AU-ish story about one of my fave couples. It's planned out as a two-shot.

Disclaimer: I don't own South of Nowhere, but gosh do I wish I do.


"Why don't you go talk to her Ash?" Kyla asked me one day during lunch. "You're staring at her again and it's starting to get really annoying. You don't have to ask her out or anything, just talk to her."

All this got in response was an eye roll. Kyla, so young and naïve. If you didn't know by now she's my half-sister. When my dad died two years ago, I found out I wasn't his only daughter. She was nice and all but, I couldn't accept her. I felt so betrayed, after fifteen years of having to deal with my nearly non-existent mother I find out that my dad had another kid. I thought she was just there so she could get her share of my dad's will but it turns out that she wanted to get to know her big sister, well her older half-sister. It took some time but we started getting along, hanging out once in awhile; she even started going out with my best guy friend Aiden. If you asked me two years ago what I thought about Kyla Woods I would say that she's a gold-digging, self-centered bitch, but now I would do anything to protect her. I don't even see her as my half-sister anymore; as far as I'm concerned, she's just my baby sis – god that was cheesy. Don't tell her I said that, she'd get all mushy and wouldn't let me live it down.

"Yeah Ash, you've been checking this girl out since she moved here last year. Grow some balls and talk to her already!"

That was Aiden, I mentioned him earlier. He's such a guy. We've been best friends since the second grade when he saved me from these dumbasses that wouldn't leave me alone (my nanny said I looked cute with those pigtails, but those jerks kept pulling them). If I ever needed him, he would drop everything and be there in a heartbeat – unless he was with Kyla and she said 'no'. Damn, that boy is seriously whipped; but I have to give my sister props for having that much control on him, he needs it.

"Would you idiotas shut up?" Ah, the voice of reason: my best girl friend Madison. "Ashley's not stupid; she would make a move if chica didn't have a boyfriend. But why she's with that estupido is beyond me." I've known this girl since we were in diapers. She may come on strong sometimes but she's always looking out for me, you could say that she's my big sister. Shit, there I go again being all cheesy. But seriously, this girl would go out of her way to make sure no one's harassing me or some other shit. I remember when I came out; she threatened the entire student body that they would be in a world of hurt if any of them dared to give me a hard time. I guess it kinda helps that she's head cheerleader and the four of us practically rule King High.

Getting out of LaLa Land I find that these three are still arguing. "Guys, Madi's right. She's taken and there is no way I'm going to hit on someone else's girl; that's just plain low."

"But it doesn't mean that you can't be friends," Ky disputes. "And I know for a fact that she has a thing for you."

This perks my interest. "Oh yeah? How so?"

"She's coming over here and totally checking you out." Wait, what? I turn around and she is definitely coming over to our table. Shit, shit, shit. When she's at the table, I'm about to say something when –

"Hey Madison, I came by to tell you that I can't make it to practice today coz I have a doctor's appointment." And suddenly all the hope that built up a few seconds ago disappears. Yeah Ky, she totally has a thing for me. Notice the sarcasm? Please, this girl was probably named Ms. Straight America.

"It's okay; we're just going through some old routines anyways."

"Oh okay then, I'll see you tomorrow," she says. "Bye guys," she addresses the table as a whole. Then she's looking right at me and I'm drowning in a pool of blue. "Bye Ashley."

All coherent thought has vanished and I'm sitting looking like an idiot as she walks back to her boy toy and his friends. She just talked to me. Blue Eyes just talked to me. Spencer Carlin just fuckin' talked to me and I sit there like a retard. God, just kill me now. That was the first time she's spoken to me since her first day.



Cup of white mocha in one hand I try to get my stupid locker to open, goddamn this stupid thing won't open. I get so pissed off I start to bang on it. Pulling at the damn handle again with too much force the door opened causing me to stumble back into someone. I would've fallen if that person hadn't held me up. Damn, I dropped my mocha. "Shit! I'm sorry! My stupid locke-"

Turning around I forgot what I was saying as I became captivated by the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. With her long, blonde hair and those eyes, she looks likes the poster child for angels. Her skin looked so soft, I kinda wanted to find out if it was but that would border on weird and creepy. "Ahem. My locker wasn't cooperating. Um, again I'm really sorry."

