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Chapter Ten: The End


**Third Person: Ichigo**

**Seven Months Later**

Ichigo pulled his black trench coat over his shoulders, and buttoned the double buttons. He sighed, Rukia had died four nights ago, her wound finally getting the best of her, even though she had fought hard, and doctors were slightly optimistic that she might pull through.

Ichigo hadn't gotten any sleep the past four nights, he had been having nightmares about Rukia's death, he felt like she was haunting him.

The doorbell rang and Ichigo jumped, then winced at the pain in his leg, although the bone had healed enough to be take out of the cast, it was still sensitive, and Ichigo walked with a limp, and the doctors didn't think that it would ever go away. Ichigo sighed walking over to the door and opened it. Renji stood, dressed in his police uniform, his coat held by the collar in his hand.

"Ready?" Renji asked.

"Just a sec," Ichigo grabbed his officer's hat from the counter then followed Renji out to his truck and got in.

"I can't believe she's gone," Renji muttered tapping the steering wheel, something he did when he was upset, or angry.

"Yea," Ichigo said. "She always said she'd beat us to the grave though," Ichigo closed his eyes tightly and covered his eyes. "....Damnit, I never thought that she actually would die before us," He leaned forward and bit his lip hard.

"Don't be like this Ichigo," Renji said quietly. "This isn't your fault, Rukia would never blame you for this,"

"She wanted to become a police officer after she meet me. Rukia wanted to protect people like me," Ichigo said. "If she'd never meet me, she'd not be dead now,"

"If she had never meet you, she wouldn't have been the wonderful person she was," Renji said and Ichigo looked at him. " Rukia changed after she meet you. Rukia used to be this snobby spoiled brat who did what ever the hell she wanted. But when she saw you, how broken and messed up you were, she changed. She started helping people, and wanted to be a person she could be proud of," Renji said and Ichigo closed his eyes.

" Still...." Ichigo said.

"Don't blame yourself for what the fucking monster did to Rukia," Renji said. "Just be glad that bastard's never gonna see daylight again, until he's walking down the hall to the room where they'll stick a needle in his arm then flip the switch, and he's gonna die,"

Ichigo didn't answer. At first he had wanted Fifteen dead, but now he couldn't bring himself to, because if Fifteen died, then Gin would be dead too, and Ichigo didn't want Gin to die.

They got to the cemetery, and parked, Ichigo pulled off his trench, and fixed his uniform, then placed his hat on his head, and followed Renji, who had also put on his cap. There was already a group waiting, a white casket sat perched over the grave, covered in blue and white flowers. A large picture of Rukia dressed in her officer's uniform stood at the head of the casket. Byakuya glanced at Ichigo, before turning his face back to the casket.

Ichigo shivered, listening to the priest reading from the bible, he looked up at the cloudy sky, watching his breath steam in the winter air, trying to keep the tears from sliding down his cheeks. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked to his right. Grimmjow stood, dressed in his leaning heavily on a cane, but still he looked strong in his uniform and Ichigo bit his bottom lip and closed his eyes.

Everyone stood like statues, and when the shots rang out, Ichigo flinched. Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's shoulder tightly, reassuringly and Ichigo reached up, putting his hand over Grimmjow's.

After everything was over, four people were left, Grimmjow, Renji, Byakuya and Ichigo. Not a single one of them moved, not one of them spoke, just stood, watching as dirt was shoveled onto the white casket. Each mourning silently for the friend and loved one that they had lost.

Byakuya finally looked up and let a sad smile form on his lips as tears slid down his cheeks. " It's snowing,.... Rukia," Byakuya whispered, the others all looked up then too, seeing thick white flakes falling from the heavens. "We'll miss you, Rukia,"


**One Week Later**

Ichigo walked down the halls of the maximum security prison, towards the isolation ward. He swallowed, stopping at a room, he put his hand on the handle of the door, he didn't really know if he should turn the handle, to walk in. Ichigo didn't know if he'd be seeing Gin, or if Fifteen would be waiting for him. But Ichigo wanted to see Gin, if it was Fifteen, he could always just leave.

Ichigo turned the handle and went into the room. "You can leave," Ichigo said to the two guards that were standing on either side of Gin who sat cuffed to a chair. They nodded.

"We'll be outside," One said then left.

" Didn't think tha' they'd actually give ya my letter," Gin said looking up at Ichigo. "Or tha ya'd actually come, afta that police woman died.... they're addin' another murder ta my case..... asking fer the death penalty ya know.... afta the trial.... I got 'bout six months,"

Ichigo sat down slowly. "I know," he whispered.

