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Chapter 14

I don't know how long we stayed wrapped in each other's arms in the back of that Volvo and I didn't care.

All that mattered was that I was with Edward...And he wanted me; but I couldn't help thinking about my lying shit of a brother.

Why the fuck did he have such a problem with the idea of me and his best friend being together?

The gorgeous mechanic by my side snuggled into my hair and sighed deeply, bringing my thoughts back to the moment.

"What are you thinking about?" His smooth velvet voice whispered, causing my eyes to close of their own accord.

"How this feels..." I pulled his arms around me tighter, causing him to snuggle up more. "...And why my dip shit brother doesn't approve. I've never known him stoop so low before. He never liked Ben when I dated him either, but he never went to these lengths."

"Ben's the dick that you found in bed with one of your collegues right?" He stiffened at the mention of another man.

I turned slightly to look at him in shock at just how well informed he seemed to be but then my heart danced a fucking jig.

"Yeah that's the one."

"Biggest fucking idiot on the planet!" He mumbled. "But remind me to thank him...I might not be here holding you and having the most amazing sex of my life if he hadn't...Then remind me to knock the son of a bitch out for ever hurting you."

"The most amazing sex huh?" I bit my lip as the jig turned into a chorus line.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" He leaned up on one arm to see around to my face. "Bella...You are the most incredible woman I've ever met! You want me to make a list why? You're beautiful, you're funny, you're smart, and you're give the best head on the fucking let me watch you get a lap dance, that nearly had me coming in my pants..."

"Ok! Ok...I get it." My face flushed crimson at hearing him reel off good things about me. I'd never been good with getting complimented and he'd just gone to town on me.

My sudden blush had him carry on regardless. "...You blush at the slightest thing and it drives me wild. It's been a long time since I ever cared for someone even half as much as this."

"What were you thinking about anyway?" I desperately tried to change the subject before all the blood from my body migrated into my head.


I nodded.

"I was thinking..." The teasing tone in his voice subsided and a silky, sultry edge replaced it.

He kissed just under my earlobe and I gasped.

"Yes?" I encouraged as he kissed his way down the column of my throat; hoping that he'd be open for another round in the back of the car.

He nudged my hair out of the way with his nose and caressed the exposed skin of my shoulder.

If it were possible to die from this kind of contact...I would have been found dead in some elevator in Vegas a while ago.

Every time his mouth moulded to my skin, a wave of goose bumps rose all up my arms yet they left a burning trail in contrast.

"I was thinking..." He repeated slowly and purposefully. "...that I really hope..."

Fuck! He really was trying to kill me...If I'd been standing; my legs would have given way shakily from under me.

My eyes were tightly shut and I started to whimper; feeling my body reacting to him as his words caressed my ear.

"...that this pen comes off easily." He chuckled from behind me. "Otherwise it could prove a little bit painful to try and scrub it off."

As I realised what he'd said I turned and slapped his arm, causing him to progress from chuckle to guffaw. Then when I thought about it again he was right.

"Oh god!" I gasped.

I hadn't considered how he would get it off. And even though I'd made sure to pick up a water based marker...Yeah it was still fucking annoying to get off completely.

"But now...You've put a rather more appealing thought in my mind."

"Hold that thought! " I raised a finger at him in a gesture to stop him in his tracks. "Um you have a bathroom here right?" I suddenly asked as my bladder decided I needed a moment alone.

I waited sheepishly for him to point me in the right direction. He pointed towards the back wall of the shop.

"Hurry back." He pouted as I pulled my self out of our warm embrace...and the back of the car.

I stumbled slightly as I stood upright. I grabbed the side of the metal frame in an effort to save my dignity...well. I tugged at the fabric of my dress, allowing it to once again cover my most intimate areas; seen as I no longer had my panties in one piece to put back on.

Note to self...Buy extra underwear...Edward Cullen likes to rip things.

I don't know what I was expecting when I entered the little room...But it wasn't this. Guy's don't tend to be clean freaks and you can usually tell their lack of motivation from there littlest rooms.

This however seemed immaculate. Clean, fresh and bright.