And she laughed, it was so mesmerizing. "It's okay. But if you want to make it up to me, you can tell me where room 312 is. It's my first day and I'm kinda lost."

"Um, it's on the other side of campus. Just walk straight that way and turn right when you see the bulletin board. It's gonna be on your left." She tilts her head to the side and pouts. Oh my god, that's so cute. Wait, did I just say cute? I never say cute.

"Great, now I'm really late. Thanks for directions …"

"Ashley. Ashley Davies."

With that, she starts to walk away backwards. "Thanks again Ashley Davies!"

She turns around and begins walking away. "Wait! I didn't get your name!"

Stopping she turns to me, "Spencer Carlin."

End Flashback


That was the last thing she said to me until today. This is so wrong! I'm Ashley frickin' Davies. I can get any girl or guy I want and here I am moping over some girl. Some straight girl. Some straight girl who has a boyfriend. URGH! My life sucks.

"Ay, Dios mio. Did you two see that?" Huh? What's Madi going on about? "I think I saw little hearts floating around her head," she continues causing Kyla and Aiden to laugh with her. Great, now you're making fun of me Madi? I thought you were the reasonable one.

"You all suck," I mumble. Unfortunately, this only causes them to laugh even more. Jerks.


Ah, TGIFF. Goodbye school, hello three-day weekend. Leaning against my kitchen counter with a cup of JD and coke in hand, I scan the party. A Davies - now Davies-Woods - party is always the way to end the week. Every other Friday Kyla and I would throw a party in order to relieve all the built up stress over the past two weeks and let loose.

And speaking of letting loose it seems that Kyla had one too many drinks, again. Aiden's carrying her up to her room right now. Poor guy, it looks like they're done for the night. At least I don't have to worry about them doing the nasty.

Ew. Ew. Ew. I just got a mental image. Damn my overactive imagination. Urgh, I gotta get outta here.

Telling Madi to kick everyone out when she wants to I throw my drink away and go to my room. Walking up the stairs the music and noise begin to fade away. Thank god, my room is on the other side of the house coz I'm getting tired of all those people. Just because our group can make or break you at King High a majority of the student body has taken to sucking up to us. Mindless idiots need their own lives.

Closing my door I'm about to strip off my shirt when my bathroom door opens. Holy Shit! Who the fuck is in my room? As quietly as I can, I creep over to my baseball bat. (Aiden and I like to go to the batting cage every once in awhile.) I'm about to swing when I see who it is. What the hell?

"Jeez Ash, give me a heart attack why don't 'cha," she says to me, hand over her heart. I think my heart just fluttered a little. Blue Eyes called me "Ash". Eyeing the bat she asks, "Um, can you put that down?"

"Oh, yeah." I'm still trying to figure out what she's doing here as I lower my bat and what better way than asking? "Um, what are you doing here?"

"Uh … Patrick brought me?" She's asking as if she's not sure what I'm getting at. Why'd she mention that idiot? Have I told you that I don't like her boyfriend? Well, if I didn't then here it is: I don't like her boyfriend.

"I mean in my room."

"Oh, sorry. It's just that it was loud downstairs and Patrick was getting drunk and I don't like dealing with …" Aww she's babbling, that's kinda cute.

"Spencer. Spencer! It's okay. I just wanted to know why you're here. No need for a play by play, a simple answer would've been fine." She's blushing now. This girl is so fuckin' adorable! "So you were getting tired of the people too, huh?"

"A little," she admits as she sticks her hands into her jacket pockets.

"Yeah, I got tired of the whole 'get drunk and sleep with a random person' bit. Decided to come up and just crash for the night."