" I didn' wan that woman ta die, I tried ta ge Fifteen ta stop, bu he wouldn' listen," Gin said.

"Still, that doesn't atone for the other things you did. You helped nearly kill Grimmjow, and you didn't care when Fifteen shot Renji," Ichigo said.

" I wuz jealous o' em," Gin said and Ichigo looked at him. " Ya shouldn' jus give yerself ta everyone.... yer betta than tha. Bu ya were jus throwin yerself at em.... and those other guys.... I jus lost it,"

"Who I was with was none of your damn business," Ichigo said. " If you wanted me, you should've acted like a normal human and came to me, and asked me to belong to you, not forced me,"

"By da time I found ya again, I wuz a murderer already n ya were a cop.... Ya would have figured it all ou.... wha would ya have done, ne?" Gin said.

Ichigo shook his head. " I don't know," Ichigo said.

" I've neva been in fate's favor, ne?" Gin chuckled and clenched his hands. "Bu I love ya Ichigo, n I didn' lie bout tha, I will love ya even afta 'm dead," Ichigo stood quickly and went to the door. "Wait, please, don' go," Gin said and Ichigo stopped. "I ain't got much time left, n I wanna spend as much o it as I can, wit ya Ichigo, please, don't go,"

Ichigo looked over his shoulder. "This can't work," Ichigo said.

"I know," Gin said. "Bu, jus pretend ya love me.... even though I don' deserve it,"

Ichigo swallowed and walked to the chair and pulled it closer to Gin then sat down slowly. Gin smiled, Ichigo looked down at his hands. "I do.... love you Gin," Ichigo muttered. "I tried to make it.... so that they wouldn't put you to death, but have you serve life instead because of your multiple personalities, but the D.A.... she wouldn't hear a word of it.... even though the doctors said that you are insane," Ichigo couldn't help but let out a sound which was a mix between a laugh and a sob. "..... I'm so screwed up because of you Gin...."

" 'm sorry Ichi," Gin said.

"I have to go now...." Ichigo said standing. "I have work," He walked over to the door.

" It's not yer fault Ichi," Gin said and Ichigo looked at him. "Tha' 'm li this, or tha' I killed all those people. So don' blame yerself anymore, don' do tha ta yerself,"

"I know," Ichigo said.

Gin nodded and smiled. " 'm not afraid ta die Ichi. Haven't been afraid ta die fer a long time. So don' come ta the execution 'kay?" Gin said. " Ya don need ta be there,"

Ichigo shook his head and left, not like he could really say anything to that.


**Three Weeks Later**

"Go home Ichigo," Byakuya said walking past Ichigo's desk. "The creeps will be here when you come back after a few hours of sleep,"

"What makes you think I won't just bring this case home with me?" Ichigo asked.

"You just got done dealing with a serial killer, you don't need to start up working on another. It's only been eight months, you're supposed to be on light part time, yet you're still here over time since you got out of the hospital," Byakuya said.

"I don't want to go home," Ichigo said quietly, and rubbed his face setting the file down on his desk. "Besides these people's families need to know who killed their loved ones," Ichigo said. "This guy has killed ten people in eight months, each murder gets more violent, and he drops the bodies in more public places, it we don't catch him now, he's gonna be just like Fifteen, killing over eighty people and taking way to long to catch him," Ichigo said.

"Not everyone is going to be like Fifteen, Ichigo," Byakuya said. "You can't keep this up, working yourself this hard is going to drive you to an early grave,"

"I wouldn't mind that," Ichigo said. "At least when I'm here.... I don't y'know," Ichigo closed his eyes and put his head in his hands. "Even going though what I did... didn't change me..... I'm still.... this,"

"There's nothing that needed to be changed," Byakuya said. "If you were perfect, you would've turned out to be a killer Ichigo, and we both know it," Byakuya ruffled Ichigo's hair, and Ichigo smiled and looked up at Ichigo. "No one should be perfect, because if everyone was perfect..... then everyone would be the same, and you and I would be out of jobs. Because perfect people don't kill each other,"

"I guess," Ichigo said.

"Now come on, I'll drive you home, I know you shouldn't be driving, you're about to fall over," Byakuya stood slowly.

"No, I really don't want to go home," Ichigo said.

