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Summary: Ryoma comes back from America with a dark and mysterious past that continuously haunts him. Just when he's about to forget, the person that caused all his misery reappeared in his life to claim Ryoma wholly. Will his sempai be able to save Ryoma, or will he forever be locked in a past he only knows? Fujixryoma SLASH

Author's note: waaaaah, konnichiwa mina- san! This is my first prince of tennis fic so I hope you'll like it. I'll just like to remind you that this contains slash, meaning, boy to boy. If you don't like it, this is not the story for you so kindly click the BACK button. That's all and please enjoy!



Atsui- hot

Are wa no oji-sama- that's my prince

No oji-sama- my prince

Sempai- upper classman

Hai- yes

Domo- thanks

Kawaii- cute

Chan- suffix attached to girl's name (optional)

Yamette- stop

Mitte- look

Watashi- what girls use to address themselves

Kore wa- this

Moshi moshi- hello

San- suffix added to a name (optional)

Wakata- I understand

Omoshiroi- interesting

Chapter 1


Full sakura tinted lips curled in irritation as the sun beat down mercilessly on his exposed neck, sweat soaking his quaint collared shirt.

'Why does it need to be so hot in Japan?'

Ambidextrous fingers took off a white Fila cap revealing luminous dark greenish hair that curled artistically at the base of his chin and neck. The owner of the said cap tilted his head a little to the side exposing an elegant neck, flapping it in his face as he try to ward off the humid feeling brought about by the tropical environment. The simple gesture proved to be a fatal move in his part as it exposed his uniquely colored hair and shadowed face to the people which he is desperately attempting to hide from for-

"Kyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa! Are wa no oji-sama! Tennis no oji-sama!"

-safety reasons.

Golden cat- like eyes widened uncharacteristically as he swallowed in apprehension. A hoard of salivating fan girls and dare he think it, boys, are running in his direction like a pack of wolves competing to devour a helpless fear stricken rabbit. Realizing that his life is in peril if he didn't find a hiding place soon, he quickly darted his way through the crowded airport with an agility that he didn't know he posses even when playing tennis.

Looking over his shoulder, he shuddered unconsciously as he saw that those obsessive maniacs were still hot on his trails.

'Never underestimate the power of obsession'

He mentally added to his list of 'HOW TO SURVIVE WITH STALKERS IN LIFE'

He continued to run frantically, looking for a safe haven. Finally, in a corner, he spotted the information counter devoid of any personnel. Thanking any gods watching over him for this sudden burst of luck, he quickly dove behind the counter and duck his head. He could hear his fanatical admirers running past his hiding place but he didn't dare peek for confirmation in fear that there might still be some lingering. After a few moments, he deemed it safe and cautiously stood up. With critical eyes, he scanned the lounge and gave a small sigh in relief. He turned his back and leaned on the counter to take a few calming breathes to settle his still racing heart and placed his hat back on his head. He vowed never to remove it ever again in public.

He was about to picked up his discarded baggage on the floor when he heard an effeminate voice.

"Excuse me, can you tell me what time the flight from Paris would arrive?"

Cursing once again his luck, he turned around and was about to explain that he was just a random lost passer by when he saw who asked the question.

"Fuji- sempai…?"

A feminine looking man with creamy brown hair tilted his head to the side upon hearing his name. Upon seeing the person who addressed him, he revealed a pair of piercing azure eyes, wide in surprise.

"Echizen?" Fuji asked with a shock visage before braking into a bright smile, completely obscuring his eyes once again. "It's been a while isn't it?"

Echizen, or Ryoma, nodded his head albeit a little hesitantly. "Hai…"

Fuji just chuckled "I guess you're still not that affiliated with words, ne, Echizen?" he smiled at him fondly "but you're appearance did change…. A lot. You've grown almost a foot since I last saw you and you've matured beautifully."

Ryoma tugged his cap a little lower to hide the blush that blossomed on his cheek.


Fuji nimbly snatched the cap away from Ryoma with feigned shock "Are…. Is that a blush Ryo- chan?" Fuji teased, ruffling Ryoma's hair "kawaii!"

"Yamette Fuji- sempai!" Ryoma tried to swat the annoying hands away "and give me my hat back!"

Ryoma desperately tried to snatch his hat back, fearing that someone unwelcome may recognize him.

"Mitte! Is that Echizen Ryoma? Tennis no oji-sama?!" someone from his uncountable fans screamed, drawing another batch of salivating fan girls in his direction… looking more vicious.

"Ryoma- sama! Watashi no oji-sama!" the girls and some boys shouted stirring a riot among the other people who recognized the name.

