xemnas, Xemnas quickly evaded and grabbed the mouse by the neck. "The Disney King is here to. My… my how convenient for me" he said as he blasted the mouse king with a blast of nothingness.

Sora and Riku ran towards Xemnas,

"DELETE!" They were immediately blocked by Rogexial's energy bullets and Dexter's electric blast. The two nobodies stood prepared to eliminate all obstacles in the way of their master. Before the temptress and hacker could move another inch the superior appeared in front of them. "Do not worry about these two" he said, the two nobodies did as their leader commanded and continued the fight to other enemies.

"Wow… I'm so surprised, looks like your finally got off your ass and are planning to handle things yourself" Riku insulted. Xemnas zipped in front of him. "Indeed" he blasted the boy with void like energy. Sora came from behind and swiped his Keyblade, before the blade could connect Xemnas blocked with his ethereal blades. He then kicked Sora in the chest.

Sora fell several feet back as he got up he stared at Xemnas realizing he was the same phantom that fought him in hollow bastion. Riku and Xemnas fought both swinging and countering each other's weapons; Xemnas slashed Riku a few times. "The hero of darkness… you are an interesting entity" Xemnas said while swinging his blades.

"Wish I could say the same for you" Riku mocked as he blasted Xemnas with a dark firaga. Xemnas charged through the blast swinging his blades adamantly.

"Take this" Sora yelled blasting an ice spell at Xemnas. Xemnas simply stood in place taking no damage from the meager spell. Immediately a clone of Xemnas appeared in front of Sora surrounding the young keyblader in a nothingness prison that slowly zapped his health.

"Sora!" Riku shouted as he took his attention of Xemnas, the superior blasted Riku back with the force of nothingness. Percifist emerged from the shadows to block the attack.

Xemnas smiled… "My…you were even able to eliminate Rixec and acquire his shadow. Your feats are quite impressive" Xemnas summoned three red energy balls. The three balls shot lasers at the hero of darkness. Riku dodged the attack; he then noticed these lasers were following him. "It will not be that easy to best me" Xemnas said.

Ino destroyed the nobodies surrounding her using thudega. She then noticed Riku having a hard time with Xemnas. "RIKU!" she shouted as she dispersed into yellow electricity and headed Xemnas way. The superior noticed the attack and paid it no mine. A blue electrical stream identical to Ino's canceled out her attack. She and Dexter then returned to human form, Dexter landing while fixing his glasses. "Biological chakra magi based fighter detected affinity electricity. Deletion immanent" the methodical hacker said devoid of any human emotion.

Ino boiled up her fist "I swear, I hate all of you nobodies" she said running into battle to fight the hacker.

Riku quick dodged away from the lasers, he then sank into the darkness. He emerged bellow Xemnas. "Take this" he said attacking with slashes of light and darkness. Xemnas took the attack and recoiled.

Riku ran towards the nobody, before he could make contact Xemnas vanished. He appeared to Riku's side. "Guard!" he pushed Riku back with a reflective barrier.

"Sora was banging on the prison attempting to escape each time he moved even for a bit zapped his energy. The clone holding the prison only smiled sadistically. He enjoyed the pain he was inflicting upon Sora, watching the boy struggle while the boy in turn watched Riku suffer. A light pillar came the way of the clone. Immediately Xemnas dodged, the attack still holding the prison in place.

"Hey superior, you forgot about me" Ventus yelled. Xemnas paid the former client no mind. He was not interested in his existence. Ignoring only drove Ventus in rage. "Hey!" Ventus yelled entering speed rave mood and dashing towards Xemnas at full speed. He swung his wayward wind keyblade. "Die you sadistic bastard" he yelled.

Xemnas rolled his eyes, "please" Xemnas said annoyed. He used the power of nothingness to hold Ventus in place. He then summoned his ethereal blade. "Treacherous one… be gone and never return" he began to impale the key of destiny in the chest when he was knocked back by an intense fire blast. The fire attack was cleared and Xemnas stood before the heroes unfazed. "You…" he spat with Venom.

Ventus landed near the holder of the fire blast Axel.

"I'm not letting you kill my friends. Sorry buddy but were sending you back from once you came" Axel said.

Xemnas stared at Axel with the look of distain. He always loathed the flurry of dancing flames, always believing that he would be a constant thorn in his backside. Only reason he did not dispose of the nuisance was for Saix's sake.