Her eyes get a little wide as if she's realizing something. "Oh I'm sorry. Here you are wanting to sleep and - I'm just going to go now."

No, no, no. Don't leave Blue Eyes. I wanna talk to you, get to know you. What's your favorite color? Who's your favorite band? What do you like to eat? Do you have any pet peeves? Do you wanna go out sometime? No, wait. I can't ask that last one. She has a boyfriend Davies, get over it. "How are you getting home?" Oh look, she stopped. Yay.

"Um, Patrick drove us here so I guess I'll just call one my brothers," she replied. "Wait, Clay is out with Chelsea; I don't want to bother them. And I think I saw Glen playing beer pong downstairs."

"I'd offer you a ride home, but I'm in no condition to be driving." I could always just – NO. Can't ask her that, she'll think – "Do you want to just spend the night?"

"Oh, I couldn't. I should really get home." Why are you protesting? You don't wanna spend time with me?

"Nah it's totally fine. If you need to, just call your parents and tell them you're spending the night."

"My parents are out of town."

"Even better. Look at it this way: you can either spend the night here with fabulous me, or you can go home to an empty house." Wow, that was bold. I can't believe that I said that. Now she's gonna think I'm some conceited bitch.

"Are you sure?" Aw, there's that head tilt again. I love it when she does that.

"Positive. You can stay in here; I'll just crash with Madi." See I can be considerate, especially when it comes to you Blue Eyes.

"No, no, no. I don't want to put you out of your bed. If that's the case I'll just go home." But I don't want you to.

"Well, I guess – if it's okay with you – we can share my bed." Okay, now that was bold. "I promise not to molest you in your sleep."

She looks like she's really thinking about and let me tell you her face is so cute right now. "Okay, thanks Ash."

"No problem Blue Eyes." Oh crap, did I just say that aloud?

"Blue Eyes?" Yep, I did. Damn it Davies. You were making progress!

"Yeah, I'm sorry. It kinda slipped out."

"No, it's okay. I like it." Wow, her smile is beautiful. Scratch that, everything about this girl is beautiful. She's so – what's the word? – perfect. She's perfect.

"Um, wait here." I walk into my closet and grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt she can change into; don't want her to be uncomfortable. "You can wear these tonight, they should fit," I say as I hand her the clothes. "You can change in the bathroom."

When she's gone I grab another pair of shorts and a tank top this time. After changing as quickly as possible I bound onto my bed and wait for her. Crap. This was a bad idea. Like, really bad. Why, do you ask? Well, Spencer Carlin is staying in my bed. With me. In my bed with me. Me. Bed. And Spencer Carlin. Together. On the same bed. Just me and her – I think you get the idea.

Anyways, even though this bed is huge I don't think I can refrain from touching her in the middle of the night. What if we wake up in some awkward position tomorrow morning? She's gonna freak and never talk to me again. Granted this is like the third time she's spoken to me it's still something.

Oh. Crap. It just got worse. Blue Eyes just walked out of the bathroom. I shouldn't have given her those shorts. And why the hell did I give her the tightest t-shirt I own? Way too much skin is showing. It's official: I'm screwed.

Placing her clothes – which she folded neatly – on my couch and her shoes on the floor, she makes her way to the left side of the bed and just stands there, fidgeting a little. "Um, thanks again for letting me spend the night," she says as she tugs at the hem of the shirt a little.

Giving her a small smile, I pull the covers back and the pat the empty area, inviting her onto my bed. "It's no problem. I have to confess though, I did this for myself."

"How so?" Blue Eyes asks as she gets in, facing me with her head tilted. She has to stop doing that coz one of these days I'm going to lose it and jump her.

Hhmm let's see how brave I am. "Asking you to spend the night was just an excuse to have a beautiful girl in my bed." Please don't freak out. PLEASE don't freak out.

She's blushing now and staring intently at her hands, which are resting on her lap. "You think I'm beautiful?"

"Yeah, but I'm guessing you get that all the time from Patrick," I say, trying my best not to gag when I say his name.