Without pausing to asses the whole situation, Ryoma immediately grabbed his things pulled Fuji with him as he run the hell out of that danger. He could literally feel the hair at the back of his neck stand on its ends.

"Give me my hat back!" Ryoma shouted through the noise and chaos around them.

Fuji just blinked innocently, still being dragged by a cursing Ryoma.

"Kore wa?" he raised the Fila cap to emphasize his point. Ryoma saw the male's comfort room and made a byline towards it. He run inside it and entered a cubicle, slamming the door shut before clicking the lock in.

He glared at his companion with fire dancing at his molten lava colored orbs. He snatched his precious cap back and jammed it back on his head, contemplating about using permanent glue so that it wouldn't live its perch on his head.

"Fuji-sempai, next time I tell you to do something, please refrain from defying me" Ryoma snapped irritatingly at him. Their crowded condition in the cubicle didn't help make Ryoma intimidating considering that Fuji is still a head taller than him.

"Saa… Now I know your cap is not just about fashion" Fuji dismissed Ryoma's dagger like glares when he said the word fashion "I thought as much that you'll be famous since you won the Grand Slams but it never crossed my mind that it could be fatal." Fuji chuckled leaning on the wall separating the other cubicles.

Ryoma resisted the urge to pout, not willing to shed his remaining dignity.

"Anyway, it was really a surprise to see you, I didn't know you'll be coming back" Fuji remarked, his index finger pressing on his chin in wonder, "I'm not sure but I don't think the others mentioned about you returning"

"Actually I haven't informed anyone of my plan since it was really a last minute decision" Ryoma explained, resting on the sit cover while flapping his shirt to ward off the heat, oblivious to Fuji's stares at his exposed collar bone. "I was planning on telling then in school."

Fuji raised an eye brow "So you're going to Seigaku?" he asked, pleased.

For the first time in years, Fuji was blessed with Ryoma's trade mark smirk. "Where else?"

"Where are Uncle Jiro and Aunt Rinko by the way?" Fuji asked "are they following you soon?"

"Something like that…" Ryoma muttered, shifting his gaze. The abrupt silence was broken when Ryoma's phone started ringing "Excuse me."

Ryoma fished the latest iPhone 3G from the pocket of his jeans and glanced at the caller's name before clicking it.

"Moshi moshi?" Ryoma greeted, shifting his head away from Fuji "Where are you? You're supposed to pick me up ages ago" he said with a frown.

Fuji could here the voice at the other line reply, albeit a little muffled.

"I understand" Ryoma nodded, stealing a glance at him "See you in a while"

Ryoma ended the call with a sharp click and stood up, his bag slung on his shoulder. "Well Fuji- sempai, would you like to see Nanako?"


"I haven't been able to see Nanako- san for a long time" Fuji commented as the pair walk towards the parking lot.

Ryoma shrugged and tried not to meet anyone's eyes, being careful to hide his identity. "She's been busy with college"

"Oh really?" Fuji replied "What is she studying?"

"Law" Ryoma answered with a grimace "She looks up to my mom"

Fuji faced him with a curious face "What's the matter? Don't you like Law? I though considering you're mother's a lawyer, you would find a liking to it."

"That's left to Nanako, and it's not that I don't like Law" Ryoma supplied "I mean, learning and knowing those acts and decrees are not the problem…. It's all the talking, or should I call it fighting, done in court that I don't like"

Fuji smirked "It's something you would say, you've never really been one to settle a fight with words" Fuji said, looking at Ryoma "but with tennis."

Ryoma smirked back.

"So how about a game of tennis Echizen?" Fuji asked.

Before Ryoma could answer, a car's honk was heard and they could see Nanako waving at them.

"Ryoma- san" Nanako greeted, stopping her silver convertible mustang in front of them. "I'm sorry I'm late. The preparations took a longtime than expected, oh and Fuji- san, I didn't know you're here."

"Ah, yes, my parents are arriving from Paris so I went to fetch them" Fuji replied with a smile "it's nice to see you again Nanako- san"

"I as well" Nanako said" I don't like to break it into you guys, seeing as we just met after long time and all but we need to go." She looked at her watch.

"Ryoma- san, we need to hurry, they're waiting."

"Wakata" Ryoma opened the door beside Nanako and slipped on his seat. "It's nice to see you again Fuji- sempai" before he closed the door, Ryoma added with a challenging smirk, his eyes blazing, reflecting the burning sun rays "and about that match… we'll have it soon."

As soon as the door was shut, the Mustang whizzed past Fuji until it disappeared in the highway, camouflaging with the other cars.

"Omoshiroi…" Fuji whispered, his own azure orbs blazing with excitement. "Echizen Ryoma…"

To be continued….


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