17. It's only the beginning

Alice POV

The pure terror of finding the house deserted and the vile smell of vampire hanging in the air as an awful reminded of what had happened is something I'll never forget. We all just stood dumbstruck for a couple of seconds before Bella suddenly gave out a wail as she realised her daughter had been taken by Victoria. I felt a hideous sense of responsibility for whatever had or was going to happen to Nessie. I had bought the danger to them. Jasper and Edward immediately began running out of the house to follow the familiar scent. I paused as the rest of the family ran on; the smell was familiar but not Victoria- I wanted to know who was doing this to my family; who was Victoria's ally?


But he had been happy living with the Denali's or so we had thought. I took one last look at the scene before turning from the scene and racing after the rest of my family. It couldn't have taken us more then ten minutes to reach the clearing where Laurent had taken my family but it felt like a lifetime, each millisecond stretching on for eternity. Despite my late start I was one of the first to reach the clearing; my emotional desperation pushing me on faster. Victoria and Laurent could just be seen racing away through the trees leaving a trail of devastation behind them. Dom lay face down by a river while Molly lay crumpled beside a rock; Nessie lay in her arms also unmoving.

"Ness." Edward whispered before racing to his daughter. I followed him while Jasper ran off towards Dom. Molly looked dead, all the colour drained from her body, her heart barely able to beat with so little blood in her system but her heart was still beating I had to be thankful for that. I was about to bite her when she suddenly stirred underneath my hands.

"Mom." She whispered.

"Yeah angel, I'm here. I'll make you better."

"Wait you need to know..." She gasped, having trouble exerting herself with talking.

"No angel you can tell us after."

"No! It'll be too late! She told us her hideous plan. This isn't the end, it's only the beginning." What Molly said next made my blood run cold. I looked in horror at Edward who was cradling his daughter in his arms.

"We're in trouble." He whispered.

"Nessie?" Molly croaked.

"She'll be ok. I think Laurent hit her over the head but it'll heal soon. She's just as worried about you if it helps." He held Nessie so that Molly could see her, true to his word Nessie had a long cut running along the side of her head and blood was pouring out but it was only a flesh wound and already it stemming.

"What's going to happen to me?" She whimpered, each breath getting more and more laboured.

"We're going to turn you into a vampire."

"Don't, you need all your time to save the others."

"Right now you're more important." Edward soothed her before nodding at me to begin to change her. I took a deep breath before biting into her neck. Warm blood flowed into my mouth but I spat it out, disgusted. "Are you ok?" He whispered but I nodded, this was something I had to do for her. I carried on biting Molly's wrists and ankles as she whimpered quietly at each touch I made. When I'd finished I looked up at Edward desperate for his approval of my attempt to help Molly. He moved forward and hugged me tightly.

"She'll be fine." Edward assured me before turning as he heard Bella and the others arrive.

"Ness!" Bella yelled out before running towards us. She scooped her out of Edward's arms and smuggled her tightly leaving an ache in my gut. My daughter was lying dead in a house miles away while my nearest relatives were both fighting for their lives thanks to me. That reminded me- Dom.

"Jasper! How is he?" Jasper was busy consulting Carlisle who was crouched beside Dom but turned to look at me with a dark look in his eyes. "Jazz..."

"We're trying all we can, we've bitten him but he's not responding." Carlisle told me sadly, not able to look at me. I stumbled up and ran across to him; I loved Dom just as much as Molly and to think he might die...

"Dom, please you have to pull through; for Molly, for me." I bent down and kissed his cold forehead. Carlisle was busy keeping his heart beating while Jasper wrapped his arms around me.


"She's changing already. Did you hear what she said?" Jasper nodded and Carlisle looked up quizzically as did the others who had spread themselves out between the three patients. The wolves had gone after Victoria and Laurent leaving our family in the clearing trying to cope with the fallout. Jasper took a deep breath before repeating everything that Molly had told us; not even leaving out the part about the wife he'd kept secret from all of us.

"I'm so sorry, Alice I know I shouldn't have kept her from you but..." Jasper trailed off unable to explain why he had lied to me for the past few decades but surprisingly it didn't bother me. Well I think it would if he'd told me under normal circumstances but right now it was the least of my worries.

"Its ok, Jasper you accepted my relationship so I'll do the same to you." He was about to say something else but Dom suddenly let out a scream of pain that ripped into me but at the same time I felt relief flood through me that he was going to make it. Even if he was going to spend the next few years as a blood craving loony. A few seconds later Molly let out a similar yelp although hers came with a stream of words following that sent a chill down my spine.

"Callie... Jacob...true love but too late... Jasper... much, much too late... Whitlock's running scared... final stand...the Cullen's will die."

"She's just babbling." Rose said hopefully but we all got the shivers as we replayed the words she had spoken.

"She's been right about everything so far." Emmett whispered, for once deadly serious.

"Who is Callie and what was all that about Jacob?"

"One of our long lost relatives I'm guessing. We better find her quickly whoever she is." Esme kissed my head gently. "We have a lot to do but right now our main concern is these two. Let's get them back to the house and go into lockdown while we plan our next move. Edward, tell the wolves to come back to the house when they're finished." Molly seemed to be handling the pain exceptional well as she hadn't made another noise but then her eyes flew open and she seemed to be looking straight into my soul.

"Run Alice, he's coming back for you."