Warning/Caution: Be advised that this story will contain; graphic violence, rape, murder, torture and other mature themes and should not be read by young audiences. There will be character death, a lot of swearing, sex (not counting rape), drug use, alcohol use and more. Again this is a mature story, not to be taken lightly. It is different from the style of my other fics, so again be careful when you read this. I don't' want to upset anyone.

Chapter One

Blood Stained White Roses


Ichigo hated being under cover, most of all in cases like these, dealing with just plain creeps of the sexual kind. Because of his looks and the fact that he was young but skilled as a police officer he was often put into these cases; he was what the people he was trying to take down were looking for, what better way to catch a freak then with their own addiction?

Ichigo shifted and tugged skin tight long sleeve white shirt under the black vest with fur around the hood and bottom hem then sighed.

"Don't worry you've got this" Came Renji's voice from the ear piece. "You're a natural,"

Ichigo rolled his eyes and walked into the bar where he was meeting another officer who'd been undercover for a few months, and would help get Ichigo where he needed as safely as could be, and hopefully without as much groping as the last time Ichigo was sent under cover.

Ichigo walked over to a booth in the back and the other undercover looked up at him. "Oh Ichi, it's about time," The man said with a wide grin. "My friends were starting to get nervous,"

"Sorry Grimmjow, had to sneak away, my dad, y'know," Ichigo said smiling before slipping into the booth next to Grimmjow and in front of a really creepy man who was almost drooling at Ichigo. "Sorry to keep you waiting, I hope it's not going to affect anything," He said leaning back against Grimmjow and crossed his legs.

"Of course not," The man said with a large grin and lust filled eyes.

Ichigo tried not to gag or pull his gun when he felt the man run a hand up his thigh under the table.

"Now now," Grimmjow said grabbing the man's hand from Ichigo's leg. "Before you play, you must pay," Grimmjow said. "You got what I asked for?"

"Out back," The man said putting his hand back on Ichigo's thigh.

Ichigo fought the urge to cringe and instead leaned forward against the table. "How about a drink?" He asked seductively raising an eyebrow. The man smiled, "Come on big guy, please something sweet," Ichigo bit his bottom lip softly.

The man pulled away and got up from the table and walked towards the bar.

"You owe me big time," Ichigo whispered in Grimmjow ear, pretending to place soft kisses on his neck.

"Don't worry, I know," Grimmjow said wrapping an arm around Ichigo's head and pulled Ichigo into a kiss as the man came back to the table. It wasn't the first time Grimmjow and Ichigo had done this, they'd worked a few cases like this in the past, and it wasn't completely unpleasant for either of them, even though the creep staring at them was.

"Oi, what is this? Come on Grimmjow share," The man said. Grimmjow pulled away from Ichigo.

"Play nice with my friend while I take care of some business in the back," Grimmjow said making Ichigo move to the other side of the booth next to the man who instantly grabbed Ichigo around the waist. Grimmjow got up slowly and walked towards the back and Ichigo turned his attention to the man currently fondling his inner thigh.

"You're rather slender ain't ya?" The man said sucking on Ichigo's earlobe.

"Grimmjow likes it that way," Ichigo said. "And I do anything to please my lovers," Ichigo shifted and closed his eyes as the man grabbed his groin. He gave a fake moan, and ran his hand up the man's arm and gripped his biceps.

" Good, because for the next few months I'm your lover," The man and ran his tongue down Ichigo's neck and Ichigo shivered. The man laughed and sucked on Ichigo's nape.

"Slow down big boy," Ichigo said. "The night's still young. Besides, I don't even know you're name yet,"

"Yammy," The man said rubbing Ichigo's groin hard and gripped Ichigo's waist with his other hand.

"Well then Yammy," Ichigo said leaning against the large chest. "Let's take things slowly, enjoy the night, after all I am a night animal," Ichigo shifted and ran his tongue lightly over Yammy's cheek.

Yammy grinned and crashed his lips down against Ichigo's who again fought the urge to gag as the large man's bitter tongue moved over his lips and ravaged the inside of his mouth.