"Come to my place, your room is still just the way you left it you know," Byakuya said pulling his coat on. "Mom and Dad never changed it, always thought that you'd wanna move back in, after all you were their third child,"

Ichigo smiled and stood slowly. "Alright, that bed's more comfortable then mine anyways," Ichigo went to grab the file.

"No," Byakuya said. "Work stays at work," He said and Ichigo sighed. "You're such an idiot, come on, I'm hungry, we can pick up something to eat before we get home,"

" Alright big bro," Ichigo joked and Byakuya looked at him.

"You really are an idiot," Byakuya said.

Ichigo shrugged. "I have my moments," He smiled and Byakuya shook his head.


**Two Months Later**

" Has the jury reached a verdict?" The judge asked.

"We have your honor,"

Ichigo swallowed and closed his eyes. Grimmjow put his hand over Ichigo's, and Renji on his other side, leaned forward.

" How do you find?" The judge asked.

"In the counts of murder in the first degree, we the jury find the defendant Ichimaru Gin, not guilty by reason of mental illness or defect,"

Ichigo gasped and covered his face leaning forward.

"Fuck!" Renji roared, anyone in the courtroom seemed to have the same reaction as Renji, and the courtroom grew loud.

"Order!" The judge yelled.

It took a few minutes for everything to calm down.

"Upon hearing this verdict, Ichimaru Gin, you are to be moved to a secure facility for the criminally insane where you will live the rest of your life," The judge said. "Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury thank you, you're dismissed," The judge said.

Ichigo stood quickly and rushed out, stopping once he was away from everyone, and he sank to the ground closing his eyes and leaned his head back. He didn't want to admit it, to even himself, he was relieved. Ichigo was shaking and he was breathing hard, tears threatened to slid down his cheeks.

" You look relieved,"

Ichigo opened his eyes and looked up at Grimmjow. ".... Grimm... I-I don't know.... what I am a-anymore," Ichigo shook his head. "I'm so damn sorry.... I know you wanted to see him... dead because of what he did to you.... you can't even be a cop anymore," Ichigo bit his bottom lip as Grimmjow slowly sank to the floor under the stairwell next to Ichigo.

" I know that you're really confused about this," Grimmjow said. "I majored in psychology y'know, I'm smarter then I look,"

"Never said you were stupid," Ichigo said pulling his knees to his chest.

" I heard that you took all of his dogs, that you've been taking care of them," Grimmjow said.

"They're just animals obeying their master," Ichigo said. "They aren't bad dogs,"

" They attacked you," Grimmjow said.

"I'm keeping them," Ichigo said quietly. "I've put down a payment for a house with a big yard that's fenced in so that they can all run around,"

"Ichigo, you're holding on to something that's going to remind you every day of what happened," Grimmjow said.

"I'd never forget no matter what I did," Ichigo said. "I could move to the other side of the world, change my name, dye my hair.... but I'm always gonna remember what Fifteen did to me, "

" What about what Gin did to you?" Grimmjow said and Ichigo sighed heavily.

"I won't forget that either," Ichigo said. "Grimm.... I don't know what I'm supposed to do," Ichigo rested his head on Grimmjow's shoulder.

"Pretend that he's still going to die in six months," Grimmjow said and carefully pushed himself off the ground. "Come on, let's get the hell outta this place,"

Ichigo looked up at Grimmjow, then stood slowly.

"So you're really buying a house?" Grimmjow asked and Ichigo nodded. "Where?"

"Just outside of town," Ichigo said.

"So right now how many dogs are crammed in your apartment?" Grimmjow asked.

" Four adults, seven pups," Ichigo said.

" Holy shit," Grimmjow laughed. "You're insane,"

"No, I just like dogs," Ichigo muttered walking down the courtroom steps with Grimmjow, away from all of the reports that were talking to the D.A. and Gin's lawyer.

"Detective Kurosaki!"

"Shit," Grimmjow muttered. "Come on,"

"Wait detective, just a few words," a reporter moved in front of Ichigo, making Ichigo and Grimmjow stop. "What is your reaction to the verdict?"

"No comment," Ichigo said.

"What do you mean? This freak killed a friend, and attempted to kill two others. You have to have a reaction to that,"

"Buzz of bud," Grimmjow said. "He said he doesn't have a comment,"

"How do you feel? This guy ruined your career as a highly decorated officer," The reporter asked. Ichigo clenched his teeth and grabbed the reporter's collar.

