Once again for the local consolidated election I sat for 13 plus hours and was bored to tears. Came up with this idea which takes place after Naruto and Pein fight in Konoha...

Wonder if it takes off like the last one did?

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This was hard to take. Naruto thought as he looked at the blonde man in front of him. In fact, it was very hard to believe. That Minato Namikaze, the legendary Yondaime of Konoha, was his father.

Yet he was, the way he said it, the way it felt. It wasn't faked. It wasn't a mean cruel joke.

The ghost, for lack of a better term, even told him so himself when he was in the seal.

He hit him for it. He made his life hell, when he sealed the fox within him. Wanting so desperately to know the man who was his father, only to find that his father was the one who did it to him?

It didn't sit to well and it made him sad and confused. Old insecurities that he had forgotten came roaring back with a vengeance. Ones that only wanted approval and finding none from someone, anyone whom one little boy wanted to give all his love to if he could.

But never could....

It hurt.

It truly hurt.

At least he wasn't alone in his pain. Looking as he saw the same tracks of tears on his father's features, the longing he had spoke of when even dead he wanted to be there for Naruto.

The young 16 year old couldn't help but feel his heart shatter a little more in pain and want.

But yet when he said he believed in him... That he believed that his son, Naruto Uzumaki...no Namikaze could stop the one who began all this misery, the blonde felt the beginnings of a smile crossing his lips. One that was returned with true warmth and not hatred....

His father although he was dead, did indeed watch after him. Did indeed know of his pain and sorrow for what his son had endured. But it didn't matter to Naruto. What mattered was the fact that Minato said it.

That he believed in Naruto.

Sure others have stated those words and they meant a lot. But coming from the ghost of his father... the ghost of the man he has idolized?

It meant so much more.

The one who began all that misery was apparently not Pein as everyone thinks. But he was the man in the mask within Akatsuki. His father stated that this man was the one who truly controlled the group after him.

One that even now made him concerned for him and Konoha.

Sighing once more though as he remains deep in thought. Naruto continues to watch as Konoha is slowly but surely rebuilt once again.


Watching the sad and yet lonely features of his son from within the seal he had created via death himself, Minato was in pain as he longed to be there beside him.


Sad as he stares at his only child, he remains oblivious to the eyes of the God watching him.

Eyes that were gentle and yet cold....

Warm and yet feared....

That Shinigami it seems was not someone without a heart as he commonly perceived.

Lately, he and the other gods have wished to reward the young man down in the living world, for what he has accomplished to this date. He has defeated Pein, who even now suffers the nine levels of hell for his foolish belief in thinking he was one of them.

Not to mention the others as well. And what has made him more admired and desiring to give a reward to. He has redeemed many who would have gone down a dark path if not for him.

All save one...

One that even now is one that he and the other gods of this realm must replace. By the time redemption was to come, it would be too late to save the world from him.

Madara Uchiha...

Against that man who has eluded his collection for many years, the blonde would need help. It was supposed to be the one who Naruto regards as a brother in all but blood. But now the youth was to far gone in his own need for vengeance to care as much as he should.

It left them to find someone to hurry.

Or this world was lost forever.

That's when the death god though about his current and most recent guest. The blonde's father...

He was a man who subdued the Kyuubi at the cost of his own life and dreams. Dreams that included a family and leading the village he grew up in to a peaceful time. If he knew the full extent of the sacrifice he made and hopes for his child... he would divorce the woman whom he loved and tell the village where to go and screw itself.

That is when he makes his decision, and with a wave of his hand, the figure that was watching the young blonde disappears.


Minato was surprised. One minute watching his son from within another plane of existence. The next he was standing no more the 10 feet behind the blonde youth as he stood on top the Hokage Mountain,


When no answer came, Minato was concerned and then frightened that once again he was about to endure some kind of hell. But that is when he had heard a familiar voice.

"You are not going to endure anything."

Turning rapidly around, the blonde found himself staring at the Shinigami who approaches him. Strong and formidable as always, Minato nodded his head in respect as one would do.

"Rise...and just so you know. Why you are here is because in a way, your son is to be rewarded early."

"How so?"

"You." The death god replied as he studied the young figure. One of many who are stopped in time itself, as the other gods begins to emerge from around them out of nowhere as well. "The boy has done much and he has a great destiny ahead of him. But it is one, he can not do alone."

"He was to be rewarded much later, with the ability to be reunited with you in death, rather then suffer torment because of the Kyuubi whose soul is too tainted to allow them both into heaven as we have the others." Kami said softly.

"So why am I here?"

"You are here because the one who was truly meant to aide your son in defeating the enemy is to far gone. He is as the boy wishes, still redeemable. But even now by the time redemption is had, and his fate is set back on track it will be to late. He would have won and this world would be dead." War answered this time as he stepped forward.

"Who would have won?"

"Madara Uchiha." Beauty whispered with a husky voice. "Blessed by us once upon a time, he has gone mad with power. Only your son and the other with your death would have stood a chance against him together. But now it is not possible."

Confusion at the mention of a legend, as the loveliest god of all answered his question; it took mere moments before he realized what she had said. And he snarled in rage....

The Shinigami gave a deadly smile as he approved of the reaction. "I see we are of an accord. Will you give your son the aid that he will need to win?"

"Yes. What must I do?"

"Nothing, but just so you know. Because time was stopped here for you, it has not there. That is one being even we gods can not cross. Once we restore to you, your life, you will age. You will become as you would have been if you had lived. And it will hurt."

"I do not care. Naruto and my home need me." Minato said firmly.

"Then so be it."

Hands of the gods in attendance rising, Minato begins to feel pain like never has he felt before. Pain of his chakra points reopening as he is rejoined with his body upon the mountain top.

His hair a still rich golden color, what was a 30 or so year old man, starts to age and it is gradual. His strength and stance was becoming bolder and hair of silver was starting to emerge at temples and spread out between the sunshine.

They were symbols of the stress he endured in his soul, as he watched his son be tormented by those who were supposed to love him. Even now wrinkles of worry and tiredness begin to emerge in his skin.

Although he still retains a youthful look, he was now starting to look every bit his age as once gold hair is now almost pure silver.

Finally done screaming, it is at that moment he feels the wind, and the confusion of a young man who senses his newly returned chakra behind him. Weak somewhat even now, his voice struggling to speak it is hoarse from lack of use in the real world as he manages to say something real.


Whirling around, the 16 year old sees and older version of the man behind him, silver instead of gold hair. Aged instead of young, it was the blue eyes that mirrored his own that told him this was real.

Especially as a hand reached out and physically ruffled his hair with fatherly love weakly.


"Yeah...it's me Naruto. Seems you need me and the gods allowed it." Minato said hoarsely as he starts to collapse to the ground.

Only to be caught by his only son for whom clutches onto him desperately. "I did it...I did it Dad. I defeated Pein."

Smiling as he wrapped his arms around Naruto as best he could, the now silvery haired former Hokage smiled gently. "I know son...I know and I am proud. I knew you could do it. I knew you could."