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Tag to 'Death Takes a Holiday', Season 4. I would have liked to see the episode end like this:

Sam was quiet as he sat shotgun in the Impala with Dean on the way to a new motel the next state over. This was nothing new, but the eldest Winchester couldn't help but feel there was a new, ominous depth to this silence. Just what had Pamela said to his brother? It couldn't just be that they'd had to salt and burn yet another friend in the line of duty; Old Sam would have been bothered by this and angsted a mile a minute, but New Sam? What did she say to him? Clearly his brother was intending to keep another secret from him because he thought he wasn't strong enough or trustworthy enough.

Sam was staring intently out the window as though trying to pierce a hole through the rain lashing against it. Dean's eyes narrowed and he jerked the wheel sharply, pulling the car to a sudden halt at the side of the deserted woodland road.

"Another secret to be kept from your ignorant, weak brother is that it, Sam?" Dean began furiously. "Don't try and make it like it's cause you're broken up by Pamela's death – we both know you're beyond all that emotional crap you used to love so much. You don't want to tell me what she said to you and how you can stand up to Alastair all of a sudden, fine. I'll leave you at the next motel stop. Just don't take me for a fool!"

Taking a deep breath, Dean went to pull back onto the road when the passenger door was flung open and the younger Winchester was legging it into the rain like his pants were on fire. At first Dean felt the feelings of anger and betrayal rise up in him again, but then he made out Sam's gigantuam figure arrive at the the tree-line and collapse against the nearest trunk in the mud. What was he doing? Oh, right. Being sick. Great... Dean figured he should probably go help Sam back to the Impala or they'd never leave to get to the motel where they would go their separate ways. He wanted it over quickly, like ripping off a bandaid.

Except then he reached his brother and found him sobbing his eyes out. Damn.