This is going to be a Five chapter thing. One chapter for each team member.

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The sun was just starting to rise, the blaring sound of an alarm clock singing out the morning music, loud enough to wake any sleeping being in the room. Kutner sat on the edge of his bed, his toes curling a little into the cold wooden floor. His right hand held tight to his gun, his face showing no emotion, the music blared to his ears but he still stared, his slowly moving heart beat, his chest expanding before letting a deep sigh escape.
"..I'm tired…"


No one could believe it. Some even refused to accept it. But one thing was for sure. The hospital would seem less bright without Kutners smiling face. House and his team sat in their office, their table settled between them. Kutners funeral was a few days ago and still, it effected the team deeply. Since that time, Cuddy had gone to long measures to not give them a case, figuring a few stress free days would do them some good. How wrong she would be now.

Thirteen stared at the table top quietly, her eyes filled with unshed tears. Even thou Foremen held her hand, trying to give her the strength to hold down her pain. It was not enough. Her words kept ringing in her ears.

"This isn't our fault. He Didn't tell us anything, we didn't know…." How many times had the words, 'isn't our fault' sing in her ears? How many times had she laid awake at night with Erik, staring at the ceiling, wanting to take them back because for some reason, deep down… She believe it was her fault. She thought, she wondered. Events playing in the back of her mind. Was there a sign? Was there something she could of done to stop this?

Tears filled her eyes slowly, blurring the image of the table before her.

It was a couple of weeks after she found out she had Huntington's disease, she went on an all out freak out. In her words, she slept with all kinds of woman, not caring about the after math. When House had fired her when one of the girls she was sleeping with got sick, it effected her deeply. She had pushed and worked and tried so hard to get back her spot and back onto Houses side. In the end, it worked out to her favor, but the outcome didn't help. In the locker room, she sat on the wooden bench quietly, her eyes narrowing at the marble ground. The patient was doing better and she would live… Thirteen was still going to die. Her fingers curled into the wooden bench slowly, feeling that numbing nerve spread. She didn't know how long she was out of it, but a gentle hand touched her shoulder. Looking up, she spotted Kutner looking down over her with a smile, his fingers squeezing her shoulder. "Welcome back." He whispered, taking a sit next to her. She gave a weak smile, looking back away, picking up her back to place her items back into her locker. "Thanks." Pushing herself to stand up, she placed her bag back into the locker, wondering what she was going to do next. "You going to go bag another chick?" She blinked before looking back down at her co-worker. He looked up at her with an innocents, his stripped polo shirt making him look younger then he appeared to be. "I don't see how that's any of your business." She replied, before looking back to the locker door, her fingers gripping the back-pack tightly.
"Its not. But I figure I asked. You seemed kinda down still."

"Well when your dieing I'll be sure to remind you to keep smiling." She heard him chuckle lightly before seeing him move from the corner of her eye. "I don't think I will ever understand what you're going through. But I know no one likes to go through them alone… I'm here." She turned then, staring at him with her pained eyes. Kutner smiled at her, his arms open to her. "Come on. Let me take you out, put some food in you and we'll talk about all the girls you banged. Maybe you can give me some tips." His words made her smile slowly, her fingers touching the cold metal door of her locker, slowly shutting it. But turning to him, she gave a soft sigh. "Thanks Kutner." She whispered, her fingers picking up her coat, slipping it back on.
"But I'm going to call it a night. I'll see you tomorrow." Kutner lowered his arms and shoved them into his lab coat, nodding to her. "Alright, I'll see you tomorrow. I'm gonna bring some bear claws, sound good?" She gave a light nod before she turned and left him there. She didn't go home like she planned, she simply went to another bar and picked up another chick…

Was that is? She rose her hands to her face, letting Foremen hand go. Was that a sign? She should of went with him, she should of hugged him. She should of did anything, ANYTHING but walk away. With a tremble hand she broke down and began to sob. The chair screeched as she shoved herself up and rushed out of the room, not surprised thatdid a single person did not looked up to her besides Erik. This was her fault.

'I'm so sorry…'