Axel, Riku and Ventus stood side by side. "Let's get him" Ventus yelled. He slammed his keyblade on the ground creating a wave of light. Riku shot a blast of pure darkness out of his keyblade, Axel created a megaflare and shot the attack at the superior. All three attacks hurdled toward the lord of nothingness.

Xemnas became enraged, "How irritating" he shouted as he forged his hands together absorbing all three attacks and merging it into a voided sphere of concentrated energy. "DESPAIR SHALL BE YOURS!" he threw the attack right back at the three. They tried to dodge but the closer the energy got the larger it became.

Axel, Riku and Ventus got to their feet, "Shit what does it take to beat this guy" Axel said. Xemnas appeared before the flurry and impaled him in the chest. "Nothing…" he absently said as he watched the shook look on Axel's face as his existence began to whether away. Ventus swung his keyblade to fend Xemnas off but was pushed back by a shield of nothingness. "Do you believe you will make a difference" he yelled as he followed the hurdling Ventus. Ventus looked to the sky and grabbed hold of Xemnas. "Maybe" he kicked off of Xemnas. Xemnas was in awe; this little brat had the audacity to. Before he could finish the thought he was imbedded into the ground By Saix's enraged claymore. Xemnas got to his feet to see Axel still intact (healed by ventus curaga). He then saw Ventus and Riku still standing with keyblade in hand. Behind him was Saix in berserk state holding his moonlight infused claymore.

Xemnas turned around to see the Berserk Diviner, "Saix, you of all people I would have never dreamed would oppose me."

Saix growled jumping in the air brining down his energy claymore. As Saix landed Xemnas held Saix's weapon at bay with on one hand. "On your knees, I want you to beg for forgiveness" He then pushed forward sending Saix to the ground. Saix fought with all his might to defy the superior's strength but the lord of oblivion was just too strong for the diviner. "KNEEL!" he shouted breaking Saix claymore and absorbing the lunar energy.

"ISA" Axel yelled as he and Ventus ran to Saix's aide. Xemnas turned his attention to the two approaching opponent. "I SAID KNEEL" he shouted waving his arms in the air. Immediately the two tasted the pavement as the force of gravity made them do as the superior said. Xemnas than drifted both Saix and Axel in the air. "You two shall return to dusk" he said as nobody thorns slithered out of his jacket and surrounded the two nobodies. Xemnas felt an intense tingling pain in his back. He screamed in agony. "WHO HAS THE NERVE!" he shouted. He turned around to see Xion preparing the second Ragnorock blast. "Those are my friend, HANDS OFF" Xemnas dropped Axel and Saix to the ground and briskly walked towards the replica. Xion fired the second attack only to be guarded by Xemnas reflect shield. Xion continued to fire but the attack continued to be blocked. She then realized magic will not work on the superior now that he is aware. She decided to try force, she glided towards the superior with keyblade in hand. Quicker than the eye could see Xemnas blasted her with the massive amount of Lunar energy he took from Saix. Xion took the whole brunt of the attack launching far away and hurdling painfully to the ground. Xion was no longer conscious the attack laid her out cold.

Xemnas smirked, "Worthless mannequin" he turned his attention to his three former employees. "Now where was I" he said as he began to walk forward.

Sora watched from a distance still suffering under Xemnas's void prison. The clone smirked, "What's wrong… do you wish to help your friends."

Sora struggled but it was no use, all the energy he wasted was only making the prison stronger.

The real Xemnas summoned both ethereal blades… "Time to wipe the three of you out completely. You all held so much promise with in our family. Before I destroy you I must ask… what made you change your mind" Xemnas said pointing his blades to Saix.

"Save your remorse, I do not answer to you anymore" Saix said.

Xemnas grinned, "It seems Axel's tenacity has rubbed off on you after all… oh well. For old time sakes I will make this quick" Xemnas said. He instantly appeared in front of Saix. "DIE!" he brought his blade down; Before the attack could connect Riku and Percifist emerged from the shadows both swiping claws and blades of darkness at the superior. "DARKNESS" Riku shouted as he summoned all his strength and blasted the superior with it. Xemnas held the dark sphere in his hands…. "Is this the best you can do" Xemnas said.

"LIGHT!" Mickey yelled as he blased several pearls of light that connected with Riku's dark sphere.

The attack exploded on contact. Xemnas taking the full blast of a dark light combo attack. "So… it wasn't a fallacy….."


