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I'm not Sick Chapter 3

Edward gazed at Bella's sleeping form. Her hand was still securely in his. She had been sleeping for the past three hours, and he had only left her side once, never leaving the house, only her bedroom to take care of things he knew she needed. The sleep will do her a world of good Edward thought, leaning forward even closer to her he gently brush a strand of hair away from her eye and kissed her forehead. "No, no, no Edward please, help me, help me Edward. Edward, Edward help me please!" That was all he could stand to hear before taking action.

"Bella wake up. It's time to wake up now sweetheart." She tossed, turned and continued her plea.

"Edward what are you? Help! No, no please Edward where are you?"

"Bella it's time to wake up love. Bella you're all right." He said gently touching her cheeks and her eyes shot open. She blinked three times before focusing on the face before her.

"Edward", she whispered groggily.

"I'm here Bella. It's all right. You're safe."

"I fell asleep? I was dreaming?"

"You fell asleep Bella. Don't worry you're safe. You're always safe with me. I will always make sure of it."

"Edward, please don't try to make me go to sleep again. Please!" Her brown eyes were pleading as she gazed at him. "How long was I asleep?"

"Three hours, but as soon as you cried out I was trying to wake you up." He stroked her face knowing that comforted her. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his hand upon her face gently massaging, her concentration was interrupted by the loud ringing of the phone. Bella began to move her body into a sitting position.

"Relax, Edward said, "Let the machine get it."

"It could be important."

"If it is so important you'll answer it when you know who it is. I'll bring you the phone." Moments later a voice was heard over the machine. It was Charlie's.

"Bells it's dad, I thought you would be home from school by now. Listen I have to go out of town for a few days. Something has come up. Don't worry, I thought this would happen, so I packed a bag and brought it to work with me this morning. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go. Remember the pepper spay I got you, carry it at all times and don't let any strangers into the house. Thanks for lunch today. Call me on the cell when you get this message, if for some reason you can't get through call the station. I'll be checking in there. Bye Bells. Talk to you soon." A click was heard the call was finished.

"So" Edward said laughter in his musical voice. "Charlie got a cell phone?"

"I told him it was time to join this century." Edward smiled. Even sick Bella was adorable.

"Love, you have to eat something."


"Didn't we agree that I was going to take care of you? Are you back to arguing with me?"

"No, I don't want to argue with you Edward. I'm just not hungry."

"You didn't eat this morning, you need to eat."

"I won't be able to keep anything down."

"Try I'm here Bella, if you have a problem I'll help you."

"I can make myself a sandwich if it makes you happy." She said weakly.

"You think you're making your own lunch." Edward replied laughing. "Silly Bella"

"You're making my lunch?" She asked astonished, her brown eyes going wide.

"As entertaining as that might be for you to watch, no. Alice came by while you were sleeping. The only time I left your bedside during that time was to let her in. She and Esme made you chicken soup. I'll warm it up for you. Edward said watching his Bella's eyes grow wider. He smiled his crooked smile. These radiant eyes of hers couldn't get any wider if she tried.

Wait Alice cooked…… food… You're sister Alice…. My best friend Alice, Alice who is in love with and married to Jasper… cooked and cooked chicken soup. That Alice?"

"Yes love that Alice."

"I'm beyond shocked."

"I hadn't noticed that." Bella laughed, but that laughter was interrupted by a couching fit followed by a short sneezing fit. Bella was more relived for Edward than for herself when both fits were over. Watching Edward's face as he worried about her was more painful than any flu or whatever bug she caught.

"I'm fine Edward, I'll be fine." She said softly. "I need to call Charlie. He'll be worried." Without a word Edward quickly left the spot on her bed where he had been sitting and gave her, her cell phone. Within moments she was speaking to Charlie's voicemail. "Hi dad," she said trying not to sound hoarse. Sorry I didn't get to the phone on time, but I'm home and everything is fine. Have a safe trip, don't worry, bye."

"Now, no more stalling, Edward said when Bella hung up the phone. "Time for lunch. I'll be right back."

"Edward, stay."

"Silly Bella, I will be right back. I'm just getting you a tray of food."

"That's ridiculous; I can eat in the kitchen."

"I'm bringing you a tray Bella and that's final."

In what seemed like less than a minute. Edward was back at her side and with him was tray of hot soup. He sat down once the tray was in front of her. He took the spoon from the bowl and held it to her lips. She took a sip to make him happy. "Edward you are not going to feed me." She said after a moment.

"Bella if I have to I will." She sighed heavily and took the spoon from him and took another slow sip. "You Cullen's always surprise me. The soup's not bad." After several tiny mouthfuls she put the spoon in the bowl. "I'm done."

"Bella you barely touched it."

That's all I can eat right now Edward. Please, tell Alice and Esme not to be offended. It's not the cooking, it's really not. It's me, I just can't eat anymore."

All right I know you're sick and don't feel up to eating, but in a little while you have to try again. You need my food in you're system Bella."

He took her tray quickly to the kitchen and returned to her bedroom even quicker to find her sleeping. He walked to her closet and began gathering clothing. Charlie was not here to care for Bella and she needed care. Edward could not leave her alone till tomorrow, and he had no idea when Charlie would return. In truth even if Charlie was in town Edward would find a way not to leave her unattended. When he was finished gathering he placed the bag he prepared on his left shoulder, walked over to her bed and picked her beautiful sleeping form in his arms. She stirred a moment and smiled in her sleep but was then silent. With ease he took her to his car, placed her gently inside, put her seatbelt on, got in the driver's seat and sped off.