Author's note: I have a lot of ideas for Twilight and will always write Twilight material because it provides so much inspiration. For those of you who like my Phantom of the Opera stories do not worry it also always provides me with inspiration. I will not stop writing it and I have not given up on the stories I posted. I have just been very busy.

I got this idea before I read any Bella gets sick types of stories. I am posting it as my first Twilight fiction because I wanted to get my feet wet. I have much more complex story ideas for Twilight and will post them when they are written. I would also like to say that the more I like a series the slower I go through it, I read other books by other authors in between so that I can savor the series longer. Twilight is the only book I read in the series so far. Enjoy!

I'm not Sick

"Oh, Oh, Oh" Bella moaned softly as she opened her dark brown eyes. She felt as through she had been hit by her own truck, everything ached. She was grateful it was as dark outside as bright sunlight pouring through her window would not be helpful or appreciated at the moment. Thunderstorms were expected all day, and when thunderstorms were expected in Forks they rarely failed to arrive. She rolled over, burying her face in her pillow just as her alarm clock decided to go off assaulting her already hurting ears and head. She reached for the off button but missed. She tried again but only managed to knock it to the floor. "I'm not sick "She mumbled out loud. "I can't afford to be sick." Using her arms for support she got out of bed, her legs feeling like jelly, her knees shaking. After less than a minute and three steps forward Bella fell roughly to the ground. Noticing she landed next to her still blaring alarm clock she reached out her right hand and finally pushed the off button. Relief washed over her tense body as the noise ceased, she pushed herself to her feet and stumbled to the bathroom as quickly as possible getting into the shower, letting the water hit her at full force despite her fear of falling attempting to cool her now burning flesh. Ten minutes passed before shivering she stepped out of the bathroom and into her room, by the way she felt she was shocked she was able to stand at all. How would she be able to function throughout the day and get all the many tasks she needed to get done completed? How would she face Edward? One glance at her he would know something was wrong. She so badly needed to see him. She needed the calm only he seemed to be able to provide her. During the night when she did mange to sleep that sleep was plagued with nightmares. Whispering the words "mind over matter" something she heard Edward say countless times she managed to take hold of the clothes she laid out the night before and pull them on.

She had chosen a three-quarter sleeve pale yellow sweater and a green skirt, presents Alice insisted on buying for her during a forced shopping trip. Bella thought she had pursued Alice she didn't need the outfit but after returning to the Cullen mansion she discovered Alice went back to the rack where Bella replaced the clothing and bought it without her knowledge. Bella had to admit she loved the outfit, it fit perfectly and Edward rarely saw her in formal wear. Today was the first day she would wear it. Maybe seeing her in it would distract him. Who am I kidding she thought, stumbling slowly into the hallway and to the staircase. Looking down the staircase she was overcome with dizziness and fought it by taking a deep breath in and out. She was just about to take a step down when she felt a strong, yet gentle hand on her right shoulder. She gasped. "Shh it's just me Bella." The familiar male voice responded sending shivers down her spine. Suddenly she felt the man's other hand grip her left shoulder and lead her body safely away from the steps. She managed to turn slowly, her brown eyes finally meeting his amazing green ones.

"Edward you scared me." She said now almost breathless.

"Where do you think you're going my love? "He called her love again, and not just love but his love. He had said these words to her so many times she had lost count. She didn't think she would ever get used to it. How could she, and what she always wondered could she have done so right to deserve his unconditional love and pure devotion? She could think of nothing. "Bella answer me." Edward's concerned filled voice said bringing Bella out of her love- induced trance. "Where do you think you're going today?"

"To school Edward" she whispered.

"Oh really?" He replied raising an eyebrow. You think so?"

"Yes, yes, why wouldn't I?"

You're not going to school today?"

"Yes I am." She whispered back.


"Yes I am," she repeated. In one swift movement Edward flung her over his shoulder. The only place you're going right now is back to bed he said as he walked into her bedroom.

"Edward put me down, put me down."

"Gladly" he answered placing her gently on her bed."

