A/n: Just a new fic idea I've had bouncing around in my head for awhile. This will be mostly drabbles, some fics…very random little oneshots. About?

MoJo of course!

And yes, I got my title from the NYTW version of Rent. :D


Maureen had always believed she would grow up, get married to a really 'nice,' charming man,

and have 2.5 kids.

They would all live in the suburbs together, happy and content, with lots of extra money.

This man who would one day be her husband would sweep her off of her feet, carry her off into the sunset, and

then she would truly know what it felt like to be in love.

...At least, that was what she'd always read in books and heard in fairy tales.

It was what her mother and older sister, Cara, went on and on about; dreamy looks on their faces.

Maureen held onto this notion, this expectation, until she turned 13 years old,

and laid eyes on someone who was not 'nice' and didn't give a damn about sweeping Maureen off of her feet.

Tracey Hollis smoked cigarettes behind the gym, wore a beat-up leather jacket,

and never seemed to follow rules.

Maureen's mother, she knew, would shit a brick if she found out

that every Thursday in-between English and Bio,

she made out with Tracey Hollis behind the gym;

her body awakening in ways she'd never thought possible.

And that was when she knew that the fairytale-sunset ending was not for her.