"Um, he's never called me beautiful before."

I'm shocked right now. He's never told her she 's beautiful? How is that possible? How is it possible for him to be going out with her for nearly five months – yeah I kept track, it's not stalkerish at all – and had never told her how beautiful she is? This girl is possibly the most beautiful girl at King High right now. Not possible, she's got to be lying or being modest. "You're kidding right?"

She finally looks up and I'm enthralled by the blueness of her eyes and the blush on her cheeks. "No, I'm serious. He's told me I'm hot or pretty, but never beautiful. My family has told me that I am but they're family, they're supposed to."

I don't know why or how, but the next thing I know my right hand is cupping her cheek. "Well let me be the first non-family related person to tell you that you're beautiful. You're beyond beautiful Spencer Carlin."

She's blushing and I'm falling for her all over again. Damn. The things this girl can do to me without realizing it. "Thank you."

"For what, being honest? You don't have to thank me for that." Removing my hand we fall into a silence and it wasn't awkward, well not really anyway. Looking at the clock, I see the time. "Um, so it's kinda late. Maybe we should go to sleep."

"Yeah it's late," Blue Eyes says as I reach over and turn out the lights. We're both laying on our backs until she leans over and places a kiss on my cheek. OH. MY. GOD. She kissed me. Blue Eyes just frickin' kissed me. I can now die happy. "Night Ash."

Turning my head, I see that she's on her side facing me now. Following her example, I turn until I'm facing her. "Night Blue Eyes."


Wow. My bed's never been this warm before. Wait, why is there something on my chest? My arms are around something. No not something, but rather, someone. Cracking one eye open I'm greeted by a mass of blonde hair. It only takes me a few seconds to remember what happened last night and I can't help the smile that breaks out. Taking advantage of the situation, I tighten my hold on her. As I do so, she snuggles deeper into me. Yay! She's a snuggler. This day could not have started any better.

I close my eyes, but as I'm close to falling back to sleep I hear my door open. "Hey Ash are you – HOLY SHIT!"

DAMN YOU MADISON! Did you have to be so loud? Damn it. Spencer just woke up, well more like jolted up. Now it's gonna get weird and awkward between us. I guess I can thank Madi for that. Looking at her I see that she's covering her eyes, probably thinks we're nude.

"Um, morning Madison," Blue Eyes says with a small wave before turning her gaze to my comforter.

"Spencer?" Sitting up I see that Madi's a little shocked. Okay she's a lot shocked.

Rubbing my eyes in frustration, I look at my supposed best friend. "Was there something you wanted Madi?"

"Just to see if you were awake or not. But, I'm gonna go now," she says as she backs out the door. Before she's fully out she looks at me with eyes that clearly say, "We're talking about this later chica."

Sitting in silence for a while (we seem to be doing that a lot now) I look up to find Blue Eyes still staring intently at my comforter. "Morning," I say meekly.

She must have been deep in thought coz she jerks a little. Looking me in the eyes, I can see that there is a lot going on in her head. People have said that eyes are the doorway to someone's soul. "Morning."

"So, um, did you sleep well last night?" Oh god. Shoot me now. Can you be any lamer Davies? Did you sleep well? What kind of question is that? Just remind the girl that she spent the night with a hormone raging lesbian. Dumbass.

"Ye-yeah I did. Best sleep I've had in ages actually," she replies; she's looking me in the eyes and her head is tilted again. The cuteness that is Spencer Carlin is gonna kill me one day, but what a way to go.


"Yeah," she says with a little nod. I'm surprised that my face hasn't split from this huge ass smile that's formed.

"WHAT?" Okay, yeah. Definitely shoot me now. Cos I'm sure that in 4 … 3 … 2 …

"Hey Ash, I think Madison's still drunk or something coz she said that …."