"And I thought the last case you worked was gross," Renji's voice said in Ichigo's ear.

'I'm so gonna fucking kill you Renji when I get the fucking hell outta here,' Ichigo thought and pulled away from Yammy's lips with a faked but extremely believable moan. Ichigo licked his lips slowly.

"You really don't like to waste any time do you?" Ichigo asked reaching for his drink.

"No," Yammy said reaching up Ichigo's shorts and massaged Ichigo's inner thigh. Ichigo let his eyes flutter and close slowly. Ichigo sucked on his lips and rocked his hips forward against Yammy's hand.

"Grimmjow's on his way back," Renji said.

A few minutes later Grimmjow came back out.

"Whoa there tiger," Grimmjow said pulling Ichigo away from Yammy.

"What's the deal Grimmjow?" Yammy growled.

"No sex on a school night," Grimmjow said. Ichigo looked up at Grimmjow who wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist. "I've gotta get my kitten back to bed before midnight," Grimmjow winked and kissed Ichigo's neck.

Yammy eyed Ichigo. "Don't worry, we'll meet again real soon," Ichigo said smiling. Yammy seemed satisfied.

"Fine," Yammy said. "But he's not getting away next time Grimmjow, we have a deal,"

"Of course we did," Grimmjow said. "Thanks for the stuff by the way. See ya around," Grimmjow said pulling Ichigo from the club quickly and down the street.

Ichigo started swearing and wiping his neck and ear off. "Why couldn't I have just stayed in fucking homicide? The freaks don't try to suck your fucking neck off, They don't try to grope you either," He growled and Grimmjow laughed as they got into the back of the large truck parked in the alley a few blocks from the club. Renji, and Rukia the two other officers working the case looked at Ichigo and Grimmjow.

"Well there was that one guy..." Renji started but Ichigo glared at him and he stopped with a short loud laugh.

"So we good?" Grimmjow asked.

"Yea, got the whole deal on tape, plus some," Rukia said.

"Good, now can we go?" Ichigo asked pulling the hoodie over his head.

"Oi, Shuuhie, start her up," Renji said hitting the wall that separated the cab of the truck from the back. The engine started up and the truck lurched forward.

"Fuck," Ichigo growled pulling the tape off his chest and handed the wire he'd been wearing to Rukia while Grimmjow handed his to Renji.

"Calm down," Rukia said.

"No," Ichigo muttered.

"It wasn't that bad," Rukia said.

"You weren't the one with a gorilla trying to eat you," Ichigo said and Rukia snorted. "Bitch,"

"It's not my fault you've got natural talent for attracting freaks," Rukia said.

"Don't remind me," Ichigo rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt back over his head. "I need a shower,"


Ichigo got into the precinct early the next morning, he hadn't done his paper work last night, and wanted to get it done.

"Hey Ichigo, you got a second?" Byakuya leaned out of his office and Ichigo shrugged. "This will only take a second," He said as Ichigo walked into the office and closed the door.

"What can I do for you boss?" Ichigo asked leaning back against the large window that separated Byakuya's office from the rest of the third floor.

"Do you remember the case you worked a few years back with the killer that would carve the number 'fifteen' into his victims?" Byakuya asked.

"Yea, he stopped killing like two years ago, why bring it up?" Ichigo asked, and glanced at Byakuya's hand that rested on a file. "Don't tell me the sick fuck's back," Ichigo stepped forward and grabbed the file from under Byakuya's hand. "Shit," Ichigo said flipping through the photos of blood cut up men and women. "How come you didn't tell me sooner? He's already added seven more victims in the past four months?" Byakuya nodded.

"That's not all," Byakuya pulled a piece of paper from his desk draw, it was in a protective covering with a red evidence seal on the top. Ichigo took the letter and began to read the slanted cursive hand writing. "He wants to play," Byakuya said and Ichigo looked at him. "I've got four other letters that have been left with some of his victims, they are all addressed to you. He must've been watching the news, saw you and that you were the lead on the case,"

"I'm not playing mind games with him," Ichigo said setting the letter and the photos on the table.