Sasuke got to his feet. The first thing he saw was Void Sage Naruto standing before him in a world that he was unfamiliar to. This place was surrounded by purple and black oozing darkness that felt like mist.

"Welcome… to the abyss" Naruto said.

Sasuke looked around the area but only saw darkness as far as his sharingan eye can see. "The abyss…what is this place?" the Uchiha questioned.

"I know not where. All I wanted was to fight you alone and the keyblade granted my wish" Naruto said.

"Get us out of here. You're trapped here to idiot" Sasuke said.

"Not me… you, I can use the corridor of darkness to escape as I wish. You on the other hand are trapped here" Naruto said.

"You dick" Sasuke said as he shot a lightning blast out of his keyblade. Naruto simply swung his blade and dismissed the attack.

"I could just leave you in this place forever but that would be unkind. No… instead I will do as I said before. Here we will fight. No more interruptions, no friends, no family just you and I" Naruto said running towards Sasuke slashing an X shaped blaze at the Uchiha. Sasuke shielded himself with his wings. His wings emerged and with it a chidori blast speeding towards Naruto. Naruto quickly dipped out of the way.

"Oh…" Naruto said starting at Sasuke entering his angelic form.

Sasuke skin turned pale white his cloths turned all white to accompany his skin. His sharingan was still active with the rim around his eye turned gold. The golden chakra that radiated from his body sent shivers down Naruto's spine.

"What is this power…?" Naruto questioned with slight fear. He knew Sasuke got stronger but he did not fully know the full extent of his power. Why did this divine shinobi make Naruto shake in his boots? Every cell within Naruto's body was screaming to destroy the heaven sent Uchiha.

"I will erase you!" Nartuo yelled as he swung his Keyblade at the Uchiha. Sasuke pushed him back with telocentric push. This attack only intensified Naruto's rage.

"DIE ALREADY!" Naruto yelled as he blasted void rasengan at the angel. The angel batted its wings and diminished Naruto's attack into nothing.

"Sad creature from the depths of hell, you shall be purified" Sasuke's voice echoed.

"This aura… it's different" Naruto said staring at the heaven sent Uchiha. This was not the Sasuke he remembered. The Sasuke he remembered was full of angst and hatred. But the one that stood before him was different in every way. He radiated a divine energy that was beyond comprehension. The thrill of fighting the ultimate good was making Naruto exited. The fear he so briefly possessed turned into desire, desire to destroy the light. "Do you think you can intimidate me with your radiance, no … instead this shall be the ultimate pleasure" Naruto said as his body oozed with nine tails chakra. "…I guess it's always been this way huh. Bitter rivals to the very end just like our founding fathers. Who would have thought that you would actually adapt the goodness that our first hokage once possessed to protect his village" Naruto said smirking.

"Not just the village, the world, the universe. I will purge this world of you and your kind once and for all" Sasuke said feeling self-righteousness.

"Well… if that is the case, then…" Naruto's chakra began to fuse with his body turning his skin and coat red. His hair remained silver while his eyes bared the mark of the demon fox. "Me and my family will be the ones to pollute your so called purification. "If you are order then we are discord" Naruto said. He then zipped in front of Sasuke and swung his keyblade. Sasuke blocked the attack with his keyblade. Naruto then formed a hand from his chakra and Rasenganed Sasuke in the face. Sasuske fell but broke his fall in midair. Sasuke shot homing beams of light from his keyblade.

Naruto used his chakra like a barricade and shielded himself from the attack. Naruto then used his chakra arm to grab Sasuke. Sasuke attempted to fly away only for his leg to be caught by the arm. Naruto slammed Sasuke on the ground repeatedly. He then jumped in the air brining a rasengan filled keyblade down toward to Sasuke. Sasuke countered by filling his keyblade with lightning. Sasuke batted his wings sending Naruto back with the force of wind. Sasuke followed up the attack furiously bashing Naruto with his lightning filled keyblade. "Karin blitz" he shouted. As the onslaught continued. Sasuke went for the final strike but before it could connect Naruto zipped out of the way. He then blasted Sasuke back with a rasengan from his chakra arm. He created five other chakra arms each holding a rasengan. "DISCORD FOR ALL" he shouted throwing all the rasengan's at Sasuke. All five connected damaging the Uchiha greatly. Naruto used his chakra hand to push himself of the ground. With keyblade in hand he hurdled towards Sasuke. "THIS DUEL IS OVER!" he shouted. Sasuke opened his eyes revealing his sharingan. Naruto looked Sasuke straight in the eye. Instantly his movement was paused.

