Summary: Post The Last Stand. Ororo and Logan share a small moment...

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Seated quietly on her outdoor balcony patio sofa, Ororo looked up at the dimming sky. Mixtures of blues, pinks, purples, and oranges were all blended together and fading slowly into midnight black. The forest trees of the estate swayed softly in the wind, lulling anyone to sleep if they stared for too long. Ripples were made in the small lake, which was surrounded by the trees, creating a funhouse mirror affect if a reflection was made present. The cold autumn air had no affect on the headmistress and weather witch, her powers granting that ability. She admired the land and all its beautiful nature it exhibited.

Her eyes darted to her balcony entrance when she heard the soft creaking of doors being opened. The smell of worn leather, beer, and some forest wood related scent that she couldn't quite place assaulted her nose. Ororo never turned her head to greet the person, for she already knew who it was accompanying her.

Logan leaned against the doorway for a few moments, watching Ororo look out into the perishing sunset. The glow of the evening made her chocolate warm skin look even more immaculate than it already was. She had her legs crossed, black high heel shoes dangling off her feet. Her chin rested in her hand, one elbow propped up on the armrest of the patio sofa. Her other hand lazily cradled a cup of tea, fingers slowly rubbing the handle of the cup.

After observing her for a few more minutes, Logan made his move and sat down on the opposite side of the furniture she rested in, silent.

That's the way Ororo and Logan liked it when it came to their evening rituals of sitting together quietly in peace, only breaking the silence when one of them felt the urge to vent to the other.

Logan was the first to crack the silence, "S'cold out, 'Ro, you should get a jacket on…"

She glanced over at him, "I can handle the cold."

Logan looked at her questionably then she added, "Courtesy of my powers."

He gave an understanding nod then, after a few minutes, he asked her another question, "Where'd you grow up?"

A small laugh escaped her lips and Ororo looked down, remembering her rather adventurous past, "Africa."

Logan turned his head in her direction, "Africa?"

She looked at him and nodded.

"Did yer parents like it there?"

And that's when he regretted the question, when Ororo tilted her head up to the sky, voice breaking, "My parents died when I was five."

Dammit… "Look, 'Ro, I didn't know tha--"

She cut him off, "It's alright, don't be sorry for not knowing." Turning her head from the sky, Ororo gave him a sad smile, "It wasn't your fault…"

When he noticed the nostalgic look on her face, he couldn't help but inquire, "What happened?"

She looked at him, brought her knees up on the sofa and wrapped her arms around them, resting her chin on her knees.

"When I was very young, a plane crashed into my home in Cairo and…killed my dad almost instantly…my mom was buried next to me, she died a little while later…I don't know how I survived, but I did. All I really remember is my mother's voice and…suffocating darkness…" She looked at him again with glossy eyes, only to be met with sympathetic ones.

She added a little more, "It left me with claustrophobia."

That one didn't surprise him so much, "That's why yer always wantin' ta be out in the open, right?"

"Mmhm…" She smiled, "Want to know more?"

Logan shrugged, "Why the hell not?"

Ororo chuckled then continued, "Well, after I dug myself out…I lived in the life of a pickpocket and I--"

"You? A thief?"

Ororo smiled as she brought her fore finger to her lips, "Shh…that's now our little secret…"

"Fine…go on." Now he was interested.

"Alright…let's see…Oh! A few years later, I traveled South to Kenya, that's when I discovered my powers," Ororo laughed quietly and added in a near whisper, "I was worshipped as a goddess for a time…"

Logan wasn't sure if he should've raised his eyebrows or widened his eyes, so he did both, "A goddess? Damn 'Ro…"

Well, she sure as hell fit the roll…He thought silently.

"After that, Charles came and offered me a life in his mansion, " Her voice was filled with a sad sort of sarcasm as she leaned forward, "Now, here I am, running the school, telling you about my little secrets."

"Nothin' wrong with that, darlin'…but it feels good t'vent, don't it?"

Ororo smiled, "I guess we both need that. What's on your mind?"


Should he really tell her? Nah, he had somethin' up his sleeve anyways…

Logan took the alternative, "I finished workin' on one of Cyke's old cars. The thing actually moves."

"You got it working?" She questioned with a regretful, yet surprised tone.

"Why? You wanted t'get rid of it or somethin'?"

Ororo bit her lower lip, "Maybe…"

He let out a few chuckles and looked towards the last of the sun's glow disappearing over the trees. She would be heading to bed soon, and he would stay outside for a couple more minutes, waiting until he could hear her slow, even breaths of sleep. Then he would go through her room to the door, stealing a few last looks of the goddess as she slept. Little moments like that unnoticeably drew him to her over the few months since they had lost their family.

The few minutes they spent together on Ororo's balcony assured them that they still had each other to seek comfort in. To Ororo, comfort that he hadn't left her yet, even after the horrendous events of Alcatraz. For Logan, the very presence of her calmed his feral side, something he would forever be grateful for.

Their evening ritual was almost over and Ororo stood up as she always did; stretching her arms sideways and rotating her wrists, head thrown back while inhaling fresh air. Her muscles relaxed and she walked towards the balcony door that lead to her room.

Logan quietly got up from his seat, making sure Ororo didn't notice his intentions until the very last moment. He stealthily creeped his way behind her.

Her hands made contact with the cool handle and she pushed the door open.

Ororo still thought he was sitting down, so she didn't bother turning her head, "Mmmm…G'night, Lo--"

Logan gripped her waist and rotated her around quickly until she faced him, deftly catching her lips with his own. His hands remained on her hips as Ororo adjusted to the sudden contact.

Surprised, Ororo took a few moments before finally processing the position she was in. Nothing overwhelmed her, Logan's warm lips against her own being the only thought occupying in her mind.

About time…

Logan softly broke off and quickly made his way to the door, not looking back at her as he was gone in a flash. The action was completed with almost complete reluctance, but the temptation to go back in there and rip her clothes off was overruled by his own little plan. Take it slow. They would eventually connect more deeply, but for now, he had to give her time to think about the kiss. Would she want more? Or would she see his intentions only as friendly flirtations?

Only time would tell.

He stalked off down the hall to his room, leaving a breathless Ororo.

She touched her lips softly, fingers trembling with schoolgirl-who-just-kissed-the-bad-boy glee. Her hands moved to her hot, color-flooded cheeks, confirming her feelings for Logan.

"What just happened?" Ororo asked herself in a whisper. Her eyes glanced over to her warm and inviting bed, feet finally making motion to her dresser. As she changed, Ororo contemplated the possibilities of another kiss…

…When their next sunset ritual came.

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