If you were a word you'd be an oxymoron ; PG - gen/romance - Itachi x Shisui

"Too much, too much," Shisui tells him, walking along like a cat may walk, upon the cold wooden floors, as if a cat stood on its hind legs. Arms folded, if it's summer why's it cool in here? Itachi opens the fridge, automatically pulling out a jug of barley tea. The kitchen shadowed and dark from blinds, a ray of light peaking out where a bunch in the binds are, across the sink. Don't look directly upon it.
He fills the cups and does not reply until one casually over flows, just one drop.
"What is?"

And Shisui seated already, a cup in hand, smiling secretly that Itachi's cups have no handles like the ones he has at his home-
Looks up; the painted story of all that is obvious- "Us."
And sips his tea graciously as if he has said nothing of gravity at all, nothing at all.
So Itachi sits across from him, and tries to drink the whole over flowing serving in one breath. Sunlight still streaming in from the bunched blinds. Silver sinks.

"You're too ambitious."