"Fuck off already!" Ichigo snapped. "We don't need people like you forcing recorders down our throats, we've been through enough," Ichigo pushed the reporter away.

"Come on," Grimmjow said grabbing Ichigo's arm. "You shouldn't have done that," Grimmjow said.

"I don't care what he put in his paper tomorrow," Ichigo said unlocking the doors to his car. "Get in, I'll drive you home, since it looks like Byakuya and Renji are already gone,"

"Thanks," Grimmjow said getting into the passenger seat and slammed the door shut.


**Third Person : Gin/Fifteen**

"This is your room, meals are served three times a day, and you are to see the doctor three times a week," An orderly said and Gin looked at him.

" Li I care," Gin said tossing his stuff on the chair.

"Visitors are allowed Mondays and Fridays," The orderly continued. "Hours are from eight a.m. to three p.m. Special rooms are set up for married couples, or family rooms, but you must be pre-approved by the doctor to have access to them," The orderly crossed his arms. "Wake up is at seven, lights are out by ten," The orderly left and Gin looked around the small room and sighed.

' Rather be dead, ne?' Gin thought laying on his bed.

' It's your fault we are here Gin,' Fifteen said.

'Yea, bu ya were killin Ichi, loosing yerself, had ta do somethin," Gin said.

'Not get us locked up. I can't kill people in here,' Fifteen said, Gin laughed.

'Ya find a new hobby,' Gin assured. 'Ya always do, ne?'

' I enjoy killing people though Gin,' Fifteen said.

' Try video games, a least they're legal, ne?' Gin chuckled.

"You enjoy laughing with yourself?"

Gin turned his head and looked towards the door. " Wha ya want?"

"I'm a fan of your work, Fifteen," The man said and Gin chuckled sitting up.

" Who are ya?" Gin asked.


"Oh, n wha is it ya do?" Gin asked leaning back against the wall in boredom.

"I take out trash," Ulquiorra said

"I don'.... I killed cuz I wanna," Gin said.

"Still," Ulquiorra stepped into the room.

" Well, wha' eva bud," Gin laid back down and put his arms behind his head.


**Third Person: Ichigo**

**One Month Later**

"Why are you going to see this freak?" Renji asked.

Ichigo looked up. "... I already told you," Ichigo said.

"And I don't believe a fucking word of it," Renji said.

"Renji, just let me," Ichigo said.

Renji looked away. " I always end up letting you do things I regret later," Renji said quietly. "and I'm never gonna fucking understand why you're doing this to yourself. There's so many other people so much better for you,"

"I'm perfectly aware of that," Ichigo said picking his gun from his desk and putting it on the holster on his right hip. "You're one of them,"

Renji looked at Ichigo. "You're really outta you mind," Renji said leaning back in his seat.

"Yea, that too," Ichigo said and smiled. Renji shook his head.

"Get lost, before Byakuya gets back from his meeting," Renji said

Ichigo smiled, and rushed out of the building.


" I'm surprised that you're here detective," The doctor said leading Ichigo down the hall.

" I'm not even sure what the hell I'm doing here to be honest doctor,"

"You're probably trying to figure out why," She said smiling.

"Why what though? I have no idea," Ichigo said.

"You'll find it soon enough, you're a very smart man," She stopped and opened a door. "Here you are, I'll have Ichimaru brought from his room,"

"Thanks," Ichigo said stepping around her and into the room. The door closed, and Ichigo shifted nervously, and walked over to the window, and looked between the bars into the fenced in courtyard, he sighed heavily and closed his eyes. '....what the fuck am I doing here? I shouldn't be here.... I shouldn't be here... but I wanted to see Gin so badly.' Ichigo bit his bottom lip.

"Ya shouldn' be so hard on yerself,"

Ichigo looked over his shoulder at Gin.

"How are ya?" Gin asked sitting down slowly. Ichigo walked over and sat next to Gin on the couch.

"..... Confused," Ichigo answered.

" Don' blame ya," Gin said reaching over and taking Ichigo's hand. Ichigo wrapped his fingers around Gin's hand and closed his eyes. Gin reached up with his other hand and brushed Ichigo's hair from his face. "Ya gonna be okay?" Gin asked quietly.

" I don't know," Ichigo said quietly.