"Ichigo," Byakuya said.

"No, I'm not gonna let a case get under my skin, that's how good cops mess up," Ichigo said turning to the door.

Byakuya shifted. "He's been stalking you, he knows things about your life,"

Ichigo looked back at Byakuya who pulled a small orange composition notebook from a box. "This has you're entire life for the past eight months written in it," Byakuya said and Ichigo grabbed the book and opened it.

January 24th

He went to the library today, returned the three books he'd checked out the week before, two of which I had never seen before, so I checked them out. He talked with the librarian about each book, his ability to retain information in such detail must be why he is such an skilled police officer. I've grown so much more fond of him now, his mind is just as appealing as his body to me now. I watched him take the L train to the pier where he sat and talked with a woman for the longest time, she was rather beautiful, but he doesn't lover her, and yet I felt jealous rage within me.... I wanted to kill her, she caused him to smile and to laugh. They had lunch on the pier, she even brought ice cream with. I watched in awe as his tongue moved over the sweet, and for a moment forgot the rage for the woman, but when she placed a kiss on his cheek, it returned with new heat. I will kill her.... so she cannot have him, he is mine, I will prove that to her when she's dead.... So she is next, to be laid in her grave for trying to take what is mine....

Ichigo looked up at Byakuya. "I know that this is difficult for you Ichigo, but we can send you to a safe house and keep you under protection for a while," Byakuya said.

"No," Ichigo said. "I'm not letting this guy get to me, I'm gonna keep doing my job, screw this nut case," Ichigo tossed the notebook onto the desk.

"Ichigo, you know what this guy is capable of doing, you've seen the work on his victims first hand. And he is stalking you, you can't pretend that this isn't happening," Byakuya said.

"I can handle myself Byakuya," Ichigo said.

"I'm still ordering uniforms to watch your place," Byakuya said.

"I'd rather you didn't," Ichigo said. "This guy is gonna take it as a sign of hostility towards him and possessiveness over me that you have," Ichigo said. "It might make him lash out,"

Byakuya crossed his arms.

"Besides, I've been fine so far on my own haven't I?" Ichigo asked.

"We just got this notebook today along with a body Ichigo," Byakuya said and Ichigo shifted. " Anyone you talk to from now on is a target. So are you,

" I'll be fine," Ichigo said and walked from Byakuya's office and to his desk which was facing Renji's desk and next to Rukia and Grimmjow's desks that were facing the way Ichigo and Renji's were.

"What was that about?" Renji asked leaning back in his chair and crossed his legs.

"Nothing, just an old case," Ichigo said.

"The 15 case?" Renji asked and Ichigo looked up at him. "Byakuya asked me not to tell you. Didn't want it messing with your head while you were on your case last night,"

"So you've only known since last night?" Ichigo asked.

"Well, for a few days, " Renji said.

Ichigo leaned forward against his desk. "You should have told me," Ichigo said.

"I wanted to, but as your partner I've gotta look out for your best interest, and you having the 15 case on your mind would've put you at risk," Renji said. "I'm sorry,"

Ichigo rubbed his temples and sighed heavily. "Byakuya told you everything then?" Ichigo asked.

"Yea, don't worry, I'll watch my back," Renji said. "and yours," He added.

"Thanks Renji," Ichigo said smiling.


*Third person unknown * 1:15 a.m.

A strawberry blond woman was running down an alley, she kept looking over her shoulder. Her pale green dress was tattered and wet from the sheer heavy rain that had started falling earlier in the night.

A tall thin man was following her, he didn't seem to mind the fact that she was terrified, if anything he enjoyed his game all the more, a wide smiled spread across his face from ear to ear and his eyes were squinted in his amusement.

The woman frozen almost running into the wall. She spun around and screamed as the man pulled a knife from the sleeve of his white coat and ran it across her throat, her scream became gurgled and and her blood ran down the long slit on her throat.