"No… it is not. With these eyes I shall show you the truth" Sasuke said his voice echoing.


Most of the Organization was currently preoccupied with opponents. Xaldin blasted Darui, Konan and Kairi away with a gust of wind. He then noticed the combo attack and the absence of his lord.

"Where did he go…?" Xaldin questioned. Kairi brought down her keyblades and slashed Xaldin in the chest. Xaldin recoiled and brought his lances together. "I don't know what happened to Xemnas but now we can no longer play games. With the absence of the dark corridors we need to eliminate these pests before they off 3 or 4 of us" Xaldin thought. Xaldin looked to the sky and noticed Xigbar smiling… he knew that he knew off all people Xigbar would know exactly what happened. His yellow eye never misses anything. And if Xigbar was keeping his cool then there was no real need to worry.

Riku and Mickey were pleased that off what they accomplished. They both completely obliterated Xemnas. The effects of Xemnas gravity spell wore off on Ventus and he was free to move once more.

Mickey gave off a sigh of relief… "At least we got rid of their leader."

Riku smiled, "Yeah, now lets help everyone else with the other members." Riku then felt an intense pull of gravity, before he could move he was being hurdled to the sky.

Mickey looked to the sky to see Xemnas flouting in place. "I grow tired of you" he said as Riku got closer Xemnas impailed Riku in the chest. Riku felt the intense warm splash of blood as his world slowly started to go black. Wearing a scold of wickedness Xemnas said. "You will not recover from this" Riku could not return the banter he closed his eyes, Xemnas kicked the boy off of his blade and sent him hurdling to the ground.

Sora watched as the massacre unfolded…"Riku…" he said feeling an awakened despair. He could not believe what he just witnessed. Was Riku dead? Is this how he will spend his last moments with his friend? Stuck in a cage with the sadistic tyrant able to roam free who is responsible for such malice. What gave him the right? What gave any of them the right to kill anyone? IS this just a game to them, they are playing around with peoples lives and not even batting an eye. These people meant the world to somebody once before, someone special like Riku or Kairi. He could not picture a world without the two. Something had to be done… something had to be done now.

"How could you?" Sora whispered. The clones Xemnas smirked evilly, "What was that?" Sora boiled up his fist… "I SAID HOW COULD YOU!" he yelled exploding with energy. He broke the prison that shackled him and eliminating the clone that held his sentence. Sora dashed like a torpido to Xemnas. "RIKU!" Sora shouted swinging his keyblade at Xemnas. Xemnas held the keyblade in place with a smirk. His expression changed once he saw Sora's one keyblade disperse into two Sora bashed Xemnas repeatedly interring his valor form. Xemnas brought his second ethereal blade to slash though Sora but it was no use. The boy blocked the blade with his second Keyblade Abyss Sphere and continued the Valor Assault.

Goofy who was fighting the heartless noticed Sora enter Valor Form. "How can he do that without me?" the Disney Guardian asked.

Sora continued his assault striking with every bit of emotion from the bottom of his heart. He slashed Xemnas back with a full swinging of both keyblades. Xemnas stared at Sora noticing the transformation. "Yes… show me that anger of yours" he retracted his blades "Take this" Xemnas shouted as he blasted Sora with a stream of nothingness. Sora flouted unworried. The stream was then parried by a reflective shield. Xemnas's attack returned to him followed by an onslaught of magical bullets for Sora was now in wisdom form.

"Remarkable change you made there, however…" Xemnas ascended to the sky… "TAKE THIS!" he shouted as he brought his arms down a rain of laser arrows went Sora's way.

"Is that all… " Sora said filled with confidence. As the lasers rained down on the levitating hero Sora shot energy bullets out of star seeker at top speed. Flipping spinning around in unison with keeping his aim focused on the oncoming arrows; Sora dealt with the threat the best way he could.

Xigbar noticed Sora handling Xemnas's onslaught. "Oh… I can't have that" he said as he aimed his gun at Sora shooting a black energy spear at the hero. "Nice knowing ya!" Xigbar said as he fired.