The only semi strange thing in here was the small shower cubicle in the corner, with a few stray bottles of body wash and two-in-one shampoo lining the bottom of the tray. I guess it wasn't so odd...I doubted they wanted to head home covered in motor oil and dirt. I did my business and washed my hands. I gave my self the once over in the little mirror above the basin and giggled at the little black smudges down the side of my neck...and the bluish red hicky at the end of the messy trail.

When I walked back out and closed the door behind me I saw Edward walking around with a phone to his ear. He'd tried to adjust his overalls the best he could in a hurry to answer the call but he still had them at a funny angle and I smiled at the view I had of his ass hidden behind that dirty blue fabric.

He turned when he heard my and smiled before mouthing the word sorry while pointing to the device in his hand.

"Don't worry." I whispered back and turned to look at my surroundings more.

He turned and carried on his conversation as I quietly walked around.

The whole west wall was stacked with bright red tool chests, probably loaded with hundreds of different things I'd never heard the names of. Besides the dirty metal spare parts lying around, there were also some very sexy new chrome pieces too. My mind raced back to Las Vegas and our outing to the car show. I mimicked how Edward had stroked the hoods of all those cars, but my fingers were caressing a cold metallic set of sexy fucking rims. Then stopped abruptly as I realised it wasn't the best idea to get excited, I'd wind up flooding the place; coming in your panties was harder and messier when you weren't even wearing any. I quickly turned away from them and strode in the opposite direction.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a rather small fold up cot, and of course my curiosity got the better of me. Edward was still talking animatedly into the phone with his back to me so I had time to snoop around.

It was made up but messed up, with a Washington state phone directory splayed open on top of the covers. Next to the bed was an upturned packing crate doubling up as a nightstand; harbouring a small reading lamp and a collection of books.

I glanced through the titles and filled with warmth as I recognised them as some of the same books I loved. My fingers ran over the very crinkled spines, noting how worn they seemed. These books had been read and re-read over and over again; cherished each and every time their pages had been turned. Next to the pile of books lay one on its own, obviously the current choice of reading matter. It was a very battered copy of Mark Twain's Huckleberry Fin.

My eye was then caught by something unexpected.

Just behind the books, but facing the cot was a small framed photo of Me and Edward...sat in a booth in the club on our last night away...Our faces were a mixture of 'I think I love you' and 'Fuck me now!'

It was apparent that Rose must have taken it when Emmett wasn't looking and I have to admit she did it on the sly...because I couldn't remember it being taken either.

Just then a very warm and welcomed pair of hands slid around my waist and his head suddenly rested on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry..." I cursed my self internally for being so inquisitive and blushed like a champ at being caught out ogling his belongings.

"It's ok...don't worry about it." He chuckled as his hold tightened around me.

"You like to read huh?" I stuttered as I placed the picture back where it belonged.

"Guilty pleasure." He shrugged.

"Yeah...Mine too. I'm guessing the Huck Fin is one of your favourites." I nodded towards it sat on the makeshift table.

"What gives you that impression?" He asked in a toying manner.

"Well...because it's as shabby looking as my copy of Wuthering Heights.2

"You're favourite?" He raised his eyebrow.

"Ye-ah. I pretty much no it verbatim." I nodded like one of those novelty dogs. "I still don't get why you and my brother are friends...You're both completely different!" I looked back to the stack of books. " He hates to read; he prefers to see the movie version because he doesn't have to expend as much effort. If you asked him about books he wouldn't have a clue...He thinks Moby Dick is a sexually transmitted disease for fuck sake!"

He looked at me understandingly. "I know but he's usually a decent guy. I've known him since college. We just kind of hit it off, we both loathed one particular professor and sat taking the piss out of him through out his lessons, He wasn't so hot with some of his subjects and I offered to help him out...We've been friends ever since...Though right now I kind of want to knock him the fuck out."His lips pressed into a hard line as he remembered our earlier conversation.

He turned me to him so my body was pressed to his chest and he placed a chaste kiss on my seeking lips.

"Ok so you really need to help me out here." He picked up the directory and flicked to the 's' section. "There's only one B swan listed in here...And apparently it's some crazy lady that yelled at me when she answered and told me to stop trying to steal her cat!" He shook his head in disbelief before flicking again to the 'B' section. "There is also only one A Brandon in here...And she was completely different from the first crazy cat lady, who just for the record scared me a little..."

I chuckled at his admission.

