Chapter 8

The next morning Emily woke up at 7 O' clock, already dreading the day, she knew that once they all went downstairs to see a note waiting for them, it would be a day of depression. Emily sighed and got ready for the day, she decided against going to the abbey for the day feeling like she should stay for her siblings. After she finished getting ready she headed downstairs knowing that her siblings won't be awake for another hour.

Emily went into the kitchen to see the cook starting on breakfast and she asked, "Hey Samuel, do you need any help?"

"Um, you could help by whisking the eggs." Samuel said as he went back to stirring the porridge.

As Emily got started on the eggs, the Captain walked in the kitchen and he smiled slightly at the sight of Emily helping. He remembered that his deceased wife used to help the cooks whenever she got the chance and Emily was the same way. The Captain stopped smiling when he remembered that Emily glared at him last night and he couldn't help but wonder why she seemed so angry. Hey thought he was doing a fairly good job at being nicer towards Emily.

"Good morning sir, can I help you with anything?" Samuel asked as he noticed the Captain standing in the door way deep in thought. Emily turned around and noticed as well and she couldn't help but glare at her Father, and feel that it was his fault that Maria left. If he hadn't brought the Baroness, Maria would still be here; can't he see how the Baroness is, for the lack of better terms, evil?

"Yes, I came to offer my assistance in helping with the breakfast." The Captain said softly.

"Wow, two help offers in less then an hour. You could help Miss Emily by cutting up these vegetables and putting them in the eggs." Samuel said smiling; he knew that the Father/daughter relationship had become strained over the years and he noticed that the Captain had started to become nicer towards Emily.

The Captain nodded and stood next to Emily who was still whisking the eggs. "Good morning Emily." The Captain said softly as he started chopping the vegetables.

"Morning Father." Emily muttered as she continued to whisk the eggs and wanting more then anything to leave the kitchen now that her Father was there.

The Captain nodded and he noticed that Emily had a little bit of egg substance on her face and he couldn't help but laugh, how she managed to get it on her face was beyond him.

"What are you laughing at?" Emily said a little annoyed as she looked over at her Father.

"You have some egg substance on your face." The Captain said as he motioned to his face. Emily cautiously moved her hand to her face and sure enough she felt the sticky egg on her cheek and she quickly turned her face away out of embarrassment as she cleaned her face with a damp cloth. Emily started to laugh as she did so and the Captain stared at the back of her head thinking that he upset her because her laughing sounded like crying. "Emily are you okay?"

Emily didn't say anything but nod her head in reply and as she calmed down she looked at the bowl of eggs and started laughing again, she didn't know what was funny, all that happened was she had egg on her cheek. "Maybe I finally lost it, maybe I finally cracked under all this stress…ya cracked like an egg!" Emily thought to herself and started laughing again at her own pathetic joke. "I need to get out of here." During her laughing she walked out of the kitchen.

The Captain looked towards Samuel and asked, "Do you have any idea what just happened?"

"I have no idea…" Samuel said out of confusion. Samuel and the Captain went back to cooking.

Emily walked towards the stairs finally have calmed down from her laughing. She sat on the stairs lazily as she waited for her siblings to come down the stairs. She didn't have to wait long before she was tackled in a hug from Gretl. "Morning Gretl." Emily said as she hugged her sister back. But as she was hugging her sister she kept staring at the note on the small table like it waiting to shout out bad news, which was ironic because it did hold, not bad, but really sad news for the Von Trapp family. It was then breakfast time and they all sat in the dinning room waiting and then the Captain walked in smiling at his family as he sat in his seat.

"Are you feeling better Emily?" The Captain asked in reference in what happened in the kitchen, he was still confused with her laughter.

Emily was confused for a moment before she chuckled as said that she was okay. As breakfast was served, the Marta noticed that Maria still hasn't come in yet. "Father, where is Maria?" Marta asked softly. Emily froze as she realized that none of them noticed the note on the table.

Before the Captain had a chance to respond Liesl walked in with a note in her hands, "Father, I think this is from Fraulein Maria."

The Captain took the note from her hands and as he read the note, he finally realized why Emily glared at him last night; she knew that Maria left and he had a feeling that Emily blamed him. He looked at Emily who refused to look at him as she started eating her food.

"What does the note say Father?" Kurt asked in curiosity.

"Just that she missed her life at the abbey and that she is sorry for leaving, she says good bye and that she will deeply miss us." The Captain said in a monotone voice, he was really going to miss her, he didn't want her to leave but he could do nothing to stop her from what she wanted.

For the rest of breakfast, they all ate in silence while Emily glared at both her Father and the Baroness. Deep down she felt that the Baroness was up to something, but she couldn't figure out what.

After breakfast Emily walked towards the Baroness with a fake smile and asked, "Baroness, would you care to take a walk with me in the back yard?"

"Why I would love to Emily." The Baroness said with an equally fake smile. The Baroness looked over at the Captain and smiled towards him while he wore a face of confusion and then he shrugged as his other children dragged him off to talk.

Once the Baroness and Emily were a distance away from the house Emily's 'smile' immediately dropped from her pale face. "Lets drop the act Baroness…"

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