Gin leaned forward, and pressed his lips to Ichigo's forehead. "Don' come back, ne?" Gin said and Ichigo looked at him. "Ya don' need ta be 'ere,"

" Gin," Ichigo bit his bottom lip. "I want to be here,"

"No, ya don'," Gin said quietly. "We ain't supposed ta be together,"

Ichigo held on to Gin's hand tighter and closed his eyes again. " Gin,"

"This is da last time, ne?" Gin said rubbing Ichigo's cheek softly. "No more, ya move on, forget bout me,"

" I don't w-"

" Don'," Gin said quietly running his thumb under Ichigo's eyes slowly and softly, to wipe away the tears that fell. " Don' come again," Gin said and Ichigo swallowed hard. "Afta today, ya move on, we can't be together, not li this,"

Ichigo looked up at Gin. " Why?" Ichigo asked.

" Don' be stupid," Gin said letting Ichigo's hand go. " I'm still a killa, and yer still a cop," Gin stood slowly. "Go home,"

" I don't want to," Ichigo said. Gin looked at him.

" I wuzn't asking Ichi, jus go," Gin said and Ichigo closed his eyes. " Yer makin this harder then it needs ta be Ichi, jus go home, n don' come back," Gin pounded on the door. "Doc, 'm ready ta go back ta m room,"

The door opened and Gin left. Ichigo stood slowly, his legs felt like jello. He walked from the room, and down the hall. Ichigo signed out of the hospital tightening his grip on the slip of paper that Gin and put in his hand. Ichigo got into his car, and opened the note.

' I'm getting out, I'll find you, just leave the city, go as far away as you can,'

Ichigo closed his hand around the note and closed his eyes.


**Six Months Later**

"Are you sure you really wanna do this?" Byakuya asked looking at Ichigo's badge and gun sitting on his desk.

"Yea," Ichigo said swallowing.

Byakuya nodded. "Where are you going?" He asked picking up the gun and badge and put them in a draw of his desk.

" Don't know," Ichigo said. " Just..... away,"

Byakuya nodded again. "Keep in touch,"

" I'll try," Ichigo said.

"What are you going to do?" Byakuya asked. "Get a new job at another precinct?"

"No, I've got money saved up, I'll live off that for a while, then maybe find a less stressful job," Ichigo said. " Bye, Byakuya. Tell Grimm and Ren for me,"

"Sure," Byakuya said. "They won't be happy not hearing it from you though,"

" I know," Ichigo said. "Bye," Ichigo left. He exhaled deeply, and looked up at the darkening sky, then got into his car. The dogs were all piled in, and happy to see him. Hime licked his cheek as he started the engine. "Hey girl,"

Ichigo started driving, north. He had bought a cabin up north, it had lots of land for the dogs to run around on. It was quiet and far away from everything. It was also, out of the country.

Ichigo bit his lip. Gin had escaped three months ago, and they hadn't found him yet, Ichigo didn't know where Gin was, so wasn't lying when he said he had no idea where to find Gin, Ichigo wasn't really looking either.


Ichigo finally pulled into the dirt drive way after four days of driving, and he opened the doors, letting all the dogs jump out, they started running around the cabin. Ichigo walked down to the gate, and closed it. He shivered, it was somewhat chilly already this far north.

Ichigo went back to his car, and grabbed a few of his bags and went in the cabin. He turned on the lamp and dropped his bags.

"Gin!" Ichigo cried.

"Ya think I wouldn' come?" Gin asked standing.

" How long have you been here?" Ichigo asked.

"A day or two," Gin said walking over to Ichigo. "Ya miss me?" He asked cockily.

" stupid," Ichigo flung his arms around Gin's neck, and crashed his lips against Gin's. Gin kissed back, wrapping his arms around Ichigo's waist.

" Love ya too," Gin chuckled when Ichigo pulled away, putting his hands on Gin's face. "Wha's it?"

"Is Fifteen still in there?" Ichigo asked.

Gin shook his head. " E's gone," Gin said and Ichigo kissed him again. Gin kissed back, nipping on Ichigo's bottom lip, and Ichigo's lips parted. Gin slipped his tongue into Ichigo's mouth, touching and tasting every part he could reach. Ichigo's eyes fluttered shut and he moaned tangling his tongue with Gin's, sliding his hands down Gin's chest.

They pulled apart slowly, both breathing heavily. " I love you," Ichigo whispered and Gin chuckled and kissed the corner of Ichigo's mouth.

"Again," Gin said.

"I love you," Ichigo repeated and moaned as Gin licked down his neck. "I love you,"

"Love ya too babe," Gin said bringing his lips back up to Ichigo's and they kissed passionately.


End of Mind Games

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