Title: Blue
Rating: G
Summary: Cythera remembers. Ficlet written for Goldenlake prompt #1, 'colour'.

- - -

After Jonathan's coronation, Cythera could not bear to wear blue anymore.

She packed up her blue gowns and handkerchiefs, and she gave them to the poor. She pulled down the hangings in her room with her own two hands, and cast them into the fire. Into the depths of her jewellery box went the sapphire earrings she had received from her father upon her presentation to Court. Onto the discarded pile went the handmirror Gary had given her for the previous Midwinter, with its blue frame that perfectly matched the colour of her eyes. Methodically, she went through every one of her belongings and cast away anything with the slightest hue of blue, regardless of the shade or size or value.

On her wedding day, Cythera steadfastly refused to wear 'something blue', much to the wailing dismay of Mother Elden and the (much quieter) disapproval of the Duchess of Naxen.

When her first daughter was born, Cythera was secretly relieved the child did not inherit her blue eyes. It meant she could easily side-step the traditional Elden childhood wardrobe full of blues, much to her mother's horror.

When her second daughter was born with eyes as blue as a Conte's, Cythera accepted the inevitable and slowly allowed her mother to sneak blues into Eleanor's wardrobe through a variety of 'spontaneous' gifts.

As the girls grew and time passed, Cythera relented futher and allowed her daughters fabrics, decorations and jewellery in everything from navy to turquoise to periwinkle. Elizabeth and Eleanor, powered by a curiosity of something their mother detested, and encouraged by their all-too-eager grandmother, were clearly in love with the colour.

When Elizabeth was presented, Cythera gave her the sapphire earrings her father had given her, so long ago. She told her daughter to be true and proud, and to marry a man who was a good servant of the King. Cythera then kissed her daughter on the cheek, and watched her descend the Great Staircase in a sweep of satin blue skirts.

It was the same blue that brought back the painful and bittersweet memories.

The blue of Roger's eyes, and everything she had lost that eventful day.