"Mrs Brandon kept me on the phone for over an hour...telling me about her family and asking why I'd called. She had me tell her everything but I obviously censored it for her."

"An hour?" I asked incredulously.

"Yeah... I kind of didn't have the heart to stop her...Apparently she didn't get many calls or visitors."

I had to stop my self from gushing over how sweet he was.

"Anyway she gave me a few 'tip's for when I did find you; then told me if by any chance I didn't...I could always call her and she'd gladly go out some place nice with me." He grinned slightly embarrassed.

I kissed him in reward of his kindness and pulled the directory back from his grasp and pointed to a number two up from the sweet old lady that tried to seduce my man.

"D Brandon?"

"Everything's in Alice's father's name, I just sub let it. I pay him everything every month and he takes care of it." I shrugged

He looked back down to the page. "So fucking close!"

Just then I turned back to everything around me and realisation hit me flat in the chest.

"Is this where you've been staying?"

He suddenly came over all bashful. He rubbed his neck with his hand as he nodded ashamedly.

"yeah...I um...I was so intent on finding you and sorting out this place that I forgot to take into account somewhere to live."

"Are you looking for some where close by?" I asked...forming a plan in my head.

"If I can find something decent...I've kind of got a limited budget so..." He grimaced.

"What's your limit?" I asked; suddenly feeling very nosy again. "I can tell me to fucking butt out if you like."

"Six-fifty a month. I know...I haven't got a prayer."

"Maybe you do...I happen to know somewhere...four-fifty a month, all in except for the phone bill." I shrugged

"Are you serious?" He beamed. "Wait...What's the catch?" I saw his eyes narrow in suspicion.

"You'd have a room mate." I smirked.

He seemed to ponder it for a while then shrugged. "It couldn't hurt to check it out right?"

I told him to stop by the place at nine, telling him I'd be there too for moral support...if he wanted.

I left out the part that it would be me he'd be sharing with. I wrote down the address for him and kissed him goodbye. He promised to call me later and I'd hold him to it.

I made my way home and sighed at the direction the day had turned.

I glanced at the clock on the cooker and established I'd have and hour and a half before he got here. I threw my keys on the counter and pressed to play the waiting message I'd obviously missed while I was out.

'Hey Bella...It's your favourite big brother...'

"Traitor!" That was the first of my profanities to leave my mouth as I picked up the cat bowl and placed it on the sink drainer.

I heard the little bell jingle as Orion, my silver tabby, came bounding out from his hiding place at the realisation it was dinner time. I opened the fridge and pulled out his meticulously covered can of food and proceeded to empty it out. He'd jumped up and started to eat it before I'd even finished. I took the bowl in one hand and my furry friend under my other arm and placed them both on the floor.

Emmett was still rambling on into the machine about something he did at work.

I filled Orion's water dish and then turned to clean down the drainer and wash my hands.

'So anyway call me back ok...I feel like I haven't heard from you in a while, see ya.'

"I'll give you a while!"

I started to strip off my clothes on the way to the bathroom and took the time to make sure I got of all the evidence of my tumble around Edwards workshop. The water was soothing and helped me clear my head.

When I'd done, I rummaged through my closet for something to wear, I didn't want to seem desperate or too high maintenance so I opted of a red matching underwear set, with little black hearts printed on the fabric, then covered up with a pair of blue denim short short's and a plain white tank top with spaghetti straps.

When I was done I picked up the phone and called Emmett back.

'Hey Bell's what's up?' His booming voice greeted me and I couldn't help the playful grin that spread across my face.

"Oh not much." I feigned. "How's things with Rosealie going?"

'Hell Bella...I think I'm actually in love.'

Ok I wasn't expecting THAT!

"Srysly? Wow." I found I didn't even have to fake the happy tone in my voice at his declaration. But I quickly reminded myself of the task in hand. "So...How's Edward?" I asked eagerly.

"Um...Oh...He's er...great, he's just nipped out though, sorry."


"YOU LYING FUCKING DIP SHIT! Now try telling me the truth!"

The buzzer to the door sounded and I headed over to the intercom.

"Hold on a second Emm'." I pushed the phone to my shoulder trying to cut out the noise. "Hello?" My voice was thick with anger.