Sora continued to fire at Xemnas's assault, unbeknownst to him Xigbar fired a fatal spear that was headed his way. Sora caught the attack at the corner of his eye and busted with yellow energy reflecting Xemnas and Xigbar's attacks. Sora then aerial dodged towards Xigbar in full master form. "You want to play to huh" he said swinging both Sleeping Lion and Gulwing with full force.

"Shit" Xigbar said shooting a barrage of bullets at the boy. Sora evaded the onslaught with keen accuracy. Sora charged both blades and slashed Xigbar's Susanoo creating a crack.
"Take this" Sora shouted blasting the freeshooter with an intense ice blast. He blasted Xigbar repeatedly with the ice blast onslaught. "Thunder" he shouted as he ended the attack with a huge burst of thunder which sent Xigbar packing to the floor. Xemnas appeared behind Sora, the hero quickly reacted by kicking the lord of nothingness in the balls and slashing him repeatedly with his keyblades. He then span around leaving Xemnas in a hurdle of gravity, he dispersed the blast sending Xemnas back. The superior aerial recovered. Still able to fight. Sora flouted toward Xemnas but was pummeled by an onslaught of Kunai, Shuriken, and Swords. The attack pierced through Sora's skin and hurdled him to the ground reverting back to his original form.

Sora healed himself and got up but instantly he was assaulted by Rogexial swinging her blades as if she was possessed. "How dare you touch my man. I will FUCKING KILL YOU" she said as she attacked the boy.

Sora dodge rolled out of the way and entered limit form; from there he attacked the temptress with an Ars Arcanum. He ended the attack with a ragnorock burst. Sora then stared at Xemnas who was hovering in the sky. "You coward, having your flunkies. Fight for you. I thought you wanted to fight alone."

Xemnas shrugged his shoulders, "All is fair in love and war."

"A very dysfunctional organization you have. Your members do not follow orders" Sora mocked.

"Perhaps, but in the end it all works in my convenience" Xemnas said.

Sora looked to see Xigbar and Rogexial get back to their feet. Xemnas descended in the middle of the couple summoning his ethereal blades.

Sora looked around to see if he could get any back up but everyone's hands were full. Riku was knocking at deaths door as a medical ninja was treating his injuries. A weaponless Saix was adding Xion along with a medical ninja. Axel, Ventus and various shinobi had their hands full with Daxlame and Xepher. Ino, Shikamaru and Choji were busy matching Dexter blow for blow. Mickey and other notable shinobi such as Blood Leaf Anbu, Mei, and A, had their hands full fighting Luxord and his summoned army. Kairi was trying to kill Xaldin for the evil crime he committed long ago. The remaining shinobi dealt with Zexion and Vexen. Everyone else was fighting the various heartless and nobodies,

Sakura slashed through a group of heartless. She noticed Sora was in trouble. She immediately ran to his aide but was pushed back by an intense chakra palm. Sakura got to her feet and saw Hinata wearing an Organization coat. "Not you to" Sakura said.

Hinata did not say a word. The only thing she could think about is being an ideal lover to Naruto and to do that he needed to eliminate Sakura the only female that may cause her trouble. "Prepare yourself" she said entering battle.


Sasuke entered Naruto's psyche, he saw a door at the end of a hall. "That must be it. If I cannot get Naruto to accept our bond, the only way to correct this is to make him forget about the Organization" Sasuke said. Sasuke summoned his Keyblade… "With this key I will get my friend back" he said outloud.

"hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha" Laughter echoed from every corner.

"Who is there?" Sasuke questioned.

"I can't let you do that, Uchiha" the demon voice echoed once more.

"You must be the nine tails, I don't care what you have to say, I am getting my friend out of here" Sasuke said.

"No… you will fail, I will make sure of that" Kurama yelled. Four tailed Naruto's appeared from every direction.

"You think I can't, beat them?" Sasuke said with a bat of his wings. The four tails all hurdled back, they then leaped in the air becoming six tails.

"Naruto, is a being motivated by the love of his comrades and the mutual hatred he has for you and your village" Kurama said.

"That's not Naruto. It's the Organization that did that to him" Sasuke said swinging his blade at the six tails.

"And yet Naruto remembers who he is. He remembers you and his time in the village yet he chose them. That is because you all failed to give Naruto the one thing he always wanted. A family" Kurama said.

"The Organization is no family of his, they are sick pessimist who only seek destruction" Sasuke yelled a he commanded lightning to attack the six tails.