The man's smile grew even wider as she fell to the ground, he knelt down and turned her onto her back and began to carve her body with long deep cuts, her blood leaked onto the cracked concrete and filled the wet air with it's scent. The man took extra care in carving her beautiful face into pieces, stabbing his blade slowly through her vacant eyes then twisting it, a sickening sound a mix between a suction and a pop echoed of the brick walls . When he was finally satisfied with his work on the now cool corpse he carved the number 15 deeply into her side cracking her ribs with, and set an envelope wrapped in plastic against her large chest and positioned her hand over it so it wouldn't blow away and left.


*Nine hours later *

Byakuya walked down the alley, ducking under the yellow tape that prevented anyone beside police to get to the body and bent down, pulling the sheet off the woman's form with gloved hands and sighed. There was no doubt in his mind that this had been the work of the serial killer known as '15'. Although her face was badly deformed from gashes, he was sure he knew her, a girl from a diner where Ichigo went often, she had had a crush on him for the longest time, and even though she knew of Ichigo's sexual orientation, she still never left him alone.

Byakuya put the back of his right hand to his mouth, it was going to mess with Ichigo's head, knowing that this girl had been murdered because of him, but Byakuya knew Ichigo was the reason for her death, although not directly, but being the object of a serial killer's world caused it.

"She was killed early this morning, M.E. says around 2, her name's Orihime, a waitress at a twenty-four hour diner about twelve blocks down. Her boss said she didn't have any problems and no body followed her out," Byakuya nodded slowly, his thoughts confirmed.

"He wouldn't have gone in the diner. He wouldn't be able to stand being in the same building with her. The only time he'd be able to bring himself close to her is when he killed her," Byakuya said carefully removing the letter held against her chest. " He would've most likely have been sitting at the bus stop or in a parked car," He flipped the letter over and sighed, seeing Ichigo's name written on it.

"I'll have someone sent to inform next of kin," The officer said.

"Yea," Byakuya said and handed the envelope to another officer who put it into an evidence bag.


* Third Person Ichigo *

Ichigo was staring down at his desk, his head in his hands. Byakuya just told him that Orihime, a waitress Ichigo knew from the diner he went to often had turned up dead this morning, the number 15 carved into her side.

"You gonna be alright?" Rukia asked sitting on the edge of Ichigo's desk.

"Yea," Ichigo said leaning back in his chair. " I didn't even know her that well,"

"You always were nice to her when we went to the diner Ichigo, you liked her," Rukia said.

"Yea, she was really sweet," Ichigo muttered.

"Don't worry, we're gonna get this guy, it's only a matter of time, they all mess up eventually," Rukia said. "And we'll be ready when he does,"

"That's if we don't mess up first," Ichigo said.

"We won't," Rukia said.

"I'm not too sure about that," Ichigo said running his fingers through his hair.

"We will catch him," Rukia said.


Ichigo walked up the stairs to his flat on the second floor of the brick apartment building, a bag of take out in his hand, a copy of the files of the latest '15' murders under his arm and his keys in his other. He was drenched from the rain, his hair stuck to his face and his tight clothes to his slender frame. He unlocked the door of his flat and went inside.

"I'm home Kon," Ichigo called, a few minutes later the sound of a purring cat moved near his feet, and he felt the ginger cat brush around his legs. "Hey buddy," Ichigo said stepping past his cat to set the food and files on his couch and went into the connected room to change into a pair of dry boxers and sweat pants. He grabbed a towel and put it over his head as he went back into the other room and sat down turning the lamp on next to the couch.

"WHAT THE FUCK!" Ichigo stumbled back, falling with a heavy thud on the floor. It had been so dark, he hadn't seen the pile of white roses splattered with blood all over his flat. Ichigo shifted and lifted his hand, there was blood splattered everywhere like someone put it in a spray can and just had at it. He wasn't sure how he hadn't noticed them, he would've stepped on them, smelt the blood or the flora scent. Had he really been that distracted by the case?

Ichigo scrambled to his feet and grabbed his phone so hard he knocked the base off the wall and dialed the police.

