Title: Sticking With What Works

Author: Jedi Buttercup

Disclaimer: The words are mine; the worlds are not.

Rating: K+

Summary: B:tVS/Dresden Files. Harry would put up with a lot for monster-hunting backup as capable as she was. 200 words.

Notes: Book!verse for Dresden Files; general spoilers, but nothing later than Blood Rites. For challenge #86 at tthdrabbles.

I muttered a candle-lighting incantation as I followed my guest into my apartment, so familiar with that particular exercise of will that I hardly needed to concentrate on the effort.

It must have surprised her, though, because she immediately turned back to me, eyes dancing in amusement.

"Flickum bicus?" she repeated in incredulous tones. "What kind of Latin is that?"

"The kind that works," I replied, rolling my eyes.

Buffy Summers might look like Murphy's slightly taller, much sillier kid sister, but like Murph herself, the Slayer's cute, curvaceous, five-foot-and-change frame hid ferocious killer instincts and trained hand-to-hand skills capable of subduing foes several times her size. In Buffy's case, those talents were augmented by a spiritual entity much like my half-brother's Hunger, but without the life-sucking side-effects of a White Court vampire's demon side. As formidable as she was, though, she seemed to delight in playing the bubbly blonde when not in battle.

Still, I'd put up with a lot for monster-hunting backup as capable as she was; and her fees were much less expensive than Kincaid's.

Okay; and she was a lot prettier, too. So I have my own shallow side. So sue me.

"So here's the plan..."