Breathe in, breathe out. She's your sister and the other one's your best girl friend, if you kill them then it's just you and Aiden. Actually, I think we'd be fine. I mean, it'll take a while for Aiden to forgive me for killing 'the love of his life' as he likes to call her, but he eventually would. "Yes, Kyla? Is there something that you wanted?"

"Uh um huh. I didn't realize you had company." She looks nervous. Yes, Kyla that's it. Be nervous coz I'm so killing you if you screw this up for me. "I'm just uh, I'm gonna go now. Sorry."

If Aiden comes in next I swear I'm going to scream.

"I think I should go." Wait, what? Shit whiplash, I turned too quickly.

"You're leaving?" Yeah, sound desperate. Now Blue Eyes is going to think I'm clingy.

"It's almost noon. My parents are going to be home soon and I have to be home by then."

"Oh, okay. Well, I'm going to go wait downstairs then. Take as much time as you need in the bathroom."


Aiden had to get home too so he drove Spencer back to her place. Before leaving though, Blue Eyes kissed me again. It was a peck on the cheek but … Eep! Yeah I just squealed, you tell anyone and you will wish you were dead. Once they were out the door Ky and Madi ambushed me with questions.

"OH MY GOD! Did she just kiss you?"

"She spent the night here?"

"Did you two do anything last night?"

"Why did she spend the night?"

"Who made the first move?"

This went on and on and on until they were both satisfied. Luckily, for them, I had been in a good mood since the last kiss. After they finally decided to leave me alone, they wanted to go shopping. I kindly resigned and went back to my room. I just want to be alone to bask in my happiness.


Tuesday came too soon.

I'm in a daze all day and morning classes just whiz on by. Next thing I know I'm sitting at our table waiting for the others to show up. Earphones in and head down I don't see Kyla coming until she practically pounces on me. Yeah, really love having a little sister. Why get a dog when your sister can do the same tricks?

"Ashley you'll never guess what I just heard. I mean, I can't believe I didn't hear about it before but I just found out and I thought you would want to know. I mean, of course you would want to know but maybe you already knew but then if you did then you would be doing your little happy dance right now which you aren't so I'm guessing you don't -"

"KY! KY! Just breathe okay. Now tell me. What. Is. It?"

"Spencer broke up with Patrick on Saturday." And right then everything just froze. I couldn't hear anything else. I couldn't even breathe right. I'm too shocked. Blue Eyes broke up with her boy toy, she's free. She's actually single! I can make my move now.

But wait, she's not gay.

But she did kiss me.

It was a peck on the cheek.

It was still a kiss, and she did it twice.

It could've been a friendly 'thank you' kiss and you're just putting too much thought into it.

But what if it wasn't and I didn't do anything? I'd miss my chance.

But what if it was and you ruined a possible friendship?

Why are you arguing with me? I'm you.

One of us has to be the rational one.

"It looks like she heard the good news."

"How long has she been like this?"

"Since I told her about three minutes ago."

I'm still awestruck. "Blue Eyes is single," I say in a whisper.

"Who's Blue Eyes?"


After lunch I couldn't wait to get to seventh period, it's the only class I had with Blue Eyes this year. On the bright side it's Crafts class and the teacher, Mr. Michaels, is really cool so he doesn't mind what we do as long as we get our work done on time. Walking in I see I'm the first one and cast Mr. M a smile before taking a seat at my usual table.

Blue Eyes walks in a minute later, her eyes finding mine the second she's through the door. Instead of going to her usual table on the other side of the room, she walks over and takes the seat right in front of me. "Hi."

"Hey." And, like every time she's looking at me like that, I break out smiling. "So to what do I owe the pleasure of having The Spencer Carlin sitting with me today?"

It seems that every time I talk to her, I get more confident in what I say.

"The Spencer Carlin?" she questions, an amused smile gracing her face as she tilts her head. Oh god, the head tilt.

"Yes, The Spencer Carlin."

"Well, just so you know, I like to make people happy and today just happened to be your day." She's witty, I like it.


