Summary: The Mouth of Sauron came before the Black Gate to negotiate with the Captains of the West. What did he think? Movie-verse (EE), written for OAA prompt "Dare".

Rating: T

Warning: Character death. *evil laugh*

Disclaimer: Tolkien owns everyone of them. And I'll gladly let him keep the narrator of this story :-)

A/N: If you are waiting for the update of The Song in the Darkness, I apologize for the delay. The chapter is being edited, but my beta is very busy lately. It will come in the timespan of a week. Meanwhile you can enjoy this revenge on the Mouth of Sauron for what he has done there... *grin*

He signed to one of his guards, and he came forward bearing a bundle swathed in black cloths. The Messenger put these aside, and there to the wonder and dismay of all the Captains he held up first the short sword that Sam had carried, and next a grey cloak with an elven-brooch, and last the coat of mithril-mail that Frodo had worn wrapped in his tattered garments.

(J. R. R. Tolkien: The Return of the King)

Ah, I touched a sore spot... He was dear to you, I see. Pitiful little creatures! I see how your faces blanched. Did you think that you can send such a child-like creature to spy on my Master? Did you think that something can avoid His gaze in His own land? Was his task important to you? Know then that it failed!

Ah, the look on your faces... I didn't think I would trigger this reaction. There must be more in this small creature then you dare to admit. Don't think that I don't see the emotions behind the mask you put on, wizard! Satisfying... Very satisfying. You don't need to know that those stupid orcs let him go, he will be caught again soon enough. Maybe he already is, in this very moment, and screams on the torture devices of Barad Dûr. I wish you could hear his screams, wizard!

Don't think that I don't see the grief and despair in your eyes, heir of cursed Isildur! You are nothing more then rabble from some dirty village in the North! I am a true Númenorean, a Black Númenorean, the first Lieutenant of Barad Dûr. You are nothing! Nothing at all! What did you think, to come to the Black Gate with this sorrowful excuse of an army, and dare to challenge Sauron the Great himself? Did you indeed lose all your wits? I don't understand now why my Master shows you such respect that he sends *me* to negotiate with you! He can crush you with one blow of His fist, brat!

Ah, you put on a brave face. You know that you have no chance, why do you bother? You want to intimidate me? Amusing, highly amusing. You know that you can't touch me. I'm an Ambassador, a Messenger. You wouldn't dare, you are weak: I saw how my news have touched you. The loss of a mere Halfling! I can make you lose more, much more! Let's see if the bravery will hold when you will kneel in chains before His throne. You think you can touch me? You wouldn't dare! You wou-......