Chapter 1

"Unexplained Visitor"

The rest of the Titans sighed and rolled there eyes at the latest tragedy. Beast Boy had gone too far once again with attempting to entertain Raven and had somehow managed to spill her tea.

"S-Sorry Raven!" He stuttered nervously.

Raven sighed in resignation, "Its fine." She moved to grab a few napkins to clean up the new mess.

Starfire cut in before either of them could say anything the rest of them would regret later (none of them enjoying Raven's ear-piercing screams). "Friends! Should we not be preparing for the festival of fireworks?" She stated nervously.

Robin suddenly remembered that their was a fireworks festival going on downtown, and the last one they had proved that the Titan's had a perfect view from the window in the common room or the roof. "Oh right! Thanks Star, where do you guys wanna set up for the festival?"

"Why not in here?" Cyborg asked.

"Nah, the windows have streaks and stuff on them and you can't see them as well from in here as you can on the roof!" Beast Boy argued.

"All right then. Raven can you help-?" Robin began.

Raven cut him off, throwing away the soiled napkins, "It's already done. You set up with Starfire and Cyborg this morning, don't you remember?"

"Oh," Robin scratched his head in surprise that he would forget something like that, "Alright then, if you guys wanna grab something like snacks or cameras real quick then do it now. The show starts in about 10 minutes."

Everyone nodded and then went off to do there own business. Beast Boy grabbing his camera as well as Starfire who also grabbed Silkie. Robin grabbing his communicator in case something happened while they were on the roof. Cyborg grabbing some extra snacks (along with Beast Boy who was helping carry the truck-load of junk food), and Raven grabbing a book and earmuffs in case the display of explosions got to loud or she just got plane bored.

They all met up on the roof at a picnic table they had set up 4 yards away from the edge, so they could sit on the side of the roof if they wanted. Blankets of preferred color had been brought out (which is why no one brought jackets) along with hot chocolate. Everyone sat into a comfortable position as Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, and Beast Boy counted down until the important display of fireworks began at the theme-park in town.

"Five! Four! Three! Two! One!" They chanted, before the first spark of blue shot out from the park.

"Amazing," Robin breathed, as the show continued

"Whoa." Beast Boy agreed.

"Sweet man." Cyborg nodded.

"I believe this display of light is most pleasing to me." Starfire agreed in her own . . . unique way. (Me: I can't describe it any other way without someone screaming at me.)

Raven said nothing, but like her friends was staring at the amazing display in wonder. After about 15 minutes though the show began to come to an end the male Titan's began cheering.

"Robin?" Starfire suddenly burst into the cheering. A confused look plastered on here face as her head was slightly turned away from the show to the left.

"Yeah Star?" He looked at her, also confused. The rest of the team as well turned to look strangely at the Tamaranian girl.

Starfire lifted her hand and pointed to the direction she was staring, "Please, is that also a part of the 'Fire' show?"

Everyone turned there head to look at where Starfire was staring and it shocked them more then confused them

Two light sources were colliding together, as if to people were fighting. One of them was a slight pink/violet color (more violet then pink though) and the other was a more pronounced yellow. It appeared to them as if the violet light was losing.

"Well someone's not enjoying the show very much." Beast Boy muttered

"I doubt they even know what's going on." Raven snapped at him.

"Please friends, what would happen if these 'fireworks' collided with these people?" Starfire asked

As if on cue, a red firework jutted into the air, the yellow light slammed into the violet light and pushed it into the explosion. Smoke popped out from the collision, and the source was falling to the ground. The yellow light flickered off and a very faint shadow flew off like a bat out of Hell. The smoked figure cause and explosion where it landed.

Raven winced a bit, "Well that probably hurt."

"Guess we should check that out huh?" Beast Boy's eyes were huge, and staring at the place the smoke was coming from. Now even more because of the explosion.

Robin flipped open his communicator, "Whatever or whoever it was landed in front of the Pizza Parlor (Me: Hmm, same place where Starfire fell, interesting). Let's go check it out."

Cyborg pulled up in front of their favorite hang out. Everyone piled out of the T-car before examining the setting around them.

The smoke was still coming in heavy heaps, though a faint violet light kept flickering from time to time.

"I guess it's safe to say whatever it is isn't human." Beast boy muttered

"What makes you say that?" Raven asked uncaringly

Beast Boy didn't seem to take the hint, "Well if it was human it would've been dead on an impact like that not flickering. Plus it wouldn't have been fighting up in the sky in the first place."

Raven was surprised at his points, and then quickly realizing that she already knew it wasn't human, discarded her thought.