"Really. I woke up this morning and when I looked at my calendar, it had your name on it. Yesterday was Glen." Blue Eyes looks so pleased with her answer it's so adorable and I can't help the laugh that comes out.

"You're a riot Blue Eyes." She's just looking at me, smiling now. "What?"

"Nothing. I just like it when you call me that, it makes me feel special."

"Like special ed, special or special, special?"

"Definitely special, special." Score for Davies. Recap: she's stayed the night and there's no awkwardness, she's single and now there's potential for flirting. I love my life.

After the bell and attendance, Mr. M tells us to get to work. I'm already done with my project, and by the looks of it so is Blue Eyes. Okay, let's see how far I can take this.

"So, people are talking about you."

"Really? And what's so interesting about me that have people talking?"

"Word around school is that you broke up with your pretty boy."

"Well, at least they're talking about something that's true."

"But with that there are about a dozen or so theories as to why one of King High's 'perfect couples' broke up all of a sudden."

There's that head tilt again. "Really now? Hmm, interesting. What are they?"

"They were pretty ridiculous but there was one that caught my attention and it seems to be the most popular rumor."

"And what was that?"

"There's someone else." Looking straight into her eyes, I try to gauge a reaction. She doesn't look shocked or anything, instead she's looking kinda pensive.

"Hmm, at least one of the rumors is true." Okay, wait what? I did not see that one coming. Totally left field right there.

"So there's someone else?" Getting a simple nod of confirmation, the wheels start turning in my head. "Wait, did he cheat on you?" If that idiot cheated, I'm going to kick his ass.


"Did you cheat?" Why did I ask that? No way Blue Eyes would cheat. Now she's gonna be offended.

"Nope." Her face is neutral at this moment, but from the look in her eyes, she seems amused.

"But there's someone else?"

"Yes, there is."

"So he's interested in someone else, and wanted to break up with you before trying to hook up with some girl." Dumbass, Blue Eyes was the best thing to ever happen to him.

"Close, but not quite."

"Before trying to hook up with some guy?" I tease. And now she's laughing again.

"No. I can assure you that Patrick is one hundred percent straight."

"Then, I give up. What's the real story?" I don't wanna pry and be all noisy but I'm curious! I know, curiosity killed the cat but damn it, I wanna know.

"I'm interested in someone else, have been for awhile, and wanted to break up with him before trying to see if I can get a date with this person." Okay, the ball has gone even further into the left field. I thought she was actually happy with jerk-off; at least she always seemed like it.

"So who's the lucky guy?" Once the shock wore off, I got kinda despondent, but I'm trying not to show it.

"There's no guy."

"But you just said that –"

"I know what I said, but there's no guy." What's that supposed to mean? She said that she's interested in someone else, but that there's no – HOLY SHIT! IT'S A GIRL?

"Wai – bu – wha – bu – wha – HUH?"

"Wow, Ash, that's really articulate. Now try using full sentences, or at least words known in the English dictionary."

I'm still sitting there trying to process the information when the bell rings. What the hell? No way it's been fifty minutes already? But I guess time flies when you're imitating a fish.

"I'll see you later, Ash. I have to go before I'm late for practice," Spencer says as she grabs her bag. All the while, I'm STILL sitting there, probably looking like an idiot, but the second she's out that door I'm up and running after her.

"Who is she?" I shout once I'm out of the room. I see her turn around and look at me.

"Who's who?"

"The girl," I reply as I stop not two feet away from her. "The one you're interested in. Who is she?" I ask again, the desperation in my voice evident.

Offering a half smile, Blue Eyes just looks at me for a while. Then, she says, "You."

"Really?" Yeah, you cannot hear the desperately hopeful tone whatsoever.

Stepping towards me, Blue Eyes nods. "Mmhm." Then, she reaches a hand out to tuck some hair behind my ear. Once she's done her hand lingers near my cheek before cupping it. Looking me straight in the eyes, she asks me the one question I've been dying to ask her. "Will you go out with me?"

How many ways can I say yes?