Fourth Month


Tailed Beasts


"Karin, do you really think this is a good idea? Your water could brake anytime now. And then we might not be able to make it to the hospital in time…"

"Stop worrying so much Sasuke-kun! The baby could come now, tomorrow, the day after, or whenever. But this meteor shower happens very rarely! Like every 50 years or something! And on this mountain, we can get the perfect view all to ourselves!"

Sasuke sighed as he continued carrying his wife up the mountain path. Knowing that the baby could come any day now, Sasuke didn't think this was a very good idea. But he knew that Karin had been looking forward to this for a while so he gave in to her.

He really hoped that her water wouldn't break because Karin was really heavy now, and he was becoming exhausted by carrying her up the steep mountain. Getting her back to the village in time would take nothing short of a miracle.

"Alright, this is a good spot Sasuke-kun!" Karin said.

"Thank goodness." Sasuke thought as he put Karin on her feet. Karin dug around in the bag she brought along, and pulled out a large blue blanket. She then laid it out on the ground, so she and Sasuke could sit down comfortably.

Sasuke's arms had become very sore from carrying his pregnant lover up the mountain. He hoped that he and Karin would be there long enough for him to recover.

"Hey! Sasuke-kun, look! It's happening!" Karin said excitedly. Sasuke looked up to see a few golden streaks of light flash through the sky. More and more came, and soon they lit up the night sky.

"Wow, it's so pretty!" exclaimed Karin.

"Yeah." agreed Sasuke.

"Hey, Sasuke-kun!"

"What is it?"

"What's prettier, me or the stars?" Karin asked as she smiled at Sasuke. Upon looking at her, Sasuke realized she was wearing contacts instead of her normal glasses. He stared into her scarlet eyes, completely forgetting her previous question.

"She looks even hotter without glasses…I love it when she doesn't wear them." Sasuke thought. His train of thought was interrupted by a swift slap to the head.


"No…" said Sasuke as he rubbed his head where he had been struck.

"Then answer me!" Karin said.

"Well…" Sasuke started as Karin eagerly waited for his answer. "The falling stars and showering meteors are pretty…but you…you're beautiful." Sasuke said as he flashed a smile.

"Aww!" went Karin as she began to grow emotional. She jumped into Sasuke's arms and pressed her lips on to his. But quickly afterwards Karin retreated, leaving Sasuke confused.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Sasuke asked as he noticed the horrified look on Karin's face.

"My…my water just broke."


"My water just broke! THE BABY IS COMING!" Karin yelled.

"Shit!" yelled Sasuke as he scooped Karin up and leaped down the mountain.

"Oh no!" Karin said in a panicking voice.

"What? Are you okay!" Sasuke asked.

"I left my sandwich!" she replied.

"I'll get you another one later!" said Sasuke as he continued down the mountain at top speed.

"Ooooh…" Karin moaned as she shut her eyes tightly and clenched her teeth.

"Karin, are you really that hungry right now?" Sasuke asked.

"It's not that…this baby wants out! And it doesn't feel good at all!" Karin said as Sasuke finally reached the forest.

"Dammit! At this rate I'll never get her there on time!" Sasuke thought. He then came to a stop in the trees.

"Sasuke-kun…what are you doing!" Karin yelled as her pain continued. Sasuke bit his finger and proceeded to do some high speed hand signs. At the end he slammed his hand on to the tree branch.

"Summoning Jutsu!" Sasuke shouted. A vast cloud of smoke spread among the trees. Upon clearing, a giant hawk stood before the two. Sasuke wasted no time in grabbing Karin and jumping on to it's back.

"Hold on to me!" Sasuke said as the hawk let out a screech before flying off towards the village at extremely fast speeds.

- - -In Konoha Hospital- - -

After giving a man some medicine, Sakura left his room and closed the door quietly. She walked into her office to find Kyuubi gnawing on a bone and one of her house shoes lying in the middle of the floor looking slightly chewed up.

"Did you chew on one of my shoes?" she said in a low tone so she wouldn't wake any of the patients.

"Well I started to, but the smell was way too much for me so I took this bone off of that skeleton model." he replied, causing Sakura to pop her knuckles.

"And what smell would you be referring to?" Sakura asked menacingly.

"The smell of flowers and gumdrops!" Kyuubi said quickly in a slightly frightened tone.

"Oh. I figured that's what you meant." Sakura said with a smile.

"Kit just had to knock her up. Now she's even crazier than before!" Kyuubi thought.