" 9-1-1 what's you're emergency?"

"Someone broke into my apartment," Ichigo said grabbed Kon by his scruff so he didn't get anymore blood on him.

"What is your address sir?"

Ichigo gave his address and answered the mandatory questions.

"Please stay on the line sir, officers are on their way,"

"Yea," Ichigo said shifting Kon in his arms and looked around his flat.


"I'm fine Byakuya knock it off," Ichigo said rolling his eyes. "I'm not hurt, so just do you damn job, stop worrying about me,"

Byakuya sighed heavily. "Do you believe me now?" He said. "This guy is going to kill you,"

"No, I don't think he is," Ichigo said watching as officers placed each of the blood stained roses into it's own bag, Ichigo had already counter forty dozen. "Where do you even get that many white roses?" Ichigo muttered.

"It couldn't have been easy, or cheap," Byakuya said.

"Well I know that," Ichigo said rolling his eyes again.

"Byakuya, we've got a letter,"

Byakuya went over taking the letter and carefully opened it.

"What does it say?" Ichigo asked, and Byakuya handed it to him.

'My dearest Ichigo,

I've spent many nights in this very room, watching you sleep so soundly and wished that one day I will be able to lay beside you. That day will come soon, please take the gifts I will leave for you until the time comes when I shall be able to embrace you.

Yours forever more


Ichigo shivered and folded the letter and closed his eyes. "This doesn't sound like him.....The wording it's like he's trying to lie to me," Ichigo looked up at Byakuya. "This guy isn't a romantic, he'd never wish to lay with me, not like he's saying in this letter. He's trying to tell me something else, but I don't know what it is yet, I need to see the letters and the journal... Get a better image of his head..." Ichigo's voice trailed off into his own thoughts.

"Does it matter Ichigo?" Byakuya asked.

"Look Byakuya, this is how I cope, leave me alone," Ichigo said and Kon pounced into his lap. "Thanks Kon," He muttered scratching under Kon's lap.

"I don't want you staying here," Byakuya said.

"I'll sleep at the precinct," Ichigo said. "Just let me pack some clothes," Ichigo stood slowly, Kon wrapped around his neck.

"Alright," Byakuya said.

Ichigo went into his bedroom, and pulled a few outfits from his dresser and stuffed them into a bag. Kon bit his ear and hissed. "What the hell is with you cat?" He growled. "I'm not going to leave you here don't worry,"

"Come on Ichigo," Byakuya said and Ichigo looked up.

"Alright alright," Ichigo muttered pulling the bag off the top of the dresser and followed Byakuya out and into his car.


Ichigo had been put on desk duty, which meant answering phones, which 90% of the calls were pranks or hang ups, and finishing up on any paper work, which Ichigo didn't have, he always finished his paper work, which was unusual for an officer that worked as many cases Ichigo did.

Ichigo was anxious, he knew that by the end of the week that Byakuya would have another '15' body, and again want to move Ichigo under protection, which Ichigo had just finished fighting about an hour ago with Byakuya.

Ichigo leaned back in his seat and lifted the photo of Orihime up and stared at it for. It was a photo her older brother had given to Byakuya, she was smiling and wearing a yellow summer dress. Ichigo's chest grew tight, knowing that he'd been the reason she ended up murdered in a dirty alley. Tears slid down his cheeks which he wiped away quickly with the back of his hand and leaned forward resting his arms on his desk, staring at the crime scene photos that were spread out in no distinct pattern to anyone but Ichigo.


Ichigo blinked slowly, and listened to the sound of his tears hitting heavily on the photo.

Grimmjow sighed sitting on the edge of Ichigo's desk and put his hand on the back of Ichigo's head, running his fingers through the bright orange locks. "You need a place to stay tonight?" Grimmjow asked.

"... sure,"

"I'm off my shift in an hour, we can grab something before we head to my place," Grimmjow said.


Ichigo wrapped his legs around Grimmjow's waist tightly, his back arching off the wall of Grimmjow's bedroom as Grimmjow thrust into him hard. Ichigo put his hands on Grimmjow's shoulders, leaving red marks. Grimmjow sucked hard on Ichigo's nipple, pulling the soft nub with his teeth.

