My first sound of music, I always thought that there should be one rebellious Von Trapp child. I would appreciate good reviews and not any mean ones saying how horrible this story is and how original and such.

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My name is Emily Von Trapp, 15 years old, second oldest of my brothers and sisters. I don't talk all too much with my father or my siblings, ever since our mother died, out father started to treat us as if we were in the military. That was when I stopped talking to my father and started to defy his orders and his whistle commands. Whenever he called all of us with his stupid whistle I always stayed behind, trying to make a point. I never liked to wear those stupid uniforms that father ordered for us to wear, so I just wore my regular clothes and I sometimes even wore my brother Friedrich's pants. After sometime of course father had just given up on me so I felt like I was out of the family. That's what I wanted right? Then why does it feel that my father was glad? I would have thought that he would at least try to figure out why I was rebelling.

After a while father started to hire governesses, but my brothers and sisters seem to play horrible tricks on them. They do that to get fathers attention, pity, it's not working but then again neither did my plan. I guess father hates us all, fine by me I supposed, I don't need a father. This morning I overheard father send a telegram to the Abby, for a new governess, her name is Maria I think. I wasn't supposed to know just yet, but hey! I can't help it if I just so happen to overhear. Maria is supposed to be here today before the day is out, and that is in a couple of hours. So I just started to walk around in the back yard thinking of some things to sing to myself. Before my mother died, she taught me how to sing, father never knew of course, I was rather shy when it came to singing, but I always felt comfortable singing with my mother when it was just the two of us.

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