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"Edward, Rosalie, this is everyone....everyone, this is them." Emmet waved between us in a gesture of introduction. "Now where's the bar...I need a drink!"

After his poor attempt, we all introduced our selves properly.

Rosalie was my big brother Emmett's girlfriend, they'd been dating for a few months but this was the first time I'd met her in person.

She was tall and leggy, with root's that could do with a touch up but if I were a guy...Yeah I'd do her.

The same could be said for the man by her side. He was another stranger to me.

I say stranger but what I meant was that this was the first time I'd ever met him too. I'd heard Emmett talk about his friend Edward over the past couple of years but we'd never occupied the same space before.

From how my brother talked about him he'd always sounded like a decent kind of guy; a bit of a player but not a total asshole.

Hot ass fucking sexy would have been my description for him.

I know it might sound cliché but love at first sight blew through my mind...or rather fuck at first sight.

Why was I here again? Oh yeah, it was Emm's birthday in a couple of days and he wanted to do something significant to celebrate. His brilliant plan was to head out here...

Las fucking Vegas...gah!

But being the loving, caring little sister that I was, I couldn't say no.

Of all the places he could have wanted to go and we ended up here. I hated it before I'd even driven past the 'welcome to Vegas' sign on the freeway.

I was kind of a private person who didn't like attention, didn't do all night drinking, never broke the law, stuck to the speed limit's, pretty much never put a toe out of place, that kind of thing. So coming to the City of Sin was my own personal hell.

To add insult to fucking injury...He'd dragged all our asses out to Pure, the club at our hotel, well maybe it was only my ass he'd dragged. I was the only one not so willing.

We got our drinks, found a private booth in the corner and all sat around talking.

My eyes kept finding their way over the table to where Edward Cullen was sitting...staring straight at me.

I looked away quickly and fidgeted with a bang of my hair. I could feel my face turning scarlet and was thankful for the dim lighting. But my eyes wouldn't behave them selves and again I found my self sneaking a peek.

He was still staring...a smirk played on his lips as I realised he was eye fucking me...right in front of my brother, his friend.

His eyes were intense and I felt a burning trail scorching my body where they passed over it.

Never had I wanted a guy so much in my life...and that was not me.

I always looked for the relationship; never just a good time but there was something about him that intrigued me. My mind started to wonder just what he'd feel like. To feel is hands on my body while his lips caressed my skin...My imagination suddenly ran amuck....

I cleared the table with one sweep of my hand and crawled over it towards him. He grabbed me and pulled me into his lap; I could feel his hardness as my hips straddled his and I wanted nothing more than to free him from his restraints. My hand slid between us and forcibly rubbed him over the fabric of his pants. His head flopped back as he groaned in pleasure at the friction. He lifted me up and threw me down on the table...right there in front of everyone and I didn't care one bit! He hovered over me, propped up with one hand while his other explored my heated body. I knew this was wrong but it felt so good. His hand moved lower and I pushed myself up to him; encouraging him to feel my heat. His hand slipped up under the hem of my dress and toyed with the side of my panties that were now already wet and he hadn't even touched me there yet. His smirk grew ten fold, knowing he was the one that caused them to get that way.


My body arched off of the table as his warm fingers finally met with my liquid centre. He quickly found my button and worked it, slowly at first then picking up pace as my response intensified. I needed more. I needed him in me.

As if he'd heard my thoughts he gently teased my entrance before allowing his fingers to roam inside of me and I...



"You ok? You looked miles away." Emmett was laughing at the bewildered look on my face as I realised I'd gotten lost in my little fantasy.

The rest of the evening passed with me trying desperately not to look at him again, knowing if I did, I'd think about him touching me more and I'd have to go change my underwear.

It didn't work out so well.

I couldn't take it any more and decided to be a party pooper and head up to bed.

I'd stepped into the elevator and watched someone slide in just as the doors were closing. Oh God it was him and he smelled amazing. We were on one of the top floors seen as Emmett had spared no expense for this trip, booking us a huge suite, so this was going to be quite a ride, I could feel the pool between my legs as the thought of my daydream started to replay it's self in graphic detail.

Just then he turned to me, moving closer. I backed up against the hand rail as he continued to look me over like he had down in the bar.

I should've been scared, I should have screamed as I felt his hand brush against my dress, stroking down the curves of my breasts, but I wasn't; I didn't. I swallowed hard as I tried desperately to keep open my eyes. He licked his lips then turned to the buttons which marked the floors and pressed the whole fucking lot of them; before turning to grin at me again.

His eyes fell to the hem of my strapless blue bandage dress as his hand ventured slightly under it. He looked back at my face to see my reaction; probably thinking I'd hit him. He seemed pleased when I just grinned back.


The doors started to open but he didn't stop.

His mouth fiercely found mind and my hands grabbed at his hair.

Thankfully no one had gotten in to join us on that floor.

He tasted incredible as our lips moved forcibly together, moulding and shaping to each other. His hand once again ventured south and he didn't bother to stop to see my reaction, I'd obviously not minded before so...

He groaned as he felt the dampness on my underwear that he'd caused, before lifting the fabric to the side, allowing him better access. His eyes closed as he ran his fingers along my slick opening before eagerly pushing them into me. I felt my body clamp around him almost straight away as he started to work me, rubbing my clit as he went. The mixture of both actions had me moaning and writhing around. His hands cupped under my ass and lifted me, allowing me to rest on the rail as he continued to exquisitely torture me.

"Oh...fuck...yes!" I moaned as I felt the building tension rising within me. "Oh God!" My head fell backwards and my body pushed back against the wall as my hips rose to deepen his touch.

This was better than any freaking daydream!

The doors continued to open and close on the many different floors and only a few times were we met with someone wanting to travel.

That didn't stop him and I was on the point of coming so damn hard that I didn't care as I moaned his name over and over...They usually looked away in shock, mumbling about waiting for the next cart. I couldn't help but let out a panted laugh at their reactions. And at my own, this was so not like me.

"So...close...oh...there....OOOOHHHHH GGGGOOOOOODDDD!!!!!" Dizziness overtook me as my muscles spasmed.

"No I'm not but thanks for the compliment." He grinned.

"Oh...fuck!" I felt my body buzzing and shaking its way over the edge and I came right there on his hand.

"Maybe next time." He whispered into my ear before removing his hand from my soaked core.

Just as the doors opened he reached into my purse and pulled out my cell phone.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" I asked trying to snatch it back as he hit various keys.

Buzzzzzzz. Buzzzzzzz. His own phone let him know he'd missed a call, from me!

"Now I have your number." With that he handed me it back and entered the elevator again. I watched in disbelief as the doors closed on us.


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