"Thanks for keeping me company at work Kyuubi. It's so nice of you." she said as she picked him up and put him in her lap when she sat down at her desk.

"You made me come because Kit and Nanabi were both sleep." the fox replied as Sakura began to scratch behind his ear while she did paperwork.

"Oh yeah. Well it's still a good deed." she said as Kyuubi's leg started twitching from enjoyment of the scratching.

"I'm bored." Kyuubi said after a few minutes of silence.

"You can run an errand for me." Sakura offered.

"That means I have to do it, doesn't it?"


"What is it?"

"Go by Ichiraku and tell Mr. Teuchi I sent you. He's gonna give you two deluxe bowls of pork ramen to deliver." Sakura explained. Kyuubi's tails started wagging.

"Does that mean I get one?" he asked excitedly.

"Hmm…maybe if there's some leftover." Sakura replied.

"Yes! There is no way she can finish that much food! Jackpot baby!" Kyuubi thought happily.

"Oh and before you leave you might want to transform into a human body so you don't give somebody a heart attack." said Sakura. In a poof Naruto stood where Kyuubi was moments ago.

"How about this?" asked Kyuubi.

"You're not quite as hot as the real thing but it'll work." Sakura said. Kyuubi grunted before disappearing.

About five minutes later after Kyuubi had returned, his jaw was close to hitting the ground as he saw Sakura finish the first bowl faster than Naruto, and wasted no time before starting on the next one.

"Unbelievable! Why is she eating so much?" thought the bewildered demon fox. Sakura giggled at the look on Kyuubi's face.

"You still want some ramen? I got about half a bowl." she offered. Kyuubi nodded his head. "Then answer a question for me." she said as she laid her chin on her desk to look straight into the fox's eyes.

"Um, ok." said Kyuubi, slightly intimidated from Sakura's stare. She smiled.

"You and Naruto have been having some intense training sessions in secret, right?"

"I guess you could say that."

"So tell me…what super awesome moves have you guys come up with to take Madara down?" she asked. "I know that there's probably a lot of them you've made and I wanna hear about all of them!"

"Uhh, well we really haven't been working on many new techniques…"

"Really? Hm. Well tell me about the few good ones you have developed!"

"Well there's this Demon Rasengan…"

"Oh come on Kyuubi. I don't wanna hear about another Rasengan. You know Madara can easily dodge that. I want to hear about an attack that he can't avoid! One that will have him on the ropes! A move that could kill him!" Sakura said excitedly.

Kyuubi slightly frowned as her words caused him to think about the first Hokage's letter. Sakura quickly noticed this, being the very observant ninja she is.

"What are you two hiding from me?" she asked in a more serious tone. Kyuubi looked down and closed his eyes. "Come on. Tell me." she said as she moved closer to him. A large thud could then be heard from the top of the building.

"What the hell?" said Sakura.

"It's the Uchiha and the red head. They seem to be in a rush so you'd better go help them out." Kyuubi said, glad they had appeared at this time.

"The baby!" Sakura exclaimed. "Kyuubi! Go wake Lady Tsunade and get her here as fast as possible!" she said as she tied her hair up.

"Gotcha." said Kyuubi as he disappeared. He appeared in a dark room that carried the light scent of alcohol. Loud ear-splitting snoring could be heard very close.

Kyuubi, being able to easily see in the dark, quickly figured out he was standing on Tsunade's mid section.

"Lady Tsunade." he said. No response. "Lady Tsunade!" he repeated a little louder. Still, no response.

"Looks like I'm gonna have to lick her in the face a couple of times." he said to himself. He began to walk towards the Hokage's face before tripping on a sheet and getting his head stuck in what seemed like a hole. "Help! I'm stuck!" he yelled.

The snoring then came to a halt. Tsunade sat up from the bed and removed the fox's head from her cleavage. She then gave Kyuubi a deathly glare which made him shutter.

"You better have a good reason for this." she warned.

- - -In Konoha Hospital- - -

"Take deep breaths Karin…try to hang in there before Lady Tsunade get's here." Sakura said.

"Easier said than done…" Karin said, trying to breathe effectively. She held Sasuke's hand in hers with a grip that felt like it would never release. Sasuke himself was nervous. He never thought he would be sweating bullets at the birth of his child. He had thought about it before, but he never imagined it would be this nerve racking.

The door to the room flew open and Tsunade walked in quickly, with Kyuubi following at her heels with his bone in his mouth. "Lady Tsunade!" Sakura exclaimed happily.