"... HaaanHnn... Nghn... h-harder," Ichigo pleaded closing his eyes tightly.

Grimmjow shifted, bracing himself against the wall and thrust harder making Ichigo scream throwing his head back. Grimmjow growled in pleasure and shifted his arm from Ichigo's waist to the small of his back, digging blunt nails into the smooth pale flesh enough that blood prickled against his fingertips.

They came at the same time, Ichigo's voice loud and wild, Grimmjow's deep and husky, their bodies trembled and Ichigo's body went limp against Grimmjow's. The blue haired man slipped from Ichigo, and his cum dripped down Ichigo's thighs. He looked down at Ichigo's sleeping face.

He'd never get over how stunning it was, they had had sex many times, Ichigo wasn't one to care much about relationship.... he just wanted sex to relieve the stress from his work which was the most important thing in his world. Grimmjow laid Ichigo on his bed and covered him with the sheets.

Grimmjow fixed his pants and rubbed the back of his neck, rolling his shoulders. God did he enjoy every time him and Ichigo fucked, it was raw, heated and intense, more over no matter how many different guys Ichigo slept with, he was always virgin tight and addicting, Grimmjow took every chance he could to get inside of him, even if it meant another guilt trip for Grimmjow later, Ichigo was his own personal brand of cocaine, Ichigo was that to a lot of people.

Grimmjow went into his kitchen and opened his fridge pulling out a bottle of beer and twisted off the top. He glanced at the clock on the wall, almost six in the morning, he had to be back at work in a few hours, but it wasn't going to stop him from finishing his beer before he went to catch what little sleep he could.


*Third Person Unknown *

The silver haired man stood at at a newspaper stand, the collar of his coat up to protect his pale neck from the frigid rain. He flipped through the pages of a magazine without interest, watching a teal haired man through the window of store. The white haired man had been watching the other for several days now in bitter disgust and intense rage, after all this man named Grimmjow had touched what was his and he wasn't going to stand for it.

A shiver ran down the white haired man's spine and his smile grew wider as the object of his desire moved into his view from behind a door in the store. Stunningly beautiful with bright orange locks that framed his face, pale smooth skin, and a slender toned frame, this being was the white haired man's entire world, had been for the past five years, six months, one week and three days. Since the first time that beautiful face was shown to him, the white haired man had fantasized about it, dreamt of it, craved it, wanted to dominate it. The white haired man put the magazine back in it's place and walked away, he had learned of his next kill, and he had gotten to see his angel. He was content... for now.

He walked down the street putting his hands into his pockets and thought of the way he wanted to get rid of the man Grimmjow. He figured he'd most likely have to use more then a knife on him, after all Grimmjow wasn't some weakling like that woman Orihime had been. Gin chuckled to himself as he came to his car that he had parked away from where he had been watching his angel and got into the driver's seat and drove off.


His house was large, not near the city. It was quiet and solitary. Perfect in his mind, his own kingdom.

Several large guard dogs barked from behind the fence as their master came closer. They followed him into the house and into the large study the white haired man relaxed. He poured himself a glass of scotch and turned on his stereo, classical music came from the speakers and the man sat down in a large white arm chair and the dogs laid around at his feet. He stared at a vase where a single blood stained white rose sat, the only one he had not given to his angel... at least not yet.

The man's smile grew wider and he rested his chin on the knuckles of his left hand as his elbow rested on the arm rest.


End of Chapter 1

I know I said I wasn't gonna post this yet, but I got bored, this is gonna be way different from my other stories, and will probably up date a lot slower then the others as well. Well I've killed off a character already, and am planning on killing more so be warned. Yes, there was already yaoi in it, I usually don't put that in the first chapter, but this story is gonna be pretty raw and y'know dirty I guess. I kinda mixed Aizen and Gin's personalities a little, I figure what the hell, why not that's a great combination and makes Gin aka 15 all the creepier.

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