Chapter 1


Kyuubi Speech


"Sauske, you're coming back with me!"

"In your dreams dobe!"

"Stay back!" yelled Jugo.

"Come and get some punk!" yelled Suigetsu.

"Outta my way!" yelled Naruto as more clones formed around him. They all then started to mold their chakra together into a very powerful attack; the Rasenshuriken." Rasenshuriken, go!" cried Naruto

Narutos post powerful attack whizzed accross the battlefield instantly. But Jugo and Suigetsu saw it coming.

"You're not gonna hit us with such a straight foward attack!" exclaimed Suigetsu.

But as he and Jugo prepared to sidestep the attack, it grew 2 times the width, and got 2 times as fast, effectively shocking the two.

"GAHHH!!!" yelled Jugo and Suigetsu.

They had got hit head on by the Rasenshuriken, and cut up and battered so bad, you would never know they were once human. "Suigetsu! Jugo! Damn you, Naruto!" yelled Sauske.

"Sauske, no! "yelled Karin "You know what that does to your eyes!"

"Amaterasu!" yelled Sauske, against Karin's wishes.

"AHHHH!!!!" cried Naruto as he was engulfed by the black flames. They covered the battlefield and were hot as the flames of hell themselves. Death seemed imminent for Naruto until…POOF!!!

"A shadow clone!?" yelled a bewildered Sauske, while bloody tears streamed out of his eyes.

"Believe it!" said Naruto.

"Watch out!!!" cried Karin.

But before Sauske could figure out what she meant, he was out cold. Naruto had popped out of the ground and finished Sauske a similar way he did Neji. Karin stared fearfully as the Sage Mode Naruto approached her. "If he can beat Sauske-kun, I have no hope…I might as well accept death" thought Karin.

Naruto then stopped in front of Karin, eying her up and down. "What is he doing?!" thought Karin.

"What're you doing kit? Kill her!" said Kyuubi. "Hold on…" said Naruto. He then sensed her chakra, and sensed not one, but two chakras.

"..Go where you please, but Sauske's coming with me." Naruto then started to walk towards Sauske's unconscious body.

"Wait!" said Karin "I'll go with Sauske-kun…"

"You do realize you'll more then likely go to jail, right?" asked Naruto. Karin nodded yes.

"Follow me then. Try anything slick, and I'll make sure you regret it, got it?" asked Naruto.

Karin nodded yes a second time. They then left for Konoha with Karin thinking "Why did he spare me? Why?"