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Chapter 18

Home 2

Amusement on the features of all the other Rookies as Naruto tells of his and his dad's adventures. There were the occasional oohs and aahs, while the blonde and his friends sat at Ichiraku's ramen stand. The kind owner having been just as delighted to see his best customer along with his daughter, the duo had made enough Ramen to feed at least 3 Narutos and their appetites for the gathering.

Chouji and the blonde both on their 12th bowl as the others were still on their 2nd or 3rd bowl, the group went silent as Naruto mentioned the Whirlpool...and finding his mother and brother.

Knowing how he grew up, this was something that was only meant for the ears of Sakura and Hinata. One his team mate and one of his best friends, the other something was something more and was beginning to mean the world to him.

The others knowing it were time for them to beat a hasty retreat; Teuchi manages to direct the two girls and lone blonde to a small area to give them privacy. Keeping the ramen flowing as it acts like a medicine of sorts to the blonde youth. Both girls listen as Naruto tells everything.

Sakura resisting the urge to go to Whirlpool and hit the older woman into oblivion, for abandoning her friend. And Hinata...

Well the young woman was much in accord with the pink haired girl. She also knew as did the girl, that Naruto more or less needed them to just listen, rather then act on their impulses. Not one to start anything willingly unless it was with their former teammate the Uchiha. Hinata knew that the blonde was a kind hearted youth, that would rather hurt himself then hurt anyone else on purpose.

But at the moment, she could hear the desire to do just that and honestly. She couldn't blame him. The restraint he must have had at lashing out at the woman who abandoned him physically must have been tremendous.

Looking to Sakura who nodded her head in understanding the two wrapped their arms around their blonde friend, who just for the first time started to honestly truly cry.

"Why...why couldn't she have kept me to? Dad had a reason why he wasn't there at least. But she didn't so why...why wasn't I loved just as much?"

Tears falling down his cheeks, the two young women couldn't help but begin to cry with him silently as he clutched onto them both. Although Naruto was getting along with his father better then he did before considerably. The fact is...15 years of loneliness and no one to really talk to does not just stop because a parent long gone comes back.

Naruto still spoke of his fears only to the rookies and even then only one truly knew them all was one whom did not even realize or perhaps care for he chose not to in favor of power...

Instead the pink haired girl had become his closest confidant over the years. Second only to a certain Chuunin teacher/honorary father in spirit, who even now with a nod to Ayame had come at her bequest.

And Hinata despite only having admitted to her feelings to him years before, through the few letters he had been able to send to the Hyuuga girl, was one he knew would not speak of things without his permission.

The young woman loved him to much to portray his feelings for certain things. Those initial letters he had sent her. Had mostly consisted of him ranting about how much he had hated hid dad for what he did. But Hinata could see the meaning behind the words. Naruto as all believe did not hate Minato for the Kyuubi.

He loved and needed his father. He needed the older man to be there now even more then ever....

Although any shinobi since the defeat of Pein was willing to work with him now, not many could actually do so against the Akatsuki. Especially now since rumors have flared to life. Because if anything....

If there was anything Naruto hated, it was the events that happened to cause it all to begin. Ever since they took over the council, news had spread among the clans about Madara being alive.

Knowing their history of course many of the new clan heads had protested. But then as details had come out of the true events in the Uchiha Massacre became known. Although investigations were still going into it, something else had been discovered.

When the corruption of the village and the depths it had sank to become known it took some time of studying the reports but connections were made.

All the ties eventually had a connection to an outside source.

And the identity of that source...Akatsuki.

Leads credence to the belief, that this group of Nins had been pulling strings for a long time in various affairs and those little things can lead up to big things. For example the enmity between Konoha and Iwa, no one really truly knows how the hatred between the Leaf and Rock village had started eons ago.

It was believed to be an assassination on a noble of Rock by the Leaf started it all. But further looking into that?

Has lead to belief that strings were pulled by an outside source to have the two go to war. At that time both like many of the villages were contemplating peace. They tracked down that particular string to Sasori of the Red Sands.

Killed by Chiyo of Suna and Sakura working in tandem against the puppeteer, it was a definite plus then that Suna was an ally in this. Because hearing of the investigations that the Leaf was doing, Gaara became thoughtful and took an initiative to investigate into the Sand's villages own archives.

Needless to say, the red headed young man and former Jinchuuriki promptly executed a few people for what was done to him and his family as well as others over the last few years. Before a certain point his father had been a good man....

But after a trip with these people, there were clear evidence of change as orders become evident that the once good man. No longer was...

Sending questions to the other shinobi villages, and although clearly rejected by two of the remaining three for obvious reasons. The new Raikage of Cloud though, kept an open ear. Considering his brother was the 8 tailed carrier and one of the ninjas who vanished on a mission was the 2 tailed and a good friend of his.

He looked into his own...

Rumors had it; he went on a rampage among three clans a month later after the message was delivered and sent back the names of those that were the main reasons behind the war between Leaf and Cloud.