"Details are irrelevant, evil and all the Organization still treated Naruto more like family then any of you ever could" Kurama said. The 6 tails became 8 tails. "If you ask me I rather like the Organization. They allowed Naruto to hate and still be loved"." The 8 tails all ran towards Sasuke.

"That's because you're just as bad as them. This is all your fault Nine Tails. You are the reason people treated Naruto the way they did and you are the reason the Organization took him away from us" Sasuke said dodge rolling away from the 8 tails.

"You shun me for simply existing just like you shun the Organization for not existing. We simply just want to belong" Kurama teased.

"I don't care, you and your nobody friends can exist or not exist for all I care, but you don't want to belong at all. You JUST WANT TO DESTROY EVERYTHING!" Sasuke shouted as he filled his blade with light and cut through all the 8 tails.

"True… I'll give you that, but it does not matter. In the end everyone dies, heroes, villains, angels ,demons, keybladers, ninja, nobodies or any other existence. If it exists, it dies. Even god has an end point" Kurama said as he emerged from the destruction of the 8 tails. He used on of his tails to grab Sasuke, he held him tight. The tale met his face. Sasuke was now staring the ninetails in the face.


"Because we can!" Naruto said. He appeared on top of Kurama's head. "We do it because we can, Because it is doable, because we don't like you, and because it is a craving. Seeing all of you die is my dream come true, it's fun. It makes my dick hard" Naruto said.

"What happened to you, when did we come to this?" Sasuke questioned.

"It's always going to be like this Sasuke, don't you see… if I am light you are darkness, if you are light I am darkness. You and I are destined to duel forever just like our forefathers" Naruto explained.

"Bullshit…" Sasuke spat.

"This is how it's always been, just like the sage of six paths two sons… just like Madara and Hashirama and you and I are no different."

Sasuke boiled up his fist… "No… your lying, there has to be a way to stop all this" Sasuke said.

"Foolish child…. You understand nothing" Naruto said his voice doubling with Kurama. Naruto pushed Sauske back with the force of chakra. "Get out of our head"


Sora felt the immense evil energies coming off of the three nobodies that stood before him. Sora kept his feet planted waiting for one of his opponents to make a move.

Rogexial grew impatient and dashed towards the boy… "Get ready dumbass" she said shooting an energy blast out the tip of her blade. Sora dodge rolled and immediately threw his keyblade where Xigbar appeared. "I knew you were going to do that" he said as the attack hit the freeshooter.

Xemnas zipped in front of the boy and rapidly shot red lasers from his hands. Sora took the first few attacks, he then dodge and reflected the continuation.

"Let's dust his ass" Xigbar said shooting Sora endlessly with his energy bullets. Rogexial continued the assault spinning around shooting Sora with energy bullets from her gunblade. Sora continuously spammed reflect repelling all their attacks. While the onslaught continued Rogexial channeled various weapons on the ground and had them hurdle through Sora's reflect shield. Once the shield was broke Xemnas zipped in front of Sora pummeling him with his ethereal blades. Sora got up to attack Xemnas but was blasted back by Phoenix Fire jutsu from Xigbar, courtesy of Obito. Xemnas continued to follow up his attack and ended the attack by blasting Sora with a burst of nothingness. Sora got to his knees, he looked up to see Xemnas pointing his blade at Sora. He then brought his blade down signifying the end. "No… not yet" Sora shouted as he began to glow. Ultima Weapon and Kingdom Key both held Xemnas attack at bay. Xemnas noticed Sora was no longer holding his keyblades. Sora opened his hand and shot a beam of light at Xemnas piercing him in the chest.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Xemnas recoiled holding his chest in bloody pain. Sora levitated in the air both keyblades flouting around him in his final mode.

"Xemnas… dude, are you OK" Xigbar shouted rushing to his superior's aide.

Xemnas looked to the sky…. "I need my Kingdom Hearts!" he said. He then began to ascend in the air. Sora appeared in front of Xemnas "Oh no you don't" he said as both his keyblades began to attack Xemnas. Before they could reach the superior they were blocked by the hand of Xigbar's Susanoo. "As if" he said shooting Sora repeatedly with piercing energy bullets. Sora moved away using reflect. He glided in the air and flew towards Xemnas.


Sora was soon blocked by Xaldin, Xaldin blasted him with a huge wind burst, Sora dodged the attack with ease. Kairi then slammed her blade against Xaldin's back continuing the battle.