"Um hey...I'm here to look at the apartment." Edward sounded a little worried and I realised I must have sounded a little odd having an angry greeting. He obviously didn't recognise my voice for it so I just buzzed him up.

I took a deep breath then launched back at my brother. "Why don't you really tell me where he is?" I demanded as I looked my self over again in the mirror by the door.

'Ok! Ok...I think he went to see Candy...' His voice was filled with panic.

"Aaanng! Wrong answer!" Was he really going to try to continue lying to me?

The gentle knock on the door alerted me to Edward's presence. I pulled it open hastily and kissed him. I gestured for him to come in then turned to carry on my call. I glanced at his expression as he slid the door closed and turned to take in his surroundings. His mouth fell open at the sheer size of the place.

"He's not fucking anywhere near Candy...He's never been anywhere fucking near her you fucking asshole!"

Edward looked at me "Emmett?" He mouthed.

I nodded curtly and he grinned back obviously understanding my tone.

"Do you want to know WHY I know that? Huh?"

'yeah!' Oh he was going to try and get clever huh?

"Because he's here Emmett,.Now. In. My. Appartment!" I noticed Edward's head spin back to look at me in shock. "And you know what? I'm planning on fucking his brains out! I have to go because he's waiting for me to take all my clothes off Emmett. This isn't over. I want fucking answers about all this shit...about why you fucking lied to us...and why the fuck you have suck a problem with it.

'I'm jealous' His small voice was almost missed.

"What the fuck...why?" Ok so I wasn't letting this go just yet.

'I know it might sound childish to you and you probably won't understand but...He's my boy, and since Vegas he's been all 'your sister this' and 'your sister that!'

My chest swelled; then cracked again at my brother's stupidity.

'I just felt pushed out...I figured you guys just had a bit of fun and weren't all that serious...But then you were texting each other so much and shit...I thought if you thought he'd moved on that you would too. I didn't realise how much you really thought about each other...sorry you got hurt Bell's. He's not really there is he?' He thought I was kidding.

"Emmett, I really have to go and yes Edward IS really here...Say hi Edward." I bit my lip because he'd snook up behind me and started to kiss my neck again and I had to stifle my whimper's has he torturously kept going. He turned me to face him and kissed my mouth before he spoke.

"Hey Emm...listen do you mind if she calls you back later...I'm trying to get her naked dude." His mouth moulded to mine and I couldn't hold back my moaning any longer.

'FUCK ! I don't want to have to listen to this shit!' He groaned.

I pulled my mouth away long enough to leave my brother with one more thought.

"Emmett I love you you're my brother...but if you EVER...lie to me again where Edward is concerned...if you ever try to get in between us again...I promise you I'll replace your tonsils with your fucking TESTICLES!" With that I ended the call to see Edward using both hands to cup himself defensively.

I turned my full attention back to the man I'd thought I'd never find in my life time.

"So about the apartment..." I started.

"I'll take it!" He stated as he pulled me close and kissed me.

I broke away and walked a few feet towards my room.

"I think there are a few things you need to know first..." I teased as I unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off. "Firstly...For four day's out of the month...I'm not so nice to be around."

"Compromise...I can't have it that good all the time...I have sister's so I know the drill." He smirked

I raised my eyebrows at him then continued. "Secondly...after copious amounts of alcohol...I've been known to kiss Alice..." I added. "And I'm not just talking a peck on the cheek."

His mouth now dropped but he reined him self in. "Girl's kissing girl's...again I'm sure I can live with that." The last part of his words started to sound strained as I pulled off my tank top and threw it at him.

"And thirdly...I like to walk around the apartment in NOTHING but my underwear...sometimes less." I didn't but I had a feeling I might start if he was living here too.

He rolled his eyes and threw his head back chuckling.

I walked back over to him and he scooped my up in his arms. I was glad to see he'd taken a shower before he came over, not that I was opposed to getting dirty with him.

"Which way is my room." He breathed into my ear and I shivered, knowing how wet that one little question was going to make me.

"I can't wait that long to have you inside me...I need it now." I whispered back.

He chuckled again and turned towards the couch.

"I know I said it before...But you are a fucking angel." He grinned as he threw me on the couch and stalked over me, burying his face between to breasts and kissing me frantically.

All I could do was giggle like a fucking blond.

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