The desire for the Hyuuga bloodline had rum rampant in these three clans according to what he had discovered as there were records of them shown with at that time nuke nin and missing nin of Konoha...

Orochimaru had paid them a visit.

Considering his propensity for genetic experimentation and that he had a black cloak with red clouds.

The new council of Konoha was not surprised.

Things were coming forward in the shinobi villages and despite rejection from Iwa and Kiri, the other two greats. Smaller villages like Snow and Grass were reporting similar instances.

Princess Koyuki or Yukie as they know her was furious with the Snow village as she found that the rise of Dotou was partially responsible of their council at that time. Some of them involved in her father's court at that time, they allowed the man to hire their shinobi, because he kept refusing to allow them to develop their armors.

And who urged them according to records that were discovered?

It was a blue haired woman with a flower in her hair...Konan.

Knowing now what they did, word was spreading among the shinobi villages faster then ever. And the people were getting frightened within. For hearing of the machinations being done within the shinobi villages, people were more hesitant to hire them for aide and escorts.

No one, not even the Kage's themselves could blame them for their fears either, as this gave them doubt onto the credibility of the villages and whether or not they were being targeted by those who protect them.

Thus it was causing an uproar of knowledge and things being shared between many.

Even now, the Lords of five nations, Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, and Stone were meeting to discuss this as this had made them desire to compare their own records as well. And they to saw a lot of things that they did not wish to think about, that had been pulled by members from then and now of the Akatsuki over the last 200 or so years.

Things now began to make sense and many were angry, scared, and frightened.

The Lords furious at what was revealed, looked to their people for responses and ideas on what to do. Samurais abound demanding that they go to war against the Shinobi villages, it was immediately vetoed as to do so would create more havoc then others before in the post, for the damage a shinobi can do was far more extensive.

The world was in turmoil...

And with knowledge that all save two of the Biju had been captured and taken.

Things were not looking to good. Cloud did not know of the whereabouts of the 8 tailed Jinchuuriki whom had vanished.

And as for Konoha, well right now considering the held the 9 tailed one, and with the return of the Fourth to life. It did give some measure of peace to those who knew of their accomplishments.

Even Iwa was reluctant to admit, that they two held a little appreciation for the two who have stopped much of what had been going on. The older in stopping the Third war almost single-handedly.

And as for the younger Namikaze, Naruto, the blonde youth was developing a reputation that was just as strong if not becoming greater then that of his father. Being the vessel for the nine-tailed fox, the blonde was a veritable powerhouse as it was know the Lord of the 9 had an infinite amount of chakra at his disposal before the sealing and after wards?

Well the younger indeed was his father's son.

Stopped the invasion of Sound and Sand with his defeat of the young Kazekage of Suna before he became such.

Saved the Demon Country....

Restored Snow Country to its rightful ruler...

Did the same for the Kingdom of the Crescent Moon...

The Land of Birds...

The Land of Vegetables...

The contacts alone that he alone had obtained made Konoha strong in the trade world. For the markets there now could rival even the greatest of the Lord's and their homes.

It was a fact now.

Konoha would be where it all went down.

For they were the ones who held the hope of many now...

They had the only Jinchuuriki to not only evade being taken by Akatsuki but take out the ones attempting either on his own or with friends. With the return of the Fourth Hokage...the only man other then the legendary Maito Gai and his apprentice Rock Lee able to take on an Uchiha head on and win, Konoha now had their best chances for the world to possibly survive.

Holding him close, Hinata smiled softly as she found herself being kissed with a gentleness that was so unlike the blonde and yet was at the same time.

Iruka and Sakura both were smiling as the blonde gives them both hugs for just listening and being there. The four find themselves being approached by the Former Hokage. Seemingly tired for a moment, Naruto looks towards his father who seems now to be just as drained as he was.

Emotionally and mentally...

Confusion on their faces, for a moment, the two girls and Chuunin teacher make room for the Father to sit beside his son. Nothing needing to be said, as just to be among those willing to listen and willing to give company that gave Minato a sense of another time.

Between Sakura and Hinata...it was like hanging out with Tsume....

And Iruka?

Minato owed the man so much...



"Welcome back."

Confusion for a moment in his features, the older blonde smiled as he clapped the young brunette on the back. A smile on his features as bright as his son's as the blonde youth's was earlier. "Thanks...maybe you can tell me about my son growing up as we didn't have a chance to earlier."

"Don't even Iruka-sensei!" Naruto states in panic as he overhears the comment. "Dad doesn't need to know everything!"

Grinning mischievously, Iruka looks at Minato who finds himself unable to not return that same grin.

"You see Minato-san...there was..."


Restrained luckily by a certain pink haired girl in mid leap, the familiar commotion causes many walking by to pause and laugh in amusement. Unlike before where it had been annoying, the people of the village had realized one thing while Naruto was gone with his father.

That the village now felt more like home...