Vexen summoned flouting ice pillars and launched them towards Sora. Sora span around and blazed through Vexen's attack.

Dexter summoned several lightning bolts to stop Sora but Sora dodged them with ease. Dexter zipped towards Sora in the form of electricity but was blocked by Ino who did the same.

Luxord summoned 8 pawns targeted Sora. Sora saw the upcoming enemies. "I don't have time for this!" he shouted as he destroyed all the pawns with thuderza.

Xigbar and his susanoo continued to shot Sora from a distance, Sora flew around dodging the attack. Rogexial surfed on a horde of weapons, she jumped off the attack Sora but was knocked back by the force of his keyblades.

Sora smiled knowing he got past the most dangerous members, so he thought. "ALL MIGHTY PUSH!" Zexion shouted pushing Sora several feet back. Zexion then held Sora in place using an immobilizing spell from his spell book. "You may be all powerful now, but it means naught to my Rinnegan. This battle is over" Zexion said as he began to pull Sora's soul out of his body. Zexion was then pummeled by Axel and Ventus. "Sora … KEEP GOING!" Axel said.

Xemnas smiled, he was almost near his desired goal, the thing he has been searching for throughout his nonexistence. Xemnas was in reach of Kingdom Hearts. "At long last" Xemnas said as he got close.

Sora flew in close to Xemnas, "I am not going to let you win. You nobodies do nothing but kill and make things worse for everyone. I'm going to destroy you all starting with YOU!" Sora yelled as he swung his keyblade creating a wave of light the sped towards Xemnas. Xemnas saw the attack coming but could do nothing to stop it. Xemnas then dug into his pocket and picked up a card. He threw the card at Sora's energy wave. The card was destroyed instantly, the 8 tails emerging from it and taking the rest of the damage. Killer Bee fell to the ground, before he could hit the ground Luxord turned him into a card once more.

Sora continued to chase Xemnas… he came with in grabbing reach of the superior, he commanded his keyblades to attack Xemnas, but what happened next Sora could not prepare for. A twin headed black serpent emerged from the darkness above Sora, both heads bit Sora in the neck. "What…" Sora yelled, the poison ran though his body immobilizing him and reverting him back to normal. Sora fell to the ground with the snake still attached to his neck. Once he landed the snake slithered into the cunning Orochimaru wearing the coat of the Organization.

Sora looked to the sky and he felt his world collapse.

Xemnas flouted in place…. "YES AT LONG LAST… KINGDOM HEARTS IS MINE!" the superior shouted. He absorbed Kingdom Hearts, his coat became black and white as power flew through his whole body. He summoned the X-Blade and pointed it to the sky. The remaining essence of Kingdom Hearts headed towards all the members of the Organization (save for Naruto of course).

Xigbar smirked feeling the new enhancement from Kingdom Hearts, he Luxord, Vexen, Rogexial, Orochimaru and Zexion all flouted in the air to join their leader.

The other members started to shake and quaver. "AHH WHAT THE FUCK!" Daxlame yelled.

"WHAT IS HAPPANING TO US!" Xaldin yelled in pain.

"Relax… kingdom hearts is just settling you DNA, you are just stabilizing to the new adjustments" Vexen said.

The shinobi alliance stared in fear, what was becoming of the Organization members. Were they dying or are they subjected to a fate worse than death.

Daxlame, Xepher, Xaldin, Dexter and Hinata all yelled in agony.

"SYSTEM OVERLOAD… SYSTEM OVERLOAD... DELETE!" Dexter shouted as he exploded with electricity disintegrating anyone who was standing around him. Ino quickly grabbed Shikamaru and ran but Choji unfortunately was caught in the blast. Dexter stood in the middle of the debris fully energized with electricity, his hair static and deifying gravity.

"AWWWWWWWWWWWWW HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA" Daxlame span around and drowned everyone in his path in black flames snuffing out Xion, Saix and Axel. Ventus dodge rolled out of the way but was too late to save his three friends and the rest of his platoon.

"ROAR!" Xepher screeched breaking the sound barrier and causing anyone who was in front of her to explode. Dauri,Donald, Goofy and Raikage were unfortunate casualties.

Kairi charged in with both blades in hand to destroy Xaldin before he could cause damage like the other. "GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Xaldin yelled holding his hand out and summoning a huge wind current that ripped Kairi, the blood leaf anbu, Mickey and anything it touched to shreds.