"Edward I have to get to school. I don't have time for this. I have way too much to do. I have a history paper due on World War II and an English paper due on The Taming of the Shrew, I am a straight A student Edward, but guess what happens if I don't turn in those papers I fail. Her eyes were filled with worry. She couldn't yell as her throat burned more with each passing second. What a relieve that Edward knew her well; she could convey her worry without the use of yelling.

"Ah, The Taming of the Shrew what a delightful play, I love the moment when she is finally tamed He answered displaying his trademark crooked smile.

"Edward I'm serious."

I know you are Bella, but you don't have to worry about it. I took care of it."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you see it's very simple. I put your brilliantly written papers into the hands of both your teachers. They were very impressed that you cared enough to make sure that despite your illness you turned your assignments in on time."

"I'm not sick and you turned in my assignments I didn't."

"Bella you can barely stand and it doesn't matter who turned them in. What matters is that your teachers got them and that you get credit for your work. I also got copies of all your notes for every class, but I refuse to give them to you until you feel well enough to study." He said quickly knowing his Bella would want them right away.

"Edward, she answered. "I'm not…" Her sentence was interrupted by a fit of coughing which shook her small body. Bella saw the worried look that consumed his flawless features and she felt instantly guilty. She saw relive wash over him when her coughing finally stopped.

"You were saying?"

"I'm not sick" she finished, her voice coming out hoarse.

"Bella you are sick and you are not going to school. Stop arguing with me, you're not going to win this one." He sat on her bed beside her, put both hands protectively on her shoulders and looked deeply into her eyes. "Can you please let me take care of you without an argument?"

"Can you do me a favor?"


"Can you go see if Charlie took the lunch I made him last night?"

"Oh, my sweet Bella always worrying and taking care of everyone else but never yourself.

"That sounds like you, Mr. Cullen."

"It sounds like you too love." Edward sighed deeply before continuing. "Yes, I saw Charlie leave and he had the lunch you made him."


"For what?"

"Everything, but Edward don't worry about me. I don't need you to take care of me. I'm fine. I don't need anyone to take care of me."

"Yes you do." He whispered. You're whole life you have taken care of others, you're mom, Charlie.

"I don't mind, I never minded that my mom is a little flighty or that Charlie doesn't watch my every movement. I know they love me Edward and I can take care of myself. "

"I'm here Bella. You love me?

"Yes, oh Edward I love you, did I give you a reason to think I don't? I'm sorry!" Tears filled her eyes.

"Shh, shh he responded gently pulling her into his embrace. "Don't cry angel. Please, don't cry. You did nothing wrong, I know that you love me, I see it, I feel it. Let me finish what I was saying please. When you love someone Bella you express that love by taking care of the person. I am the same, so get used to it. I love you. I will always love you. That said I will always be protective of you and I will always take care of you. I am going to ask you again. You take care of and worry about everyone else. Who takes care of you?"

Bella moved her head which had been buried securely in his chest and looked up at him. "You do" She whispered.

"Yes, I do Bella, always. Can I get you anything?"

"Not if it requires you leaving the room." Edward how did you know I was sick before you saw me this morning?"

"Yesterday you looked paler than usual. Last night you said you didn't want to go to sleep."

"I never do when you are around."

"Well last night you said you couldn't sleep and it took you much, much longer to do so. When you finally did, you were restless, kicking the blankets off several times, tossing and turning. I held your hand and I just knew."

"You held my hand as I slept?"

"Yes Bella. Now lie back and relax." She did as he asked, but felt emptiness as she left the shelter of his arms. He quickly grabbed on to her right hand and she sighed. How did you find my teachers before the school day began?"

It was easy. Don't you know that teachers get to school most times before their students do? Your History teacher was setting up the overhead projector in the classroom and your English teacher was still in the Teacher's Lounge sipping coffee."

"I love you. She whispered." "Edward, I thank G-d for you everyday. She continued after a short pause.

"Same here. Now sleep."

"No I don't want to, please. She held tighter to his hand, there was a panic a fear in her voice.