"Live, love, laugh"

- the end.

Final Chapter!

Sakura sat their, at the vanity, looking at herself. She was beautiful, gorgeous, and had the best dress, and a wedding any girl could dream of, it was perfect.

And yet, she sat there, and wasn't happy.

She wasn't marring the man she loved. She had let him go, that night, and she realized it only to late to realized she had loved him. Sasuke's Father was taking over her Father's corporation, because he was slowly going out of business. But, that really wasn't it, her Father just wanted Sakura to marry Itachi – their company was in top shape. They wanted more money, and Sakura had meet Itachi and they would marry, and then divorce, It was her Fathers plan, to get more money. Itachi was a prodigy and did what his father wanted, not caring about Sakura. He put on an act. He hated her. He just wanted the money, for he was talking over the corporation, and yet, she couldn't help but wonder, Sasuke knew all of this, and yet. He didn't care. He wanted her…

And every time she had looked at Itachi she reminded him of Sasuke. A rap on the door brought her out of her thoughts.

"Sakura, it's been a while"

she spun around,

"s-sasuke." She stuttered.

He eyed her up and down, "you haven't changed a bit," she looked at him as well, "neither have you." She half smiled,

"so, I see your marring my brother" he said, getting right to the point of his appearance, he was also, rash, blunt and straight to the point.

I miss that.
I've missed you

"I am." She said turning and putting on lipstick on her lips. Trying to look like she didn't care about him,

when really her insides were screaming, he came, his here!

"In a white dress?"




she was none of those

yet she wore it with any how


She wore the lies,
a bright smile
a happy lifestyle
with the man she loved

they were all lies

"Indeed" as she popped her lips, making sure the lipstick was even, she dapped them a bit with a white cloth.

He smirked, "you haven't changed."

He stepped closer,

another step

she didn't move

her heart didn't race;

she had played that game
so many times before

She was so used to it

"It suits you, though."


He was now right in front of her,

dangerously close,

she could smell his scent.

Memories entrancing her

"You know, there is still time'

her smile faded, looking at him, standing up,

so close

"time for what?"

His hand touched her face, - it was rough, yet warm, she missed him,

"to change you mind." He said, he was serious. After all this, he loved her with all her heart.

"I-I couldn't" she shook her head;

he moved his lips just inched away from her.

"You can't?"

she closed her eyes, shutting them tight, there lips touched,

we had so much,

so many memories

There was so much love

behind all those lust filled events

And even if we didn't know it then

We knew it now

how much they meant to each other

Could I, should I, walk away….

into the arms of the man I loved

My first love?

The cat closed in on the mouse…

And the answer was clear…

tears dripping down her cheeks.
Shutting her eyes
dripping her hands tightly


"I'm doing this for you." She croaked as she dropped her flowers, she wiped her tears, forced her head up, blinking her lashes rapidly to stop the tears.

And spun on her white heels, balled up her white dress, lifting it up so it would drag on the floor and ran, stopping at the door,

He extended his hand in the air, "Sakura." He called


he coiled his hand in defeat, his head down
and tears started to fall

He sunk to the floor, his head on his knees
he punch the ground with all his might

"why? What are you doing for me?" he said

He saw the flowers and picked them up,

pink roses, her favourite flower,

"by marring Itachi, we could see each other, I've missed you so much, everything about you."

He looked at her, and walked over to her, she was crying,

"Marry me, and you can be with me forever."

"You make it sound so easy."

"Walk down the isle, and marry me, the company will be ours, and no one will fight, you'll be marrying a Uchiha, that's all my father and your father care about, but at least, you'll be marrying someone you love."

"But I"

"what are you afraid of?"

She smiled.

"It just doesn't seem real, you know?"

"It is real."

"Why didn't you marry me from the start?"

"I wanted to, I told you, to say if you loved me, I would have married you, even if I'll be disowned my father, and The company will go to Itachi- I don't care. "

"The real prize if you, "he smiled.

"And Sakura…it's been a year, and you look AMAZING in that dress…."

she looked at him,


Some things; never change.

"Sakura, please, just say it."

"I Love you Sasuke."





"No matter how many times you say it, I will love it. More and more."

Each and everyday, Sakura fell more and more in love with Sasuke.

the cat and mouse, we're together forever;

- Thank you. I finished this, took forever to finally get around to it. Gosh, But at least the ending was easy, had it planned out since day one.