"Kairi…!" Sora yelled weakly the poison from Orochimaru still running its course.

Hinata ignored the pain and continued to attack Sakura. The more she attacked the stronger her attacks became. Sakura swung her keyblade. Hinata yelled and palmed her shoulder. Sakura's arm flew off. Hinata then palmed her chest; Sakura's whole midsection was no more.

The five then flew in the air to accompany their comrades. Ventus, Ino, Shikamaru and what was left of the shinobi allegiance all stood their ground. All twelve members of the Organization wore evil grins on their face. Xemnas then pointed his X-Blade at the remainder. "Kill everyone!"


Naruto broke free from Sasuke's hold, he and Sasuke crossed swords. They then both landed, Naruto started to glow red chakra. Almost instantly Naruto changed forms, he now was all black with a red ozzing Bijuu coat. His eyes fully yellow like a heartless. He held his Keyblade and pointed it towards Sasuke. "You LOSE!" he said he and Kurama voice doubling.

"We'll see about that" Sasuke flew towards Naruto and slashed him. Instantly Naruto disappeared. Sasuke held his blade in fear feeling 13 immense evils. Sasuke was now back in the shinobi lands or what was left of it. Surrounding him in a circle was Xemnas, Xaldin, Dexter, Daxlame, Xepher, Orochimaru, Naruto, Hinata, Luxord, Rogexial, Zexion, Vexen, and Xigbar. Sasuke looked around for the aide of his friends but what he found disgusted him. There was nothing but blood and various body parts around. The Organization literally killed everyone. He looked down to his feet; next to it was Ino's head.

Sasuke reverted back to normal, "you actually did it. You actually won" he said his voice ever so vacant.

"I told you, everyone will die, now it's your turn" Naruto said charging a void rasen shuriken.

Xemnas swung his X-blade creating a wave of energy. Xaldin shot a hurricane from his hand. Dexter shot a huge pulse of electricity from his hand, Daxlame shot an enlarged dark firaga, Xepher slashed an energy x created from her arm blades, Rogexial connected her weapons and shot a energy burst, Xigbar did the same. The rest stood in place waiting for Sasuke's demise. Sasuke closed his eyes accepting the end. Before he knew it he was engulfed by a bright orange flame. In a matter of moments Sasuke was feet away from the Organization. He was surrounded by Jiraiya, Aqua, Shizune, Tsunade, Jadie and his brother Itachi.

"Lady Tsunade… what's happened" Sasuke questioned.

"No time their coming" Jadie said summoning his two keyblades.

Xepher zipped towards them, as she picked up speed she slashed her arm blade creating a high voltage sonic wave. Jadie immediately protected everyone with phoenix flames. He created 6 phoenix surrounding his company. "I'll be there in a few" The six flew away leaving Jadie to fend off the threat.

Before Jadie could protect himself Xepher slashed him with the force of sound eliminating his left arm. "SHIT!" he shouted as he flew away from the speedster. Flames started to reform his arm as he flew away.

"JADIE!" Daxlame yelled. Jadie turned around to see him and the rest of the Organization was on his tail. "PERISH" Daxlame said as he poured black flames down on Jadie. Jadie quickly evaded but was caught in the foot. Jadie fell to the ground the black flames beginning to incinerate his leg. "The eternal flame, I know how this game ends, but it does not end for me here" Jadie said as he became a giant phoenix the orange flames snuffing out the black ones Jadie ascended into the air.

"What the hell" Daxlame said staring at the ground. The ground let up and from it hearts started to hurdle into the sky.

"What… is he doing?" Zexion questioned.

"Phoenix resurrection, but this time it's on a massive scale" Vexen said.

"Wait, can he live though this" Daxlame asked.

"I won't allow it" Naruto said as he shot a blood red beam from his Keyblade. As Jadie flew away the beam hit the phoenix in the chest. Jadie ignored the pain and kept flying.

"Let's go after him!" Daxalame yelled.

"No… let him get away, if he succeeds it will only make things more interesting. Besides we already have what we want" Xemnas said. The 13 nobodies all ascended in the air and flew in the opposite direction of Jadie.

As they flew away they stared at the war ravaged world. "What do we do about this place?" Xaldin asked.

Naruto (now reverted back to void sage) and Xemnas both held their Keyblades and pointed a beam towards the ruined shinobi land. In a matter of seconds the planet exploded. The shinobi world was no more.

To be continued…..