Title: Flowers
Rating: G
Summary: A young Wyldon gets a lesson in courtship.
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- - -

"Flowers? But-why?" Wyldon sounded uncharacteristically bewildered.

Vivenne rolled her eyes. "They're pretty. And romantic."

The young knight stared at the lady for a moment. "I see," he said, even though he really didn't. "Wouldn't you rather something, well, practical?"

A tiny smile crept into the corners of Vivenne's mouth. She quickly covered it with her hand, lest the young man be offended. "Beltane isn't supposed to be practical."

Wyldon watched Vivenne suspiciously. Her usually matter-of-fact attitude had dissolved with the approach of Beltane. His sweetheart was now in the grips of what Wyldon could only reasonably describe as feminine frivolity. Though she did look very pretty with delicate white flowers braided into her dark hair...

While he was lost in thought, Vivenne was taking advantage of the silence. "And then we'll jump over the embers, and-"

"What!" Wyldon yelped. "I thought we were going to have a quiet, sensible dinner."

The girl looked at him. "We're in love," She explained frankness. "We're supposed to jump over the embers."

"Ah." Wyldon replied, slightly taken aback at how comfortable Vivenne was saying it out loud. "Well, just this once, I suppose."