"Sakura, do you have everything prepared?" Tsunade asked.

"Yes ma'am!" Sakura replied.

"Good. Karin, how do you feel?" asked the Sannin as she washed her hands.

"I WANT THIS BABY OUT!" Karin shouted with all her power.

"You went into labor pretty quickly." Tsunade said. "Well, I better get started."

"I'm just gonna leave…never been a big fan of humans reproducing." Kyuubi said as he picked up his bone and walked towards the door.

"Just wait for me in my office. We'll go home when I'm finished here." Sakura said.

"Gotcha." Kyuubi replied as he closed the door behind him.

Karin screamed as she crushed Sasuke's hand in her grip, causing him to grunt in pain. "Alright, get ready Karin!" Tsunade said as she put some gloves.

After about 20 minutes, it was time for the baby to come out. If there was any word that was defined as being many times past exhaustion, that's what Karin was. It had seemed like forever to her, but the baby was ready to show his or her face.

"Come on Karin! Push!" Sakura said.

"I see a head!" said Tsunade with a smile on her face.

"Come on Karin, you can do this. Give it everything you got!" Sasuke said. Karin nodded. She screamed as she gave one final push. After a few seconds, Karin's last bit of energy left her, as she plopped down on to her pillow like a lifeless doll.

Her grip released Sasuke's sore hand. He and Sakura looked over to the Hokage. Tsunade rose her head with a giant smile.

"Congratulations you two. You've given birth to a beautiful baby girl." Tsunade said as she cut the umbilical chord of the tiny baby in her arms. Sasuke stared at the new born. It was his child. He didn't know how to explain it but he was extremely overjoyed.

"I got a blanket and a diaper." said Sakura.

"Thank you." replied Tsunade. She put the diaper on the infant before wrapping her in a pink blanket. "Would you like to hold her Sasuke?" she asked. Sasuke nodded. Tsunade carefully put the baby Uchiha in her father's arms.

She yawned after making little movements to get comfortable in Sasuke's arms. Her eyes then opened up just enough for Sasuke to see her eyes. They were an onyx color, just like his. A tear streamed down his face as he smiled at his daughter. Sakura and Tsunade also smiled.

"So what are you gonna name her Sasuke?" Sakura asked.

"I…I don't know." he replied as he tried to think of a name.


Sasuke turned to see a sleepy, smiling Karin looking at her daughter.

"Mikoto…" he said to himself. It was his mother's name. Karin had always told him that she liked it. "Mikoto Uchiha it is." Sasuke stated.

"Alright then. I'll go get her a birth certificate." Tsunade said as she and Sakura left the room.

Karin lifted her arms to Sasuke signaling him to pass over the baby. Mikoto slightly opened her eyes again in this new presence, having the same ability as her mother to sense chakra.

"She has eyes just like you." Karin said smiling.

"Yeah." Sasuke replied.

"Well, well. The first new Uchiha Konoha has seen in many years." came a voice. Sasuke's eyes widened. He knew who it was. Madara.

"What are you doing here!" Sasuke yelled as he stood up and activated his Sharingan. Mikoto started to cry as she felt Madara's dark chakra.

"Just here to meet the new addition to the Uchiha clan." Madara said as he took a step.

"You get any closer to them and I swear you will regret it!" Sasuke threatened as electricity started to surge around him. Tsunade and Sakura quickly busted through the door.

"You again!" Tsunade growled. Madara didn't respond.

"The Seven Tail's new host, eh?" he said as he spotted Sakura.

"I'll handle this!" Sasuke said. "Get Karin and Mikoto out of here now!" he commanded.

"Not so fast." said Madara as he launched a fireball from his mouth. The target: baby Mikoto.

Sasuke ran towards the fireball but it was already mere inches away from his crying daughter. Just in time, Kyuubi appeared in front of her and dispersed the flame. He growled at Madara, who frowned because of his failed attack.

"Kyuubi…" Madara said in a tone that was somewhere between anger and annoyance.

"That…IS THE LAST TIME YOU ATTACK MY FAMILY!" Sasuke yelled as he charged at the evil Uchiha. Madara attempted to grab him, but the younger Uchiha saw it coming.

He quickly dodged and charged a Chidori into Madara's stomach. A shocked look instantly occupied the Akatsuki leader's face. Sasuke drove the menace through the wall and out of the hospital's 8th floor.

"SASUKE-KUN!" Karin yelled.

Tsunade went to support the good Uchiha, but upon looking out of the giant hole in the wall, neither of them were anywhere to be found.

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