While Edward and Esme were absorbed with their conversation, I headed to the kitchen for a glass of water. Emmett was standing at the sink, washing engine grease out from under his nails. He turned when I entered, and I grimaced as I saw his eyes fix on my forehead. "What did you do to yourself this time, Bella?"

My grimace turned to a scowl. The two tiny stitches were right at my hairline. They were as camoflagued and invisible as anything.

He grinned at my expression, and leaned back against the counter, waiting for me to tell my story.

My cheeks flushed.

"I could ask Edward," he offered.

I considered, wondering if Edward would honor a request to keep it a secret if I begged. He had found this accident extraordinarily funny, though if he hadn't been there to prevent a complete disaster he wouldn't have found it at all humorous.

I sighed. "I climbed up on my desk chair so I could reach a book from the top shelf. But the chair slipped and I grabbed for the shelf-"

Emmett was already roaring with laughter, so I stopped.

"Was it a book that got you, or is that scratch from getting friendly with the floor?"

"Neither. A lamp hit me, and Edward caught me before the floor even got an introduction."

Emmett laughed again, but this time at my petulant anger. I slipped past him for my glass of water.

But I'd forgotten that the glasses were on the top shelf, just out of my reach. Usually Edward wouldn't think to let me get my own water - I'd only managed to slip away due to his distraction. I'd never before had to consider the placement of the glasses.

Emmett was only confused for a moment as I stood there beneath the open cabinet looking upward. Then the grin widened again as I glared a fierce warning. I went to push myself up on the counter to get my glass, but Emmett caught me around the waist in midleap.

"Uh-uh, darling," he declared as he spun me back and set me on my feet. "We aren't having any accidents in here." He reached down a glass and handed it to me.

I could see the logic in his words. No one wanted me bleeding in here. It was just too risky. Still, the next time I came into the kitchen, my chest got a little tight to see that the dishes had been rearranged so that they were within my reach.