"What do you think its doing?" Cyborg asked.

"Maybe healing itself?" Robin suggested, quite unsure himself.

As if on cue the violet light shut off completely from flickering. Then after a few seconds in became almost blinding as whatever it was tried to clear (or burn in the Titans opinion) the smoke away.

When they all lowered their arms the smoke was gone, and in the large meteor like dent in the ground, a figure in a white hooded cloak now crouched. You could not see its face (if it had one was still unknown to them) but its sides were heaving. Then a low growl rumbled from it and the black gloved hands suddenly glowed the violet that was now very familiar to them. Before the hands had glowed though, Raven could tell that the gloves were leather.

"Titans! Go!" Robin shouted and they all raced towards the being

The figure looked up in surprise and quickly moved to defend itself. It leaped up behind the Titans and now glared at them with hateful dark eyes, they were hardly visible so that they could not see the color and the dim street lights did not help either. The figure had her arms crossed defensively, and then in crossed motions she threw things like starbolts at them. The surprised Titans dodged the rapid attacks and hid behind a large truck.

"Hey Star! It does what you can do!" Beast Boy stated surprised.

Suddenly the truck was wrenched away, surrounded by the violet magic and was tossed aside, leaving the Titans unprotected.

"I think it's safe to say that it can do what I can do as well." Raven muttered, clearly being sarcastic.

Robin went into attack mode and brought out his rod, running at the figure. The figure merely pulled of the gloves and dropped them to the floor. When Robin was about to strike it gripped the rod with the gloved hand they had seen earlier, he could see her wrist was pale almost and her eyes were glowing to much to see what color they were. Robin stared in surprised as it crumbled into dust.

"Uh . . . hi." He said nervously.

The girl said nothing but made a back-handed motion, throwing him into the wall and knocking him unconscious. Starfire in a fit of anger charge at the girl, throwing repeated starbolts at her and causing another smoke scene.

She landed when she was finished and her hands stopped being green. After a few seconds the thing lunged at her and knocked her out and into a pole.

Cyborg's attack along with Raven's almost defeated her, but they too found themselves unconscious. Now it was just Beast Boy and the feminine like figure.

Beast Boy morphed into a tiger and growled at it. The hand reached out again and motioned for him to come to it with their index finger. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty." She laughed, it wasn't a cruel laugh. She seemed sort of nervous. "No! Wait! I- I didn't mean that! I'm sorry!"

The tigers head turned to the side slightly, then it turned into a green boy, but in the darkness you couldn't tell. "Who are you?"

"That's . . . That's none of your business!" She snapped, "Leave me alone!"

"Hey whoa! Calm down! I'm just trying to be nice, were the good guys!" He smiled, slowly approaching her. "Why are you attacking our city?"

This made the girl snort, "You're the ones attacking me! I fell during a fight and got angry thinking about it and then all of the sudden your all after me! How do I know your not one of the people after me?" She suddenly became very defensive.

"Who's after you?" He asked

She glared visibly under the cloak, "If you don't know then it's none of your business."

"How 'bout an answer for an answer for an answer? I'll tell you who I am if you tell me who you are." He suggested, ignoring her harsh comment.

The girl hesitantly straightened, "Sounds . . . fair. I'm Ella."

Beast Boy was vaguely aware that this name somehow sounded familiar. "I'm Kevin." He lied, feeling guilty. But for all he knew she was lying too.

"Fine then Kevin," She sneered. Beast Boy suddenly felt as if she knew he was lying. "Do I have to stick around and be lectured or can I go now?"

Beast Boy scratched the back of his head nervously, "Maybe you should . . . stick around. You know, just till they wake up." He gestured to his fallen comrades.

She laughed again, "And be attacked again? I don't think so, but thanks for the offer Kevin." She sneered once more, making Beast Boy sure she knew he was lying. This was confirmed by what she said next, "By the way I know that's not your real name." The young girl turned halfway around, "Besides I really should get going." Then Beast Boy hear her say (though he knew it was not meant for him to hear) "I need to figure out how to get back to the future . . . soon."

The girl suddenly burst into the air and flew off, somehow to him her flight seemed . . . desperate.

Yeah, um sorry about how short this chapter is. I promise that they'll get MUCH longer but this is the introduction scene. No, Ella wasn't lying about being name Ella though if you haven't figured it out by now (which if you have then you suck) Ella has a large portion to do with the Titans. And most likely not what you would expect. DUN DUN DUN . . . yeah, I know I'm lame. Deal with it.